The CUV brings women to orgasm

Have you also been on the lookout for the G-spot more often than not, yet never really been sure you hit it? For a long time, the G-spot (named after gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg) was considered the ultimate hotspot for ladies when it comes to provoking an ecstatic female orgasm. It is said to be located on the upper anterior vaginal wall and swells and becomes rough when aroused. Thousands of men and medical professionals have spent many hours researching this secret pleasure center. Now the G-spot is getting some serious competition – from the CUV. published 17 other ingenious tips to pleasure her vagina.

The discovery of the CUV zone

Italian scientists also looked into the G-spot and made a groundbreaking discovery based on the information already available. The group of researchers before the University of Tor Vergata in Rome found that not only a single point is involved in a woman's ecstasy. In the study, which they published specialist journal "Nature Reviews Urology" published, they doubted the G-spot as the sole pleasure provider and finally introduced the CUV for the first time. The scientists used ultrasound to determine the areas in which the woman reacts to stimulation by penetration.

What is CUV and where is the CUV area?

Now we had just gotten used to the G-spot, a new abbreviation is coming around the corner. But what exactly is the CUV? It means clitourethrovaginal complex.

This includes the roots of the clitoris located in the vagina and the clitoris itself (engl. "clitoris"), the urethra (Engl. "urethra") and the vaginal wall (engl. "vaginal wall"). The areas are connected by tissue, nerves and blood vessels. The erogenous zone is therefore much larger than the originally assumed coin-sized spot. This now makes it much easier for us men when it comes to stimulation.  

How women respond to stimulation of the CUV pleasure center?

Study author Emmanuele Jannini proves with the results of the study that stimulation of the CUV can lead to more intense vaginal orgasms. Researchers report that these climaxes are so intense that the woman's whole body gets excited – unlike when, for example, only the clitoris is stimulated. Using ultrasound, the researchers found that stimulation during masturbation at the clitoris only increases blood flow in the clitoris. A penetration, on the other hand, increase blood flow in the entire area of the clitourethrovaginal complex.

Is the G-spot therefore no longer?

Yes and no. The upper vaginal wall, where, about 4 to 5 inches from the vaginal entrance, the hotspot should be located, is part of the pleasure complex. Stimulation of this region is therefore also involved in vaginal orgasm. The G-spot has now received a scientific upgrade, so to speak. By the way, the entire front third of the vagina is crisscrossed with many nerve endings that respond to stimulation. These are a woman's erogenous zones: from the clitoris to the G-spot.

How to bring the beloved to orgasm at the CUV?

So instead of focusing on a small spot on the front vaginal wall or on her vulva, you should stimulate the entire upper wall of the vagina. This is how you stimulate blood flow in all the regions involved. The entire vagina is thus aroused and strongly supplied with blood. Because you're touching the inner connections of the clitoris, the part of the clitoris that's outside the body is also stimulated. By seeing the CUV as a large erogenous zone and not zeroing in on one aspect of the complex, you can help your sweetheart have an insane vaginal orgasm. 

What is the best position for stimulating the CUV zone?

To stimulate the CUV over a large area, some sex positions are particularly suitable. The Italian researcher Jannini emphasizes that while every woman is stimulated by very different touches. But basically the position a tergo, also known as doggy position or Doggy style known, and the riding position predestines for stimulation of the clitourethrovaginal complex. When having sex from behind, the penis reaches the upper vaginal wall best. If the woman makes a hollow back, she can better direct the penis.

Also in the Riding position the woman has control over the angle and depth of penetration. If she bends backwards, the pressure of the member on the anterior vaginal wall increases. In addition to the recommendations of the scientists, it is also suitable to use the Spoon position.

This does not stimulate the G-spot region as intensely as the other two sex positions, but it stretches the entrance of the vagina and thus stimulates the entire vaginal entrance more strongly. To increase the pressure on the anterior vaginal wall during penetration, the woman can place one leg over the man's hip. These sex positions are guaranteed to be new to you.

How to find the CUV in a woman with her hand?

If you want to stimulate the CUV optimally, penetration is actually the best way to do it, because you stimulate all the regions involved over a large area. But also by hand you can heat up the lady so. To do this, insert several fingers into the vagina. Instead of looking for a rough elevation, you excite the entire region.

With your fingertips, stroke the upper vaginal wall and tickle as if you were luring someone in with a "come here" motion. Sex toys are also suitable for CUV play: With a G-spot vibrator, you can stimulate the entire region instead of just tickling one spot. Here are exciting sex toys for you and your sweetheart.

Conclusion: knowing about the CVU makes you a good lover

If you know how to arouse your partner, you have a clear advantage. Knowing about the CUV puts you in an even better position. Because the woman herself is hardly able to stimulate the pleasure region to reach the vaginal pleasure peak – even with a sex toy.

The mere stimulation of the clitoris, which most women use during masturbation, or the search for the hotspot with special vibrators often only leads to a shallow clitoral climax. Our tip: Indulge the CUV. She'll have a crazy orgasm like she's never experienced before – that makes you indispensable. How to bring her to a deluxe orgasm.

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