8 erogenous zones in women

Clit, labia, nipples – there are female erogenous zones that we find in our sleep. With others we find it more difficult to hit them and to pamper them properly. The G-spot is a popular candidate in this category. But beyond that, there are those erogenous zones that we didn't even know existed, let alone that we can drive a woman crazy by touching her there.

To make sure you don't miss anything and take the next step to becoming the perfect lover, we're taking you on an expedition to women's most secret hotspots.

Erogenous zones: These are the hotspots where women really want to be turned on

There are women who get off on being kissed on the neck. And there are women who almost have an orgasm when you rub them on the soles of their feet, others get hot with a head massage. Unfortunately, men know little about women's pleasure points. Why? Maybe because they don't ask them about it, or sometimes because some don't like to talk about it. Or maybe it's because they want their partner to discover them for themselves.

Why you should look for erogenous zones

If you focus only on already known pleasure points, it's like going to the same hotel at the familiar vacation spot every year. But the world has much more to offer – as does the female body. If you go on a journey of discovery, you will not only make your sweetheart happy, you will also improve your sex life. Let's go into detail about the erogenous zones of your beloved:

Erogenous zone #1: neck and neck

If a woman pushes her hair to the side or ties her hair up, it looks like an invitation. But neck, nape and the hollow above her collarbones are not only visual pleasure. The skin is thinner there than on the rest of the body. In addition, many nerve endings run here. The stimulation of the hairs creates goose bumps because of that.
How you activate the hotspot: Circle with your thumbs to the left and right of the spine, from the hairline to her shoulders and back again. Stroke her hair from the nape of her neck. Open her lips while sliding them over your partner's skin so she can feel your breath. This is called feather kissing. If it pleases, you may like to nibble or massage a little harder. Kissing and playing with tongues on the neck gives many women a pleasant shiver. But beware: danger of hickies! This is how you drive your lover crazy with your tongue.

Erogenous zone #2: the bosom

Sure, the breast is the most obvious of all erogenous zones. It is a fertility sign and the pure femininity of a woman. There are several pleasure points in this area: the nipples, the areola, the side of the breast and the line underneath – a true playground.
How to activate the hotspot: It's worth pampering the décolleté with kisses and caresses before you turn to the breast. Instead of kneading and twirling, you should proceed gently there. First, slowly draw a figure eight around her breasts with one hand. Let your fingertips wander over her skin in alternating small and larger circles. Caress her sensitive nipples with your lips and tongue. Gently suck it. If you're smart about it, you can even bring your sweetheart to nipple orgasm with this kind of attention.

Erogenous zone #3: the inside of the arms and wrists

The skin on the inside of the upper arms is especially thin and sensitive. Kisses and caresses create a tingling sensation because of it, which continues to the crotch. There are thousands of nerve endings on the wrists and fingers, after all they are our primary organ of touch. Touching on the fingers, however, we experience very rarely, so they are so seductive.
How to activate the hotspot: Kisses and lick tenderly over the insides of the upper arms to the armpit. If the woman likes it, you can also gently kiss or lick the armpit. Run along the inside of her forearms and gently stroke her wrists, carpus and palms.

Erogenous zone #4: the middle of the body

The belly is a very hot area, because the holy of holies is very near. It is also very closely connected to a woman's heart. Not for nothing in erotic novels champagne is constantly sipped from the belly button. In and around the navel unite numerous nerve endings. 
How to activate the hotspot: Rub some oil between your palms and run the flat of your hand in large circles over your lover's belly. Gently massage around the navel or leave your hand there while you move on to other areas. If you apply gentle pressure to the base of the navel, you can send stimuli to the vagina. But beware: not every woman likes the stimulation of the belly button. Advanced groping: the best petting techniques

Erogenous zone #5: the vagina

Welcome to the center of pleasure! The vagina is undeniably a woman's most sensitive erogenous zone. But that's precisely why it makes sense not to go for the furnace of her lust first. A woman is aroused more quickly if you first turn to the secondary pleasure points. Means: You should first get them going with kisses and games on other parts of the body, so that they do not throw the touches on the vagina into the cold water. The great erogenous zone between a woman's legs is the CUV. It occupies from the roots of the clitoris located in the vagina, the clitoris, the urethra and the vaginal wall. The areas are connected by tissue, nerves and blood vessels. How women want to be pampered at the CUV, you can learn here. 
How to activate the hotspot: The goal is to increase blood flow throughout the vagina. Caress the mons veneris, outer labia and inner labia extensively first. Then run two fingers inside the vagina and tickle the vaginal wall. Especially the vaginal entrance is very sensitive. Only now you devote yourself to the clitoris.

Erogenous zone #6: the clitoris

The tip of the iceberg is highly sensitive. The perfect lover knows that he devotes himself to the explosive pleasure point extremely carefully. Because so many nerve endings converge in the pleasure bud that a touch can even be unpleasant.
How to activate the hotspot: Always use a drop of lubricant on the fingertip. Gently push the foreskin up over the bud, then circle the clitoris with constant pressure. Gently touch the pleasure spot and take it gently between both fingers. Only when your lover demands it, you can go more firmly to the thing. Small movements are the best way to bring a woman to full speed. How to pamper your vagina and clitoris the right way.

Erogenous zone #7: the buttocks and the butt crack

The buttocks are one of the most sensitive areas of the human body. Especially in and around the anus are many highly sensitive nerve endings. To the left and right of the sacrum are also reflex points. During an erotic massage, the buttocks are usually neglected, but they play a decisive role in the development of pleasure. Especially if you want to dare anal intercourse in the future, you should familiarize your beloved with erotic touches. 
How to activate the hotspot: In no case just give her a slap, but stroke from the waist down along the spine. Once at the butt, gently run over the cheeks to the inner thighs and back from there. Stroke the shape of the buttocks and along the butt crack. Clench your hands into fists and massage the buttocks extensively. Approach the anus playfully and pay very close attention to the reactions of your partner. What you should know about anal sex.

Erogenous zone #8: Ankles and feet

Often underestimated, definitely worth a tour of exploration. The foot fetish does not come from nowhere. Have you ever wondered why you are so ticklish under the soles of your feet? Because there are thousands of nerve endings. There are women who get excited when they walk on coarse pebbled beach or when they dip their feet into a bubbling foot bath. There is a direct connection from the feet to the CUV.
How to activate the hotspot: First, gently stroke around the ankles and the top of her feet. The skin there is very thin, touches are perceived as extremely affectionate. Then carefully you run along the roots of the toes and gently stroke the soles of her feet. Encompass her joints completely with your hands now to give her a good feeling. Let your beloved guide you. Maybe she likes it when you cover the sole of her foot with gentle kisses, use your tongue on the sole or even suck on her toes.

Conclusion: The search for erogenous zones increases the pleasure

You might find out that your lover's erogenous zones are located somewhere else entirely: above her upper lip, on her pelvic bones, or between her shoulder blades. In any case, it makes sense to start looking for those white spots on the map of her pleasure. Because not only does this give you more time during sex, you're also proving to your sweetheart that you're having fun with her body. And by the way you also improve your sex. What are you waiting for?

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