Hitachi Magic Wand: Rechargeable Original Vibrator

After the focus in the last weeks was mostly on the men, we want to take care of the wonderful female creatures again today.

If you have already gained some experience with sex toys for women, you are certainly already over the Magic Wall stumbled; the Ferrari under the vibrators.

It is available from different manufacturers, in different colours and different shapes, but they all have one thing in common: You have the right power. Why?

Because they don’t come with an internal battery, but with a power cord for the socket. For those who can only laugh at battery-operated vibrators, the Magic Wand is just the thing. It is a massage device for the demanding.

In addition, it is a pure laying on vibrator, at least that’s what the manufacturer has in mind, but what you ultimately make of it is up to you!

Soft flexible spongy head relaxes muscles6 powerful and effective modes Massage head is removable and completely waterproof

I’ve already tried a lot, but such a powerful device as the Magic Wand vibrator I haven’t yet found my way to. I’ve taken this thing pretty quickly into my heart where it will probably stay forever.

So if you’re someone who can’t reach orgasm without strong vibrations and are more into external stimulation, I highly recommend this device.

The original Magic Wand comes from the USA and is from Hitachi. There are many replicas, including the Europe Magic Wand, which is now also well known, but is more than twice as expensive.

The model I’d like you to meet today is the My Magic Wand. from the company EDC from Holland.

The My Magic wall next to its cardboard box.

Means: It does not have an American, but a European connection and a longer cable, which is very good for me.

And the clou is: In addition to sexual tension, you can also – and now hold on tight – massage your muscles and thus relieve any painful neck and back tension.

The original, however, should be NOCH stronger; but it was also originally designed for muscles, not for the tender vagina. Whether THIS isn’t too much of a good thing for this tender little plant?!

But be so good and clean it before you pass it on to your husband to loosen his neck tensions. 

The toy head is about 6 cm wide.

First, a few facts for the technicians among you:

  • The soft vibrator head is flexible and can be positioned at will.
  • The toy body consists mainly of ABS plastic.
  • There are 3 different vibration rhythms.
  • There are 3 different vibration speeds.
  • The mains cable is 3.5 m long and also offers you enough flexibility.
  • The weight is just under 800 g.
  • length: 32 cm.
  • Colours: pink, blue, turquoise, purple.

If you like moving pictures, you should have a look at the video on the manufacturers page. There you can also see which different, sometimes very funny essays there are for the Magic Wand. But you can also look online. Youtube is full with corresponding videos. Pornhub perhaps also?! 

You can buy the essays here, too.

You can download the instruction manual for the Toy here if you want and get a more detailed picture of the Toy in advance. Here you will also find some safety instructions and tips for using the Toy. The design of this massager is unique and absolutely unmistakable.

Fun fact: Did you know that some doctors in Norway even prescribe the Magic Wand? I don’t!

My goal today is to give you an understanding of the Magic Wand in a little test. At the end of the article you will have a picture of the Toy and know whether it is suitable for you or not.

This vibrator was kindly provided to us by EDC z.Vfg.

Thank you very much! 

Nevertheless, all our tests are absolutely loyal and ALWAYS reflect our own opinion. The regular readers already know this.

My Magic Wand: Overview

Name My Magic Wall
manner Clitoris vibrator for positioning
colors pink/blue/turquoise/purple
material ABS/Silicon/Textile (Head)
Size large-scale
Programs/Intensities: 3 + 3
number of motors 1
volume medium
length approx. 32 cm
width approx. 6 cm
weight 785 g
term max. 30 min in one piece (due to overheating)
charging time none, since wired.
quality well

My MagicWand massager costs about 50 € and comes in simple cardboard or plastic packaging with few accessories

The Magic Wand comes in a cardboard box and is additionally in a transparent and simple plastic bowl. The accessories are quite sparse: there is only one instruction manual, which is completely sufficient.

A small nice addition would have been a slip test. But that’s high level whining.

The vibrator comes in a simple plastic bowl with sparse accessories.

The power cable is firmly integrated in the toy and cannot get lost.

With scarcely 55 € I find the Auflegevibrator not at all so expensive. A quite good price / performance ratio.

The power cable needs getting used to, but unfortunately such a vibration strength is not possible with batteries. Or they would be empty very quickly.

Intuitive, simple operation of the very varied vibration programs. Without batteries, but with cable

The operation of the Magic Wand vibrator is self-explanatory and super simple: In the middle of the toy is the control panel, consisting of on/off switch and plus/minus button to regulate the vibration intensity and to change the pattern, i.e. the vibration rhythm.

The operation of the vibrator is very intuitive and simple.

The programs are quite diversified and in my opinion absolutely sufficient. Many toy manufacturers try to score with umpteen different rhythms, which differ partially however only minimally.

No human needs.

For me personally 3 different ones are enough. That in combination with the possibility to change the strength, gives me exactly what I need to come purposefully to the orgasm.

I also like very much that the vibrations are mainly in the toy head, where they belong and not in the toy body, so that your hands are not numb for the first 10 minutes after use.

Has that ever happened to you that you were mega horny, in the drawer for your favorite vibrator have rummaged and hardly have you turned it on, he ran out of juice?!

I do. Mega annoying!

With the power connection you will never have problems with empty batteries again. And the 3.5 m long cable gives you enough flexibility when using the sextoy.

Soft, removable attachment head that needs intensive cleaning (Toy is not waterproof)

The attachment head is padded and therefore super soft and cuddly. It is easily removable and therefore exchangeable if you want to put one of the other attachments on it or for hygiene reasons if you share the Magic Wand with someone else.

The head of the vibrator is very soft & cuddly.

A typical student problem?!

I can only advise you to apply some lubricant to the vibrator head, because this makes the application even more pleasant.

If you want to use the MyMagic wall to relax your muscles, you can use it either without gel or – insider tip – with warming lubricant. This is very pleasant and increases the relaxation effect a little bit.

The cleaning of the vibrator is very easy: The attachment is removed in no time at all, which you can then clean either with a damp cloth or additionally with a certain Toycleaner.

Normally I don’t think Toycleaner is necessary (especially for siliconys), but due to the textile or leather-like material of the toy head I would recommend the use of such a cleaner in this case. Maybe not every time, but so after every 2nd, 3rd time already.

Since a groove runs through the toy head in which bacteria can settle, thorough cleaning is particularly important in this case.

When cleaning, please note the followingThe vibrator is NOT waterproof, so please be careful not to keep it under running water.

Strong vibrations that benefit your muscles in particular

The very first time, I was really scared. The vibrations are extremely strong, especially in the higher stages.

Since I work a lot on the PC, I often have neck tension, so I used the vibrator on my neck during the first dry use. The vibration was so strong that my head vibrated and my field of vision was extremely blurred, which was a bit frightening.

Here again the product features at a glance.

But I have to say, it helped a lot. Not right the first time, but with multiple use my neck tensions have improved a bit in the last few days.

Since the vibrator is quite long, you can get to most parts of the body also well.

So we’re dealing with an all-round talent.

What is also very important: The volume. Here I have to say, for such a strong vibrator the My Magic Wand is quite quiet. Not whisper quiet but also not too loud. As long as you don’t put it on hard surfaces like a wooden table while it vibrates, it can also be used in a shared room.

Magic wall vibrator is odorless and has a flexible and stable head

By the way, the vibrator fortunately doesn’t give off its smell.

To the head of the Klitoris vibrator is to be said that it is connected by a flexible neck with the Toykörper. The neck is however quite stiff, so that the head can be inclined with much Nachdruck maximally 1 cm. You can exert therefore quite strongly pressure, without making something broken.

The vibrator head is soft and flexible, but a lot of pressure has to be applied.

In addition, I think you should use it after a maximum of 30 minutes to protect it from overheating.

By the way, I think that the Toy lies well in the hand despite its large circumference and quite high weight. The center of gravity is quite centered, so that it does not tilt forward or backward.

My Magic Wand: Price comparison

So that you can Purchase of your new vibrator are not pulled over the table and can compare well, we list you here the current price from My Magic Wand at the best online shops at.

Including specification of the Shipping Costs & Delivery Times.

Conclusion My Magic Wand: Strong massage device for intensive stimulation of the clitoris and relaxation of the muscles

Who does not know yet, for whom this device is suitable, I would like to briefly summarize the conclusion of my vibrator test.

Contrary to its name, the Magic Wand is not magic, but a raw, mechanical, robust, super-strong orgasm machine that is rather not suitable for tender-sided women. The Toy could not be further away from flower sex.

Much more suitable is the laying on vibrator for women who are rather less sensitive and need rough, strong vibrations to come to orgasm.

So IF I would give an orgasm guarantee to any Toy, it would be this one. Even in low vibration the Magic Wand (even with the standard attachment) will bring me to orgasm in a few minutes. I’ve already heard of women where it even went through their jeans.

The My Magic wall is approx. 32 cm long.

Depending on how I feel about it, it is sometimes even too strong for me to place it directly on my clitoris. So it is enough for me to place it on the pubic mound and go only briefly to the clit again and again; the pelvis then usually moves automatically with the clitoris.

But here everyone has to test for himself what exactly she likes best. I can’t make a general statement here.

In a nutshell: brain off, vibro on, hello orgasm!

For people who are into inner stimulation or need a combination of inner and outer stimulation, the Magic Wand is not suitable. Nobody will forbid you to insert a vibrator at the same time. There is enough space.

Be careful of fakes and cheap remakes; and there are many of them out there. Here’s a nice article by Peitho about a 15€ fake that goes into more detail about this topic.

I keep noticing that many people want to buy sex toys at the best possible price. I see this trend rather critically, because then you often buy twice and in the worst case you are still exposed to health risks.

The attachment can be easily removed for easy cleaning.

Then rather take 55 € in your hand and be on the safe side.

At least that’s the price you have to pay if you want to buy My Magic Wand on Amazon. Alternatively you can get it at the BDSM Store, for example.

The Magic Wand is too strong for you or somehow doesn’t appeal to you? Then look here: Which vibrators are there?

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