Information About Clitoral Suction Satisfyer Pro Penguin

He’s been on everyone’s lips for almost two years.

The pressure wave vibrator. But: I can hardly see through it anymore. It is available in umpteen different versions from different manufacturers.

Give you the most intense orgasmic feeling possible11 formidable levels and providing the excitement of variety Soft upper part, made from skin-friendly silicone

Womanizer, Womanizer Pro, Womanizer Pro40, Womanizer W500, Womanizer +size, Satisfier, Satisfyer 1, Satisfyer 2, Satisfyer Pro 2, Satisfyer Pro Deluxe, Satisfyer Pro Penguin.

Seriously? Who’s going to do the Keeping the overview?

They all have one thing in common: They are pure clitoris stimulators or vibrators for laying on. To be exact, they do not work with vibrations, like most other toys, but with pressure waves. They are therefore called Pressure wave vibrators.

In principle, they do not give themselves very much and differ from each other. mainly in form, size, quality and equipment.

You can buy all Satisfyer and Womanizer models more or less cheap at Amazon.

I myself am one of the many women who unfortunately cannot reach orgasm by vaginal stimulation. As a rule, a direct or additional clitoral stimulation is necessary for me (unintentional play on words), but it’s not bad either; at least I get to orgasm EVERY time. Not everyone can say that either.

If you feel the same way, today’s article ffor you!

The Womanizer – by the way developed by a man – was the first pioneer, quasi the “original” among the pressure wave vibrators and with prices partly far over 100 € depending upon equipment type rather the professional variant. My Womanizer Pro experiences you can read here.

I was really taken with the GerThe high quality, the direct, precise clitoral stimulation and its strength, but also rather disappointed by the less good haptics of the operating keys. Especially in view of the high purchase price.

A short time later I was allowed to put the clitoris vibrator Satisfyer Pro 2 to the acid test and let it compete directly against the original.

And what can I say… the competing product, which the online shop has produced in China, by the way, was able to keep up, and that for just one fifth of the price. Some people – quite rightly – describe him as the “Womanizer in cheap”. has the Satisfyer produced in China.

My experiences with the Satisfyer Pro 2 have been positive throughout.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is the further development of the first model that was taken off the market and has mainly the following improvements:

  • Waterproof.
  • Quieter & quieter.
  • Stimulation was intensified.

Although the low price of the Satisfier’s workmanship was well appreciated, the Satisfier is almost as good as the original in terms of “stimulation”. Moreover, it was easy to use and the feel of the keys was also right. It’s just a bit louder, which disturbs me a bit.

But today it’s supposed to be the Pressure Wave Vibrator Satisfyer Pro Penguin one of the many successors, or alternative models, respectively.

By the way: My English-speaking blogger colleague Dangerous Lilly has made an incredible effort and compared all Womanizer and Satisfyer pressure wave vibrators with each other.

Here you can find out exactly which clitoris stimulator is suitable for whom. There is also a great, clear comparison table. Absolutely great!

For all of you who don’t speak English, I’ll summarize very briefly:

  • If you are restricted in your mobility or have grown very large, the Womanizer Pro40 suitable, as it has an ergonomic design and the buttons are easy to reach.
  • To test and for a very favorable entrance is the Satisfyer 1 If you like, you can always upgrade to a better model afterwards.
  • If you need even more intensity during stimulation, but can’t afford the Womanizer Pro40, or don’t want to, the Satisfyer 2 may fit for you.
  • If you don’t have any small hands, no problems with gripping and want the best quality, I advise you to purchase the Womanizer Deluxe W500.
  • If you can’t afford the Womanizer Pro 40, you might want the Satisfyer Pro 2 or the Satisfyer Pro Penguin from today’s vibrator test.
  • Would you prefer to support the original instead of the “Chinese copy” and a German company? Womanizer Pro40 or Womanizer Deluxe W500.

Before I forget: In the later course of this article, you can 2 brand new models of the Penguin win.

These were kindly provided to us by IC Ag z.Vfg. And the specimen tested here directly from the manufacturer.

Thank you very much! 

Nevertheless, all our tests are absolutely loyal and ALWAYS reflect our own opinion. The regular readers already know this.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin: My review

Pressure Wave Vibrator ‘Satisfyer Pro Penguin: Overview

Name Satisfyer Pro Penguin
Art: pressure wave vibrator
colors pink/white
material ABS/Silicone
Size petite
Programs/Intensities: 11
Vibration: suction/vacuum
Number of motors: 1
Volume: medium
Length: 12,5 cm
Width: 3-4 cm
Weight: 200 g
term approx. 2 h
Charging time: approx. 3 hours
quality well

Price Comparison Satisfyer Pro Penguin

So that you can Buy your new Satisfyers are not pulled over the table and can compare well, we list you here the current price of the Penguin Pro at the best online shops at.

Including specification of the Shipping Costs & Delivery Times.

Attack of the pressure wave vibrators: The eternal fight “Womanizer against Satisfyer”

Now we come back to the topic: Today I take care of the animal under the pressure wave vibrators.

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is a new edition of the Satisfyer Pro 2. The main differences are the optics and the control buttons, which are located on the bottom of the device.In addition, it should be significantly quieter than its predecessor, but also have lost its stimulation strength.

If one believes the already existing reports of experience, the built-in applicator head is not well processed, too thin and does not hold firmly. There is also no replacement head enclosed with the device. Let’s see how this works in practice.

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin in its packaging.

Oh and: The above mentioned Satisfyer 2 will soon also be examined together. So you can be curious to see what experiences we will make with it.

By the wayToday there’s a premiere on Strap on it: For once I didn’t test this toy by myself, but a regular reader of ours: Alexis.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin: Small, handy, internal battery and control buttons on the underside

The pressure wave vibrator comes in a simple plastic bowl.

But first I want to give you the key data and my assessment of the Toy:

The Penguin is a good StThe size is smaller than its predecessor (even the smallest in the Satisfier range) and therefore also more handy (12.5 cm in total) and weighs a mere 200 g. As I said, the control buttons are located below, which I very much welcome.

It consists ofmostly made of skin-friendly silicone and ABS plastic, has an internal rechargeable battery, which is charged with the enclosed USB cable, is waterproof and has a total of 11 different vibration and stimulation programs.

The charging cable is the same on all Satisfyer models, i.e. compatible with each other.

Unpacked you’ll find it in a simple but functional & transparent plastic package with relatively few accessories: USB cable and instructions.

In the manual you will find instructions for operation, cleaning and storage. According to the manufacturer, the pressure wave vibrator will last approx. 120 min. in operation after a charging process of 3 hours.

And you’ll find an info that was completely unknown to me until now: If you hold down the control button for 5 seconds, you’ll reset the Toy to factory settings. Could be useful if he should be bitching about.

There are also some safety tips, but most of them should be common sense. Well… Ideally at least.

“Animal loudness” & glowing in the dark. Larger & harder head than the predecessor

Penguin comes with USB cable for laptop/PC and user manual.

I have to say: I don’t find this satisfier necessarily quieter than its predecessor. Maybe still in the first two stages, but not more afterwards. Which I don’t find sooo tragic, though, because it becomes much quieter as soon as it’s on the skin and does its job there anyway.

I also think he sounds more like a squawking duck than a penguin! 

Just listen to my audio.

In my first test, I found the use of this clitoris stimulator to be best when sitting, as it makes the penguin the easiest to use. This is a bit more difficult when lying down and I prefer one of the larger models.

The buttons light up when the device is switched on. Of course, it’s especially strong to see in the dark. Whether that’s positive or negative, everyone has to decide for themselves. I for my part think that’s quite a nice gimmick, but for one or the other the light might be too bright and/or too strong.

If you switch on the toy, the buttons light up. Could be helpful in the dark or also disturbing.

As a matter of fact. The opening that is placed on the clitoris is larger than that of the Satisfyer Pro 2, which will especially benefit women with a larger clit. I’m sure it’s almost twice as big as the Satisfyer Pro 2. And I think it’s a little harder as well.

To the comparison here times the individual sizes of the different pressure wave vibrators in relation to the opening:

  • Penguin: 25 mm.
  • Satisfyer 2: 30 mm.
  • Satisfyer Pro Deluxe: 25 mm.
  • Satisfyer Pro 2: 16 mm (but there is an exchangeable attachment).
  • Satisfyer 1: 35 mm

And now enough foreplay. Alexis on stage! 

Practical application: Satisfyer Pro Penguin puts “pressure” on you

The Penguin in all its glory.

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is for both of us the first vibrator with the so-called pressure wave stimulation, which we don’t want to miss anymore.

The handy vibrator comes in the color combination pink/light pink.

Only the area around the gear knobs and the pressure wave support head are kept in plain white. As a man I find the colour combination very beautiful, although they are not my personal favourite colours for a sex toy.

The eyes of my dearest ones beamed with joy when she saw her new animal friend for the first time.

What exactly do I like as a man now on the vibrator?

Now. The pressure wave vibrator comes in a nice white / light grey package. On the front is the name of the vibrator. On the far left is the Satisfyer Pro Penguin pictured.

I really like the fact that this vibrator has an integrated rechargeable battery and can be recharged via a USB cable. It is important to note that it must be completely recharged before the first use. The first recharge can take up to 8 hours.

The Penguin is simply charged with the magnetic USB cable, but the connection doesn’t seem to be of very high quality.

I didn’t know about the Satisfier brand until now, but it makes a good impression with the Pro Penguin product. It feels very soft overall and you don’t feel any sharp edges, lines or seams..

The toy has 11 different vibration programs, which can be controlled according to desire and mood via the button with the circle symbol.

To switch on the toy, press the button with the dash symbol above it, which you can also touch blindly, just like the circle symbol, by raising a height.

This pressure wave vibrator captivates with its white support head, which is specifically placed on the clitoris. If you switch on the clitoris vibrator on the lowest level, you can easily feel the pressure waves. If you don’t feel anything on the lowest level, you should slowly approach the next 10 levels.

A little tip: Men who would like to feel what the thing feels like can hold the vibrator to the tip of their nose or nipple with the laying head.

The quite large support head from above.

The generated pressure waves provide intensive stimulation of the clitoris. She prefers to start at level 3 to feel only small pressure waves, but you are welcome to turn it up to very high shortly before the climax.

Short term weaning and reapplication of the clitoris stimulator makes you almost insane with pleasure.

The simulation intensity can also be regulated by how firmly you want to place the toy on the clitoris. For you personally, the pressure waves from level 5 to 6 start to become attractive. At level 7 to 8, it becomes very intense.

A further tip from us: Spread some lubricant on the application head, because this gives YOU a more pleasant feeling when placing the toy on the clitoris.

For my girlfriend it’s best if she can put the button on the clitoris herself, because she can find the exact position for herself and feel the stimulation. I’m a bit clumsy and untrained in it after all.

Due to the small size and the rounded shape, the vibrator can be controlled very well at certain points. However, I am then happy to take over the regulation of the programs for you, so that you can let yourself fall.

So I’m still good for that.

It takes her a maximum of 5 minutes until she reaches orgasm with this toy.

If you do not want to come to orgasm too fast, we use the pressure wave vibrator only in intervals during the love play.

Overall, we think the Penguin is super much fun.

With 11 vibration levels there is something for every woman. The vibrator is so small and handy that it is a pleasure to take it with you on your travels.

The cleaning is by the way totally easy: Since it is waterproof, it can be washed easily under running water. The silicone attachment can be removed and cleaned separately, e.g. with a cotton swab.

Conclusion Satisfyer Pro Penguin

In summary: Pressure wave vibrators are not suitable for all women: Some have a very shy and sensitive clitoris and can’t cope with it at all. Others love the (massive) direct stimulation of their clit.

That’s why it’s not a bad idea to get involved with a gIf you don’t like this kind of clitoris stimulation, you haven’t put 200 € in the sand right away.

Fhe Pro Penguin is very well suited for beginners.. For 37 € you get a small, sweet & handy clitoris stimulator.. The successor to the Satisfyer Pro 2 is waterproof, quieter & quieter, but no less powerful.. Contrary to my fears, the larger support head does not cause any problems at all.

The precise stimulation is powerful enough to bring me to orgasm in the shortest possible time.

With a total of 11 different vibration programs there is something for every taste.

The 2 buttons below are easy to reach, have a great feel and glow in the dark.. Besides, they are sublime, so that they can also be used blindly well.

The Penuin is waterproof, so it can be used in the bathtub or shower, and is especially easy to use under fluidic clean the water from the.

It is easy and convenient to charge with the included magnetic USB cable.

The used feeding head is larger than its predecessor and therefore also ideal for correspondingly large clits.

In a direct comparison with the Satisfyer Pro 2, the following can be said: For my taste, it is more handy, easier to reach the keys and of higher quality. Nevertheless, both devices play in one and the same league.

If you’re a fan of direct clitoral stimulation and you’d like to get directly into kIf you want to reach orgasm in the shortest time possible, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin might be the ideal toy for you.

For the low price it is also very well processed. Especially in comparison with the very first model of the Satisfier series.

Pressure Wave Vibrator Satisfyer Pro Penguin: Our Raffle

As already announced: There are prizes to be won today equal to 2 brand new Satisfyer Pro Penguin.

All you have to do is answer the following question.

Have you already gained experience with pressure wave vibrators? If yes, with which vibrators? How successful were you in doing so?

Start with your answer in the comments.

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The entire Strap on it team wishes you every success.

Update 22.06.2017: The raffle is finished. Our random number generator has spit out the numbers #6 and #13 and thus “Carlos” and “Thomas”as winner one Satisfyers Pro Penguin each. Good that 2 men win a vibrator for women.

Carlos & Thomas: You will receive further information to the e-mail address you provided. I hope that is correct! 

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Further links:

  • Presentation of the Penguin on Youtube of the wonderful Gianna.
  • Detailed review of Dangerous Lilly (in English).

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