Review Sucking Next Generation – Satisfyer Pro 2

I think it was last month.

At least it hasn’t been four weeks yet, so I have taken a closer look at the Womanizer Pro W500 for you.. An expensive but powerful pressure wave vibrator, who convinced me almost completely. With most of the girls he was also well received.

But many complained also about the high price (about 190 €). Even if the money is not so easy with you, this could be exactly the right thing for you here.

Because: I have today for you a clearly more favorable competition product of the well-known Onlineshop, which is to make the Womanizer belonging fire under the bottom: It hears on the name Satisfyer Pro 2, costs at present 39 ? and is to be in nothing inferior to its competitor.

Easy to use and exact adjustmentGood workmanship Uncomplicated care and female design

Whether this is so and what the shock wave vibrator Satisfyer Pro 2 I will uncover in this vibrator test for you. So you can be curious.

By the wayThere was already the predecessor “Satisfyer” from to buy some time ago, but it was taken from the market at that time. I think I read: Because of a patent infringement. Vmtl. the successor model was changed now so far that this is legally no longer a problem.

The main differences to the predecessor:

  • Waterproof
  • Quieter & quieter.
  • Stimulation was intensified.

P.S: Today there’s finally a competition for you again. With a little effort you can dust off a brand new Satisfyer Pro 2. More info at the end of the article.

But first of all I tell you about MY experiences with the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Pressure Wave Vibrator Satisfyer Pro 2: My Rating

An Overview

Name Satisfyer Pro 2
colors pink gold
material ABS/Silicone
Size medium
Programs/Intensities 11
vibration suction/vacuum
number of motors 1
length 16 cm
width 3-4 cm
weight 170 g
volume medium
term approx. 2 h
charging time approx. 3 – 4 hours
quality well

Price Comparison

So that you can Buy your new Satisfyers are not pulled over the table and can compare well, we list you here the current price of Pro 2 at the best online shops at.

Including specification of the Shipping Costs & Delivery Times.

The inexpensive Klitoris vibrator comes in a simple package with few accessories

Let’s start with the exterior. packingThe first impression is OK. The image shown on the packaging corresponds to the toy and does not give false promises.

The packaging from the front

But: As soon as you push the inside out of the packaging, you immediately recognize the immense price difference. The vibrator lies together with the USB charging cable in a simple & transparent plastic shell. The design is not as modern & high quality as you know from the Womanizer, but at this price most users will not be bothered.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 lies in a simple plastic case.

The plastic bowl may not be very durable and therefore mMn is not suitable for storage. I would have liked to have a nice little storage bag here. But if you need something like this, you can buy it here.

An enclosed operating manual – approx. 4 pages long per language – is also included. Here you will find tips on how to use the sextoy and also warnings, which should be taken for granted with a healthy understanding of humans.

A four-page instruction manual in many languages.

By the way: The vibrator arrived totally sweet packed and of course also absolutely discreet in a white box here. But have a look for yourself.

Packed with love.

Sextoy made of plastic & silicone in a design that takes getting used to; charges via USB cable

About the design of the clitoris vibrator: The Statisfyer Pro 2 is longer than the W500, but also much narrower. Here, too, you can see the price difference; the device doesn’t appeal to me that much optically. The shape reminds me a little bit of a dishwasher brush.

The continuous seam clearly shows that the toy body consists of two parts, which are put together in the middle.

The Satisfyer consists of ABS/PCB (toy body) and silicone (control knobs/stimulation head), so it should be absolutely harmless to health.

It is approx. 16 cm long, 3-4 cm wide and has an internal rechargeable battery which can be charged via the USB cable supplied on the PC or laptop. A mains plug for charging the device at the socket is not included.

The Satisfyer comes with few accessories.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, this lay-on vibrator can be used for a total of 2 hours after approx. 3 hours charging time. Please DO NOT use the device as long as it is charging. You can tell this by the fact that the LED is still flashing. When the toy is fully charged, it then lights up continuously.

I have also made the experience that the magnetic charging cable likes to slip, which is why you should check from time to time if the LED still flashes.

The first charging process can take up to eight hours.

Odourless & waterproof Satisfyer Pro 2 for clitoral stimulation, available in only one colour

The toy surface is smooth and a little slippery, but that hasn’t affected me so far. The white button – which is harder than that of the “original” – and the silicone control buttons are rather “rough” and “non-slip”, as you know from other silicon toys. Both feel very pleasant, though.

Colour-wise… well, there are the tastes different. I think this slightly golden okay; has a little bit of a nail polish with pearl shimmer. Unfortunately you can’t choose another colour. But we have to keep the cheap price of almost 40 € in mind, but I think it’s much nicer than the purple of the predecessor model.

The white control buttons fit the head well and are easy to handle, but you have to press them a little. The button for increasing and decreasing the intensity is unfortunately not labeled. The on/off button is white, but it is hardly recognizable.

The control panel from the front.

I can’t perceive an intense smell. The silicone head smells a little bit, but it certainly flies away with time.

Just like the Womanizer, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is only suitable for the external stimulation of the clitoris (clitoris vibrator). For many women the only way to reliably reach orgasm.

According to manufacturer information the sex toy is waterproof. It’s even recommended to use it “under water”. I haven’t tested that yet.

Who dares and takes it to the bathtub?

By the wayThis would greatly simplify the cleaning process.

The vibrator arrived here charged, so that I could use it right away for a first session. According to the enclosed instructions, it should be fully charged before the first use. Unfortunately, as already mentioned, this is only possible on the PC/laptop, which I consider a shortcoming, because a power supply would significantly shorten the charging time.

The supplied USB charging cable; unfortunately without mains plug.

If the clitoris vibrator should have an error or there should be operating difficulties, then you can reset it by 5 sec. long pressing of the lower operating button quasi into the factory state. I never used this function however so far and can say therefore also nothing to it.

Satisfyer 2 Pro experience in practice test – Clitoris vibrator with 11 intensity levels can be used immediately

No preparatory measures have to be taken; you can get started right away. Ideal for people with little patience (like me) and for the spontaneous “Orgasmus-Quickie” in between.

To activate the toy, you have to hold the on/off button pressed for 2-3 seconds. A small LED starts to light up and you automatically land in level 1.

Apropo LEDThe Womanizer has another one directly under the stimulation head, which has the advantage that your partner will find the right place even in the dark. Unfortunately, the Satisfyer lacks this.

With the intensity slider you can click your way through a total of 11 different stimulation levels; once you have reached the highest program by simply pressing, you can move back to program 1 step by step again. The intensity levels do not differ much, so that at first I thought they were only 8. But I like the clitoris, because it is very sensitive and a too large program jump could be unpleasant.

Press and hold the on/off button, then turn off the clitoris vibrator.

Operation is not quite as comfortable as expected.

Unfortunately there are no gimmicks like automatically activating your favorite program at startup, but I didn’t expect them either.

I find it a bit annoying that there is only this one switch and no up/down switch, because if you have skipped e.g. your favorite level, you first have to up and then down again or you switch off the device and start again at 0.

So I think it would be better if there were two keys to control the intensity instead of just one, because if, for example, I am in program 5, switch to program 6 and then find that 6 is too strong, I have to click up to 11 to get back to 5.

Now spread your labia a little and place the oval stimulation head on the exposed clitoris so that it is in the cavity of the stimulation head. As soon as you have found the most comfortable place for you, you should move the toy as little as possible and hold it there.

However, you may need a few tries to place the stimulator exactly in such a way that it achieves its best possible effect. Here you can try some rumpling.

The stimulation head can be removed for cleaning.

Little tip: With a little water based lubricant you can improve the stimulation a little bit.. Just give it a try.

Not completely noiseless pressure wave vibrator, which gives you absolute high flights when used correctly

I can tell from the very first intensity level The Satisfyer Pro 2 is definitely louder than the W500.. At the highest intensity level, he’s 75 DB, believe it or not. I think he’s just worse insulated than his competitors.

In my opinion not really suitable for shared flats, especially not in old buildings with thin walls.

At the highest level, the Satisfyer reaches approx. 75DB (not on hook).

But as soon as the toy lies on the Klit, it becomes much quieter (only about 55 DB), so there is hardly any difference to the Womanizer.

Little tipThe quieter it is, the more accurately it rests; the negative pressure can then develop its full effect.

As soon as it is placed correctly, a feeling of pleasure flows over my whole body, directly from my lap. This feeling is very beautiful and intense, and somehow different from many other toys. After all, this device stimulates only the clitoris.

The body immediately adapts to an orgasm that doesn’t take long. It announces itself with a tremendous strength and long intensity.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 at close range.

With the Womanizer it was already level 1 for me. With the Satisfyer Pro 2 it must be at least level 4 or 5 for the whole thing to be crowned with success.

tip: Try to vary the pressure on the toy until you have found the optimal one for you.

Big advantageThere is always one hand free for the stimulation of further body parts. This is particularly advantageous in the love play with the partner. However, rather slow and tender sex is announced, so that the pressure wave vibrator does not slip. Because THEN you might have to start again from the beginning.

I recommend that you take the upper hand in this case, which simplifies the matter. By the way, the spoon position is highly recommended.

Easy to clean with high probability of orgasm. Good to use & easy to use

Regarding the feel of the sextoy is to say: It lies well in the hand despite its smooth surface. The operating buttons can also be easily reached during application; even in the dark.

I even think that the pressure point of the keys is better than the pressure point of the Womanizer keys. The stimulation of the two devices is almost identical, and that’s exactly what most women are interested in.

In summary, the little guy here is in most cases an orgasm guarantor.

Simply switch on the Klit, wait a bit and enjoy the meal.

He shows a lot of power in the process. I could well imagine that this would quickly become too much for one or the other lady.

The clitoris vibrator together with a nice card from

Further aids or additional stimulations are – at least in my case – not necessary. My orgasms were all intensive and long-lasting with it.

About the cleaning we have to say: You can easily remove the stimulation head and clean it under running water.. I wipe the toy body with a damp cloth; that’s enough. As I said, it should be waterproof and therefore easy to clean even under running water. But I haven’t dared to do that yet.

Ideally, you should have an appropriate Toy cleaner used regularly to disinfect the thing regularly and protect it from the formation of any harmful bacteria.

The stimulation head can be removed for cleaning.

That brings us to the end of our Satisfyer test.

Conclusion – Satisfyer Pro 2 does not have to hide behind the Womanizer

On the whole, I can say: I am positively surprised. I was afraid that the favorable Satisfyer Pro 2 of rather disappointed me. But he doesn’t.

Of course you will notice the low price, starting with the somewhat unlovingly designed packaging, continuing with the sparse accessories and ending with the Toydesign, which takes getting used to.

BUT, and that’s the bottom line: When it comes to “simulation”, the Satisfyer is in no way inferior to the Womanizer.. Remember, you only pay a fifth of it.

It is easy to operate, the haptics are right, recharging is easy and cleaning is quick and easy.

The price/performance ratio of this pressure wave vibrator is 1A. With almost 40 € you can not do too much wrong here. Slbst after a fall from about 1.50 m height on a wooden floor, it is still fully functional and looks like new.

If you can see beyond the mentioned “little problems”, nothing stands in the way of a new acquisition.

But it should be noted that this toy has only one goal: to bring you to orgasm in the shortest time. Who wants to enjoy the way there and is a fan of an extensive love play … for him it may not be 100% suitable.

Also, you shouldn’t overdo it with clitoral stimulation and always bring a little variety into the masturbation, because you can’t deny that the clit “suffers” a bit from such a regular and strong stimulation and will eventually be less prone to irritation. A bit like a circumcised penis.

P.S.: The Satisfyer still doesn’t agree with you? Then look around here for a suitable alternative: Which vibrators are there?

Clitoris Vibrator Satisfyer Pro 2: Our competition

Win a brand new Satisfyer Pro 2

As previously announced: There is a brand new Satisfyer Pro 2 to win today.

All you have to do is answer the following question:

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