Male Vibrating Prostate Stimulator For G-Spot

Ordinary sex is no longer enough for you? your 0815 self-satisfaction is boring you? you long for a full feeling and like anal gimmicks? you want to broaden your sexual horizon and try something new? 

Then read carefully, because we have something for you here that could satisfy your curiosity and should definitely be tried: Prostate stimulation.

What Is Prostate Stimulation?

Not only women can be happy about sextoys. With a large selection, which is unisex usable, there is also a special sextoy for the man, which promises sexual flights of fancy. More and more men reach today for special pleasure donors, as for example the Prostata vibrator ‘Duke’ from Fun Factory, which should give them tingling pleasure. We are talking about very special prostate vibrators which, as the name suggests, have the sole task of stimulating your prostate and getting you to your climax in a completely different way.

Due to their ergonomic shape these toys fit perfectly to the male ergonomics, because not only the penis is the male epicentre of pleasure, but also the prostate and the perineum.

These erogenous zones can be brought up to full speed without having to stimulate the penis directly. There are even some toys that stimulate the prostate directly, i.e. also from the outside, i.e. indirectly. The full package, so to speak. The egg-laying wool milk sow.

Ergonomic shapeAmazing upper bulge Feeling that the toy is completely inserted

Be sure to use a special analtoy that can’t disappear into your rectum so you don’t have to spend your time in the ER.

Unfortunately prostate vibrators are still among the most taboo sex toys and play almost in league with strapons and masturbators. Reason enough for us to fight against them and make them socially acceptable; just like vibrators for women are already.

A targeted massage of the prostate, a chestnut-sized gland with an anal dildo or other sex toys gives many men a special sense of pleasure.

With a little practice you will eventually be able to reach orgasm purely through prostate stimulation. There is no need for further external stimulation. This orgasm will be more intense and last longer than any of you have had so far. It is often felt to be more satisfying.

Orgasm does not necessarily lead to ejaculation and slackening of the erection, i.e. unlike normal orgasm, it does not necessarily end here. Women will be happy.

By the way: A simultaneous external stimulation of the male limb, e.g. through a blow or hand job, is the ultimate experience for any man who is open to anal stimulation.

So for my part I find nothing more awesome if YOU have a small toy, a plug or a finger inside me and my penis in your mouth at the same time; if a deep throat is added, even I don’t last too long.

For the massage of the prostate it needs a lot of patience, time, devotion and relaxation. And lubricant. Viiiiiiiel lubricant. Not everyone finds the toy of his choice and has to experiment a bit until he has what he is looking for. But for a start it may also be a “normal” vibrator, which you borrow from your girlfriend.

It is important that it has a tip bent upwards to massage the prostate precisely. If you go too fast here, you will probably have to use it.

But the more often you do it, the easier it becomes. Regular training with appropriate anal plugs can also help here.

Of course you have to be very careful here, because the rectum is a very sensitive area where small injuries can quickly occur if you are not careful. Besides, it hurts the man and the air is out. Whether he will ever be ready again for anal stimulation is doubtful.


Features of the prostate vibrator ‘Duke’:

  • ergonomic shape adapts perfectly to the male anatomy.
  • stimulates prostate and perineum intensively.
  • thereby stronger and longer orgasms guaranteed.
  • mostly several vibration intensities & programs possible.

Prostate Stimulation: The lustful P-Point of the Man

You have certainly heard of the G-spot in women. There is also the male counterpart, the so-called P-spot, the prostate gland. Similar to the female G-spot, the male P-spot is also an area in which many sensory nerves are located, so that touching is very intense and felt. This area is so sensitive that men can reach orgasm by sexual stimulation alone.

You can easily feel this pleasure centre through your back door by first trying it out with one or two fingers.


Only later should you use a special sextoy, such as a prostate stimulator, for this purpose, but please use small diameter toys first. Do not overestimate yourself and above all do not underestimate the toys. Ideally, you have already been “heated up” in a different way, as only then will the gland be well supplied with blood and be receptive to direct stimulation. AND AND the gland will be well supplied with blood.

By the way, it helps – especially when inserting toys – if you press something against the outside. Sounds illogical at first, but just try it. You’ll see, it works.

About five to seven centimetres behind the anus entrance, directly at the front dam wall, you feel a small soft ball, whose sensitive massages will give you a lot of pleasure. You can look forward to very special stimuli, which are created by the contraction of the prostate muscles and pulsation of the ureter, on the one hand, and by contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, on the other hand.

You need some sensitivity, but once you have found the right place, you can slowly start “milking” the prostate.

The goal of milking the prostate is to squirt without orgasm. You also need a lot of sensitivity for this. Some like it, some don’t. Many don’t get it right in the first place.

The ultimate sex toy for men?

Originally this vibrator for men was used exclusively for medical purposes; today it is a popular sex toy for men. Whether anal dildo or prostate stimulator: You can not only pamper yourself anal with this toy (let), but also the testicles and the perineum get going.

This toy can be purchased in any erotic shop or online, where a large selection for all tastes has the right thing ready. So first look around in peace and let the men’s toy affect you.

Most of the high quality toys are made of environmentally friendly silicone, which scores particularly highly for its skin compatibility. They vary in length between 9 and 22 centimetres, with a diameter of about two to five centimetres.

Many of the prostate stimulators are designed in classic black, score points with their ergonomic shape, are waterproof, thick or thin, smooth or structured and come off differently well in the sextoy test.

The following video explains the prostate stimulation quite well, as I find.

How to use prostate stimulators?

You just want to relax and get to (still) unknown feelings of pleasure? Nothing simpler than this: Make yourself comfortable with your very own personal massage device and let it tingle properly. Please pay attention to the special hygiene regulations: Do not dig around the garden first and then stretch the sphincter muscle.

If you like, you can also use latex gloves or dress the prostate stimulator with a condom. Be as cautious as possible so that it doesn’t hurt you and you don’t hurt yourself. You should use plenty of lubricant to make it slip better.

Otherwise make sure that the toy or your or her fingers are really clean and have no sharp edges; the fingernails should be cut or filed as far as possible. The toy should not be used vaginally after use and should be thoroughly cleaned and completely dried before safe storage. Further tips on sextoy care can be found here.

The best thing is of course to do a little preparatory work, whereby you make your back gate a little smoother. Stretching is in this case half the battle; either your fingers or even an anal dildo are suitable for this. If, in addition to prostate stimulation, your penis is also included, there is an even greater sense of pleasure, by the way.

As far as these toys are concerned, the German quality company ‘Fun Factory’ is very often in the lead with its silicone products. A special plus point with these models is the easy cleaning: water and soap are perfectly sufficient.

Where can I buy a vibrator for men?

Either directly in erotic shops on site or via the internet. The advantage in an erotic specialist shop is that you can take different toys in your hand and consider which one suits your individual needs.

Especially if the very first model is purchased, you can get advice when buying in the erotic shop. Here you can also check the sex toys regarding their volume.

If you like it more anonymous, the purchase via Internet is absolutely unproblematic.. There are not only detailed product descriptions as on this side here, but also detailed information about possible lacks or health-endangering contents materials; in addition there are still important customer evaluations.

Very popular and very often bought, the Nexus Neo. Just have a look at it on the internet.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the next (online) shop, find your new Prostate Vibrator!

Conclusion – Prostate stimulation made easy!

Three things you need to enjoy the tête-à-tête with this sex toy:

  • a healthy dose of curiosity.
  • a little experimentation.
  • a good body feeling.

For a corresponding purchase simply let yourself be inspired by our test reports.

esteemProstate stimulation is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Many people don’t like the feeling very much because it’s just super unfamiliar. In general, many males AND females don’t like anything that has to do with anal stimulation very much. But I tell you: get involved; you won’t regret it.

Many people are too afraid that hygiene could suffer in some way or another and that things could happen that frighten their partner. Therefore, as always, a certain relationship of trust is a prerequisite for passionate fun. And if you want to be on the safe side, you can simply flush your bowel beforehand, e.g. with an irrigator.

As so often mentioned on this page, you should always talk to your partner about his or her sexual preferences and wishes. Then it works too.

At least I haven’t had any negative experiences in this respect so far. Sometimes you just have to dare to do it.

In the next article I’ll tell you which different models there are, which of them suit you and what you have to consider when buying them.

If you are still not convinced: a regular prostate massage also contributes to a man’s health, because from the prostate there is a line leading directly to the penis, through which the secretion produced in the prostate runs. If this line is used regularly, it protects against inflammation and calcification, and regular palpation could also prevent a little bit of the widespread prostate cancer. Sound not so sexy now, I know.

What do you think about it? What experience have you already gained with prostate stimulation? Just write in the comment field!

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