Penis Milking Machine for Men: 5 Top High-Tech in 2021

Most modern penis milking machines

Why do guys need milking machines? Apparently, to finally relax.

Many men are tired during the day because they don’t want to waste energy even for pleasure!

Well, we understand that correctly. That is why we created our today’s rating of sex toys for male masturbation without the help of hands. All of these devices work great while you enjoy. We considered all the advantages and disadvantages. Now the choice is yours.

Buy only devices of famous brands. They use only proven and safe materialsAlso you will be assured of the quality of electronic parts of the mechanism If your member is not too sensitive, we recommend paying attention to the model of milking machines with two motors

1. Autoblow 2 + XT

This milking machine has long been a bestseller among penis sex toys. The mechanism combines stroking movements and vacuum.

This technology makes masturbation much more efficient than conventional gadgets.

Advantages of the milking machine

  • The improved mechanism consists of five floating rings. They tightly capture your cock and massage it tirelessly until the result is obtained.
  • Washing does not stretch the material. The sleeve remains tight and elastic for a long time.

  • The milking machine has become the top sex toy for customer reviews! Place the machine on a flat surface and enjoy masturbation without using your hands.

Disadvantages of milking machine

  • Only water-based gel or cream can be used.

Advanced User Feedback

I highly recommend everyone to use a branded cleaner for sex toys. In this case, the sleeve will last you much longer, and the material will not become sticky.

As for the milking machine itself, this is my favorite model of all.

The amplitude of the movements of this device is the most effective of all that I have tried. You just put your cock inside and forget about everything.

2. Lovense Max

You need to try the Max milking machine, if you strive for perfection! This device has one distinctive feature.

In the back of the top sex machine embedded vibrator.

Your penis receives additional stimulation, and you have more intense orgasms!

Advantages of the milking machine

  • You do not need batteries. The fucking machine is charging from the mains.
  • You can increase or decrease the suction power of the milking machine using a special valve on the body.
  • Hole diameter fits most penis sizes.

  • The milking machine can be synchronized with another sex gadget or controlled via your smartphone.
  • In the mobile application, there are many different settings for a variety of stimulation of your cock.
  • A sensor is integrated into the milking machine mechanism that transmits the movements of your penis to sensors of a synchronized toy.

Disadvantages of milking machine

  • The mechanism is resistant to splashes, but not to jets of water. This means that you cannot use the milking machine in the shower. Also, if you need to clean the body, it is better to use an anti-bacterial spray.
  • With a sleeve of delicate material can only use water-based gels. To extend the life of the sleeve, use a large number of lubricants.

User Review

The milking machine works great in the distance. I often leave for business trips and allow my girlfriend to manage me through a mobile application.

This is an exciting experience.

Besides, the mechanism is so compact that it is convenient to carry it with you in a suitcase, even on airplanes.

3. KIIRO Onyx2

If we were told to call an analog of Lamborghini among sex toys, we would think about the milking machine Onyx2.

Just lower your penis inside, and nothing else needs to be done.

The vacuum mechanism will suck you in, and the stroking movements will bring you to the finish line faster than you expect. And all this is in a sleek black case with a simple push-button interface.


  • The internal texture includes the milking machine consists of ten rings, the diameter of which gradually narrows. Every time you go inside, you will feel increasing stimulation.
  • The milking machine can even be connected to a webcam. Your cock will feel everything that happens on the video.

  • The body-safe removable sleeve is made of a patented material with real leather imitation.
  • The vacuum mechanism gently sucks your penis, not letting you relax for a second.


  • The Onyx2 milking machine is one of the most expensive toys in its niche.
  • The milking machine battery warranty is valid for one year.
  • Full charging milking machine lasts more than four hours.

Buyer review

I like that this milking machine is reasonably light compared to other peers.

For interactive communication is the most effective model. Sensors milking machine very accurately convey feelings. Synchronization occurs at the highest level.

At first, I didn’t like the fact that the sleeve because of the ribbed texture dries long after washing. But this is what happens with any Fleshlight sleeves.

The mechanism runs smoothly for one hour. Then it takes a long time to charge. In general, the milking machine is worth every cent spent.

4. HotOctopuss Pulse 3 Solo

Such a mechanism is a cross between a milking machine and a penis ring.

The device is a trip to the nozzle on your cock, which not only vibrates but moves up and down. Stroking effect creates a pulsating motor.

At the same time, the design was created in such a way that you can use this milking machine with or without an erection.


  • The milking gadget can be used as an endurance simulator or for getting an erection.

  • The patented PulsePlate mechanism strokes your cock without using your hands.
  • The operating time of the mechanism at maximum speed is one hour.
  • The design of the milking machine is waterproof and allows you to take a shower with this ring.


  • The price of the milking device is above average.
  • For ordinary vibrations to turn into pulsations, you must use a lubricant.
  • With a milking device made of medical silicone, only water-based cosmetics are compatible.
  • Full recharge lasts three hours.

Customer Feedback

Solo is my first milking machine. What she can do is simply amazing. Now I want to try a gadget for couples from the same series.

Sometimes I wish this toy to have a remote. So do not want to reach the buttons to switch mode.

5. Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Luxury Rechargeable Male Vibrator

Unlike most fuck machines for guys who have a straight shape, this copy is slightly curved.

This gives you extra tension on the leash and head stimulation.

A durable silicone case is ideal for size for 80% of men.


  • Two powerful motors located in different parts of the vibrator simultaneously massage your cock.
  • The interface consists of only three buttons, so you can easily control your pleasure.

  • The waterproof design allows you to take a milking device with you to the shower.


  • Male Vibrator is not a cheap pleasure. This model has a price higher than the average in the niche milking machines.

  • Medical silicone is compatible only with water-based cosmetic gels.
  • The toy stimulates only the head of your penis. Therefore, you will not get an imitation of real sex.

Customer Feedback

For me, the head is the most sensitive part of the penis. Therefore, those devices that stimulate the entire length are too weak for me at the very end.

I like this male masturbator by purposefulness. Besides, a not too long channel is more natural to clear after the game is over.

Lightweight allows you to keep a toy in your hand for a long time if you like to have fun standing up. And you need a few sessions!

The sensations are so unusual that you want to repeat them again and again.


To determine which gadget will be perfect for you, first decide on what criteria you choose.

Is imitation of real contact important for you? Or, on the contrary, do you want new sensations and additional stimulation?

The main rule you need to follow is your safety.

A very important role is played by a powerful motor. If he is weak, you risk not getting to the finish line.

Additional features such as vacuum or vibration will help you get more diverse impressions.

And of course, do not neglect the lubricants. Modern models of sleeves move and rub your penis very actively. You may get skin irritation from too much mechanical stress.

Now you have studied our rating, learned all the most important tips regarding the exploitation of sex machines. All you need to do is choose a personal masturbator and finally relax. We wish you a pleasant shopping!

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