Best Vibrating Panties

Best vibrating panties with remote control in 2021

Today our team together searching the best vibrating panties. There are no ordinary dildo or vibrator.

Vibrating panties are mostly worn in public places as a prelude. Although, of course, each lady may apply them at home alone.

We prepared for readers a rating of vibrating panties, which manageable via the remote control or smartphone remotely. They can be considered pleasure toys of the last generation. Let’s start exploring our list!

Now love at a distance has reached a high level. People may feel each other physicallyOr they can make their foreplay more passionate and exciting We wish you soon to make a choice and enjoy the purchase

1. Moxie by We-Vibe

How to discover the best vibrating panties among a vast variety of models? They must meet several criteria at once.

Vibrating panties should be comfortable so that you can wear them anywhere, not just sitting at home.

Well, if the vibrator has a remote control. It is desirable that the model was rechargeable, then you do not need batteries. Vibration must be so energetic that you enjoy even through the fabric. The items correspond to Moxie vibrating panties.


  • Mini vibrator is comfortable to wear under clothes due to the built-in magnet. Such a toy will never slip and always remains in place.
  • The figure of the vibrator is equally comfortable when standing, sitting, or lying down.
  • One may apply his smartphone as a remote control thanks to a free mobile application.

  • Your lover may synchronize with the vibrator from any place where there is the Internet.
  • The vibrator has a simple two-snap interface.

More description

  • The vibrating panties have a quiet engine with forceful vibration, so the sound will not give you away. Only your emotions can do this.
  • Soft silicone material nicely touches the body, does not cause skin irritation. It is easy to wash. Due to its non-porous texture, this material does not undergo bacterial growth.

  • Vibrating panties have ten various regimes and rates.
  • The remote control connects via Bluetooth and works from a distance of several meters.
  • You independently set in the settings of the vibrating panties when the vibrator goes into sleep mode. In the passive state, the vibrator is turned off in the interval from half an hour to four hours.

  • The improved antenna provides an uninterrupted connection of vibrating panties with remote control.
  • You can use the vibrating panties for two hours without a break and recharging. And you do not need batteries.
  • The vibrator consists of a single piece of silicone, so it is entirely waterproof and suitable for entertainment in the bathroom.


  • USB adapter for charging from the mains is not included. The vibrator can be charged via cable only from a laptop or desktop computer.
  • The magnetic clamp sometimes has to be changed.

User Review

I like this vibrator in its small and comfortable shape. It can be worn in any underwear and made of it by vibrating panties.

It’s excellent that recharging takes only half an hour. In other models, it lasts much longer. Included is a convenient remote control.

It always syncs perfectly with the vibrating panties. I advise everyone to try this model!

2. Vibease Remote Control Vibrator

The quiet clitoral vibrator can be used as vibrating panties and wear it in public.

Do not forget to charge it in advance fully, and also change the batteries in the remote control.

So your romantic evening will turn into an exciting prelude.


  • The gadget is a solid piece of silicone. There is a possibility completely submerge it under water.

  • The vibrating panties work great as hot foreplay or for a single sex session.
  • In a particular mobile application, there is a whole catalog of erotic stories whose characters can manage your vibrating panties.

  • If your partner is far away, he can use his smartphone as a remote. A girl should to send him an invitation from the application and synchronize.
  • The vibrating panties are active for three hours. Then they need to be charged.


  • Vibease vibrating panties have a price higher than average.
  • The format of the gadget is too convex, and it can be noticeable under tight-fitting jeans.

User Review

For me, this toy is more suitable for home use. It gives such a strong feeling that I can not control myself. Therefore, playing in public is not a very good idea.

However, all patterns in the vibrating panties are tranquil, so you can take a chance if you survive.

Remote connects perfectly and works smoothly. This is very convenient, you do not need to reach for the gadget to shift the mode.

3. Desire Rechargeable Remote Control Vibrator

What should be the best vibrating panties? Every girl is worth wearing only beautiful underwear.

Therefore, any sex toy should be not only functional but also aesthetically attractive.

And ribbons on the hips make this model universal for all sizes.


  • Remote runs smoothly at a distance of eight meters. This is a record among the vibrating panties.
  • The silicone material is pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. Due to the absence of pores, the massager is not exposed to the development of bacteria.


  • The toy must be stored in a brand case and not exposed to high temperatures, even heating appliances or the sun should not be too active.
  • Remote can be gently washed, but not fully immersed under water.

  • A full charge lasts two hours. Precisely the same amount you can play without a break.
  • Remote runs on batteries.

Customer Feedback

I already have three similar vibrators, and this one is the best! The form is full enough and covers the entire desired area.

The material does not slip, and the massager does not fall out of underwear.

Remote works excellent even from the opposite end of the room.

4. Adam & Eva Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.oh, Black / Hot Pink

Now we got to the most beautiful vibrating panties in our ranking. A small vibrator fits in a special pouch and brings delight anywhere.

At the same time, you still look gorgeous! Maybe this is a reason to make a home video with your lover?


  • The vibrating panties can work non-stop for up to two hours.
  • Included is a remote control panel that works from a distance of several meters.


  • The massager has only two patterns. Compared with modern counterparts, this is very small. At the same time, the user may control power from one to five. This circumstance slightly improves the situation.

  • Massager made of ABS plastic with a polyurethane coating. It feels like this material is similar to silicone, but it is not so safe for the skin and can cause allergies.
  • Only one color is available.
  • The console is too noticeable and massive to use in a crowded place.
  • You need to periodically change the batteries in the remote.

  • The massager needs to be washed very carefully so that no water gets inside, as the construction is not hermetic.

Customer Feedback

This model of a masseur is very soft, has a convenient form. I like. That it can be synchronized with any smartphone and even player!

Perhaps I would like more variety of patterns for manual control. But power and a quiet motor fully compensate for this shortage!

5. Inspire Vibrating Remote Silicone Teaser

A small vibrating powder box is a special chic among clitoral massagers.

The ergonomic form of the vibrator entirely repeats the contours of the female body to deliver maximum pleasure. And he hits the target!

Pros of Teaser

  • The control panel from vibrating the Teaser looks like a powder box or a mirror, so it is convenient to use it in crowded places.
  • The user may also control the massager using the snap on its body.
  • The price of a vibrating powder box is the average in the niche of vibrators with remote control.


  • For some users, the size of the gadget seems too large.
  • There is no mobile application and synchronization features with a smartphone.
  • The toy is available in one color only.

Customer Feedback

This gadget is comfortable and provides the active vibrations I need. It is inconvenient that there is only one button for control on the case.

But I really like the remote.

It is stylish, compact, similar to powder. But the main thing is that it works from a long distance, and the connection is not interrupted.


The first models of vibrating panties were connected to the control panel via a cord. Now it looks funny.

The Internet has completely turned our view of relationships at a distance, and virtual sex too!

Which model from our rating did you like the most? We will be happy to answer your questions or enjoy your success!

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