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Here I am again. Risen from the dead. Glad you waited. 

Surely YOU have asked yourself how safe a condom is, and if so, WHICH condoms are suitable for you?

It must be said that100% sure is not one of today’s contraceptive methods, but a condom comes very close to this with good quality and correct use. Anyone who has a torn rubber can sing a song about how quickly the beads of sweat stand on their forehead. Today I introduce you to a product that could help you sleep a little better in the future.

Because I have the honor to be part of a development of the Sextoy noble brand “Lelo” test.

Based in Sweden and founded in 2002, the company describes itself as a “premium design brand”.

Structure of 350 interconnected hexagonsHexagons are strong, symmetrical, even, and tessellates perfectly Sensitive and more intimate sexual sensation

Tip firstIf you sign up for the newsletter on the website, you will get 10% discount on your first order.

Lelo offers very high quality sextoys + accessoriesör, most of which are also in the higher price segment.. That is reflected also to 100% in their web page. There the heart goes to me as Internet affiner man on.

The Swedes have also won several design awards in recent years; that alone should speak for itself. The company now employs over 400 people whose products enjoy international popularity.

By the way, HEX has now also received awards: iF Design Award, PRWeek Global Award for best campaign in the healthcare category, Golden A Design Award in the design, quality and innovation category.

Lelo offers toys for men, women and couples. With the appropriate accessories, such as condoms, the entire spectrum is covered.

By the way: For each product you can Register on the Lelo website and receive an extended warranty.. I.e. you get an additional warranty of two years for technical defects and a 10-year warranty of 50% discount on another product from the online shop, if the purchased device has technical defects during this period.

What makes me a little suspicious: The shipping costs in the Lelo online shop are currently fixed at 9.80€; regardless of which country you ship to. For deliveries to Germany, of course, this is a bit much. By the way, this applies to any products and thus also to the condom shipping.

Lelo’s bestsellers are among others the pair vibrator TIANI with remote control, the laying vibrator LILY, ORA, which simulates a cunnilingus, HUGO & LOKI for prostate stimulation and last but not least Hex, the revolutionary condom from Lelo.

By the way: Where I write it like this and let the names of the toys melt on my tongue like this, I can definitely find a similarity with the IKEA marketing department. I just say “Poäng”.

Which brings us to today’s topic:

Cause the boys & girls were so nice to give me a 12 pack hex for an extensive condom test So here and now I will tell you what these things can do and what makes them so special. The hex condoms have only been on the market since summer 2016 and therefore not yet known by everyone. We will change that today.

The nice thing about it when a sextoy producer develops condoms: you can assume that special attention is paid to the fact that the Things not only work, they feel good.

Apropo: If you are looking for a Lelo Toy, but don’t know which one is right for you, the Personal Shopping Guide could help you.

Lelo is also currently conducting a sex study and if you take part, you will receive a 20% discount on your next purchase.

Lelo also has a FB-page AND a very interesting blog which is completely in English, though.

If you want to know more about the history of the Hex-Condom and its financing, you can read it here.

Shortly after the release of the Hex condoms, the manufacturer had a pretty awesome action: If you weren’t sure if Hex is the right thing for you and if you want to pay the high price, you could simply request a free condom for a test. But unfortunately there’s no more.

Lelo ‘Hex’: My evaluation

Tear-resistant condoms Lelo ‘Hex’: Overview

Name Lelo Hex
material natural latex
package sizes 3s, 12s, 36s
width 54 mm
humidification medium
quality very good

What makes hex condoms so special?

The revolutionary honeycomb structure of hex condoms.

But now to the core of today’s topic: Our condom test.

What distinguishes Lelo condoms from other condoms?

The hexagonal structure. This should make the condom particularly stable andNevertheless, the wafer-thin rubbers should be at the same time feel right. By the way, for circumcised and not too sensitive men like me very important. In addition, they should offer good hold and not slip.

A few facts about the hex condom as an introduction:

  • Made of natural latex (so nothing for latex allergy sufferers).
  • 0,045 mm thin.
  • 54 mm diameter (standard) & 180 mm length.
  • Lightly wetted.

With the condom size or the condom width it’s such a thing: How often have I heard guys sounding pompously “I’m sorry, but I can’t handle the full-size Lümmeltüten. I have to order mine on the Internet because I need EXTRAGROßE!” – – “Yeah, sure.” ..all I ever think about.

Anyway… if a 54mm diameter is too small and you need XL or even XXL condoms, the SKYN rubbers might be something for you.

And if you have NO idea what suits you, you can find out your condom size here.

In my opinion, condom size isn’t that important. The average size fits almost all men.

Of course, I don’t want to keep the Hex product video from you.

In German you can watch the video here.

For all 2 and a half men fans like me: Charlie Sheen makes official advertising for it.

“Charlie Sheen. Really? The guy with HIV?” you’ll ask yourself. yeah, that’s the one. i love him. i love what he’s been through since his HIV-Outing. i also love the hex-advertisement. *THUMBS UP*. maybe the insight comes a little late for him. but everyone deserves a second chance. better late than never, right? The way I see it., you can get the condoms online in 3, 12 and 36 packs. E.g. at Amazon – about 10 € for the 3, 20 € for the 12 and 35 € for the 36.

So the best price/number ratio has the biggest package, but if you’re not a “fucker”, the medium size, as I have it here, is enough for you.

I haven’t discovered them in the stationary shop yet.. So for now, all you can do is buy the condoms on the Internet.

okay. To theback to the secret of hex condomsThe structure of honeycombs; and as the name suggests: the whole thing as a “hexagon”. It is precisely this technique, applied to nature, that makes Paris so special.

Are the extra-thin condoms also tear-resistant and safe?

If a honeycomb becomes permeable, there are still 349 functioning.

Honeycombs? What exactly does that mean?

Well, in the case of “normal” condoms it is the case that the entire condom usually tears if it is somehow overloaded, incorrectly stored or no longer durable. Means: The protection it should actually offer is gone.

With the Hex condoms, only the hexagonal honeycomb is broken, which makes it “Then there are 349 more combs left that can perform their service, so the rest of the condom is ideally still functional and offers the protection it should offer.

In this video this feature is shown beautifully, with a test with a needle – from second 18 – and yes, all Sheen fans also get their money’s worth.

When pressure or tension acts on the condom, it stretches in 6 different directions, which in theory should make it more tear-resistant.

By the way, this does not mean that the condom is unbreakable and that you are still protected when it tears.. In the worst case there is only the terrible “morning-after pill”, which can at least be obtained without a prescription in the meantime.

The structure in question sits inside the condom, so that it is completely smooth on the outside. From the outside, I don’t think much of corrugated condoms, or even nub condoms, as they were pulled out of the vending machine as a teenager.

The clouNevertheless, the condom is extra thin so that the fun is not unnecessarily slowed down.

Whether these things are really as safe and stable as they are advertised AND above all whether they are still genuine condoms and whether they do not press, I will reveal in today’s condom test. You’ll also find out what’s going on with the (latex) smell and the equally important look. Oh and above all: Will I ever manage to open the packaging on the right side the first time AND unroll the condom correctly?.

Just this much: The ratings I’ve read so far have all been very good by the bank.

By the way: Too bad that there are so few latex free condoms on the market… There could still be worked on it.

From the website to the packaging to the condom: Modern, practical & minimalist design

The ex-condoms between 2 Lelo Prostatavibratoren.

A very brief outline; after all, the eye eats as is well known: The Parisians produced in Thailand come in a very simple, minimalist-small white cardboard package. I think it’s super. No unnecessary plastic waste.

In addition to the condoms in the perforated 2-piece bundle, the packaging also includes a small description with the classic safety instructions.

How safe are condoms?

To theWe would like to briefly discuss the safe use of condoms in the context of our policy on condom safety:

Please only use condoms together with water-based lubricants (not oil- or silicone-based), otherwise there is a risk that your condom will tear. You are on the safe side if you also use Durex lubricants, as they are definitely “compatible”.

The following must also be observed during use:

  • Do not tear the package with your teeth..
  • Do not unroll the condom with your fingernails..
  • Do not roll the condom upside down.
  • Make sure that you do not damage the condom with any jewellery..

Besides: Please never store your condoms in your wallet, trouser pocket, or other very warm places or places exposed to direct sunlight.

Oh andalways change the rubber, you should change your sex practice (anal, vaginal, oral).

But the rubber is not only important IN the act, but the correct “removal” is also necessary THAN. It doesn’t help if the part is still in the woman afterwards and in the worst case the content still runs into her.

So just hold on to the ring at the bottom and pull it out slowly; then nothing should go wrong or out of the way.

Further hints on contraception within and outside a partnership I will stifle myself at this point and trust in your common sense.

What I notice directly when I open the individual condom packs: The paper-like outer packaging is more slip-resistant than these glossy things that are otherwise so familiar.

The paper packaging is easy to open even with slippery fingers.

In other words, you can open them with slippery “lubricant fingers”. Oh, AND even without problems in the dark, which will be advantageous for many couples… Only a few of them turn on their halogen headlights when they’re doing it with each other.

But I have to say: Although I found the right side to rip open, the condom was quite difficult to remove, because the “second skin” of the packaging is firm & stable and you have to use some force. Or you press the rubber out of the small hole you already have.

As with every condom, I always have a hard time unrolling. Yes, my penis is quite thick and yes, of course the things have to sit tight to give enough hold, but for me it’s always n bisjen fumbling.

But then, my highlightI was able to roll it off without any problems at the first attempt. Hurdle 1 – Put on condom – successfully overcome!

Besides, I think you can see right away how you have to put the thing on. That’s not the case with every product.

You can see very well how it has to be unrolled around.

It’s a bit like USB sticks with me. I can’t remember having put a USB stick around right the first time I tried it in the last few years. It’s a miracle that I’m even able to deliver a decent performance in bed.

Let’s see how it all works out on the second try.

Hexagonal structure clearly visible in more than lightly wet Parisian

The honeycomb structure is easy to see.

While you can see the wacky honeycomb structure quite well when it’s not rolled up, you hardly see it when the thing is on your best piece. Simply by stretching the material.

To meIt is positive that the condom is really nice and moist. In my opinion more than just “lightly wetted”. But I think that’s super and absolutely not disturbing.

And: “My” “female test object”, which I could convince of a blowjob WITH a condom, also not. Women usually don’t like it at all to have a clitschy-fatty mouth afterwards, which e.g. tastes like artificial strawberry.

What is important is that this moisture lasts throughout the entire act. At this point, I take a step ahead: Yes, it does.

I don’t have much experience with blowjobs AND rubber, but I remember my first visit to a whorehouse very well: The BJ with too thick and too tight rubber was a disaster. I’ve never had an erection so fast before.

It’s a different story today. The blowjob is also an absolute pleasure WITH Hexlie.

Really awesome: The Hex smells totally good (yes, I mean actually GUT) and doesn’t have that classic negative condom smell. It’s probably because of the perfume that was used, even if only a little of it.

For people who don’t like perfume in their care or safersex products, the vegan alternative Unicorn from Germany may be something for you?

Best piece retains its shape and reservoir its filling space

In addition to the condoms, you will also find a small information leaflet in the packaging.

What I can say after the first run: With other condoms I had the problem that after a longer and harder GV my best piece “slipped” right to the front into the reservoir. In the worst case this can lead to a negative pressure in the condom tip which can cause it to burst sooner or later.

If you are unlucky, there is already ejaculate in the condom or just a drop of pleasure in it, which then lands exactly where it should not land.

My first attempt with the hex condom didn’t do that to me. My limb was held exactly where it should be and there was still enough room in the reservoir for my juice. 

I also noticed that my (admittedly very beautiful) penis shape is not “crushed” by the condom and takes on the shape of a sausage.

I was allowed to experience it too.

It’s not like that with Hex. The rubber fits 1A to my best piece. *Thumbs up*

How does our condom perform in practice?

The condom does not fit too tightly and is very elastic.

With regard to the actual act, I must say that I can’t complain at all.. The rubbers fit well, hold tight, but despite only 54 mm not ZU, as some others do.

And the fThe most important thing for me: My sensibility is not excessively throttled.

So the Hex condoms actually seem to be as thin, feel-fast and tear-resistant as promised.

By the way, she was also very fond of the Hex, because she hardly felt the rubber, almost not at all. It would be quite similar to sex without a condom. Good news, but she is much more sensitive in this respect than I am. That looked different with one or the other (much too thick) Parisian of that time already.

She described it with the words: “It was good, as if your cock would glide in me without any rubber in its full hardness and warmth. No disgusting latex smell in the intimate area, no embarrassing noises. Just you and me; hot and humid”

Towards the end I noticed that despite a protracted act. the hex condom has definitely not dried out, Well… unless you *cough* in the wrong hole anyway.

Madame and I have changed positions several times.. From missionary to rider to doggy and NOT ONCE the rubber slipped when she descended from me.. I didn’t have to “adjust” it once to the end.

floodplainIn addition, the quality and intensity of my orgasm was a similar one to sex WITHOUT rubber. I have already been able to gain one or two experiences where the ring of the rubber is too close to the shaft and therefore the blood circulation is restricted. Not good. Become for your best piece, still your orgasm.

Of course it’s a bit more intimate and beautiful without a condom, but people… especially, dear men: THAT’s NEVER… I repeat… NEVER an excuse or a reason not to protect yourself.

In a long-term, trusting partnership this may look different, of course… but especially with ONS, (long-term) affairs or the like, protection is top priority!

By the way, the opening of the individual condom packaging was a bit better from time to time, but still not as I imagined it to be.. Maybe I’m just too clumsy for that.

Conclusion – condom test: Hex are sensitive, safe & tear-resistant, even if not quite cheap condoms

So I can only stress again and again: People, safety first!

There are still far too many people infected with venereal diseases every year, not to mention the unbelievable number of unwanted pregnancies.

And that in Germany! An extremely well developed and modern country. Sometimes I can only shake my head.

Yes, I know: condoms cost money, they’re not exactly mega sexy and you have to interrupt the love play for a moment. But it should be really worth it to you.

Enough offtopic.ück on the subject:

So are these Parisians reallyas revolutionary as advertised on the Lelo website?

Well, the honeycomb technique in any case, but condom remains condom.

Still: Fhe hex condoms are gold for me.. I have been very positively impressed so far, especially by the authentic feeling during sex (just as sensual as similar rubbers), which is in no way inferior to the WITHOUT condom, but also by the stability and the hold of the rubbers. But I’m also lucky that I’ve never torn or slipped one before. Toi Toi Toi.

The fact is: The “barrier” between you and your partner is kept as low as possible and the security as high as possible.

The Hex rubbers are easy to unroll; the packaging can even be opened with slippery fingers. Even when changing position, they sit well but not too tightly. They offer long-lasting moisture and a very intimate, sensual experience.

I am completely convinced that I may stay with Lelo now, but I will certainly have a chance or two to use the rest of my Durex condoms to make a direct comparison.

The marketing strategy, the rather wacky product video, the very modern and minimalist packaging, the brand new honeycomb structure… all this could make more and more people protect themselves with condoms. And for that, I’ll clearly say: HELL YEAH! Thank you, Lelo!

Prophecy of life: The next test report for a Lelo product will be about the prostate vibrator Loki, so the men among us can be especially excited. 

If the hex condoms are too expensive for you, which I can understand, you can’t do much wrong with the very thin Invisible or the Natural Feeling of Durex as an alternative. But it really shouldn’t fail because of the money. Think about what kind of junk you spend money on otherwise.

The latter also make sense if you are a latex allergy sufferer and therefore absolutely need latex-free condoms.

If you want to order the condoms… in the Lelo Online Shop the big 36er Pack is just reduced by 30%!

With my current, rather sparse sex life, I can tell you in about 2 months whether these are the safest and most tear-resistant condoms I have ever had in my fingers… or over my penis.

So far, I am very satisfied in any case.

Thank you for your attention and have fun shooting.

LG, Henning.

What about you? Do you have favourite condoms? If yes, which ones and why?

Lelo ‘Hex’: price comparison

So that you can Buy your new condoms are not pulled over the table and can compare well, we list you here the current price of the Lelo Hex at the best online shops at.

Including specification of the Shipping Costs & Delivery Times.

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