Best Butt Plug With Jeweled For First Anal Training And Play

Here’s the very first article about a classic anal plug on this blog.

Because: We already had countless vibrators, dildos, strapons and also a butt plug/penis ring, but still no pure anal plug here at the start.

Sometime is always the first time. 

Today’s Anal plug Anni in a size of 25mm has been in my possession for about a year now. I bought it through Amorelie, one of my favorite online shops for sex toys.

There are however all possible variants (sizes, colors, etc.) with Amazon, in the Adultshop or in the Dessousshop. For all, which order rather somewhere else. (See price comparison further down).

As usual with Amorelie, the entire ordering, payment and delivery process was fast, easy and uncomplicated.

The Anni Butt Plug arrived undamaged, nicely packed and with a neutral sender (Sonoma GmbH) in a small white box at my place.

The original idea that led me to order: I wanted to give my (meanwhile ex-)girlfriend a little extra kick during sex, because I knew that she likes additional anal stimulation (e.g. by finger), but was not a big fan of anal sex.

Anal plugs brings variety into the bedroomPlug is a good way to get more stimulation More often the plugs are used, the easier be to insertion

I wanted to lead them slowly back to the latter, because of course there are women who find anal sex anything but good and keep their hands off it, but there are also many women who are open to it and enjoy it, but have had bad experiences with insensitive men.

2 flies with one clap thus.

In this article I introduce you to the in my opinion perfect beginner anal plug. I show you how it pimped up your sex life, how you use it and what else is to be considered.

But first we have a look at the cornerstones of the Toys.

Anal Plug Diogol Anni: My review

An Overview

Name Anal plug Anni
manner anal plug
colors red, black, silver, gold, pink.
Size petite
ornament Swarovski Stone
material Aluminium
length approx. 6 cm
insertable length approx. 3,5 cm
diameter approx. 2,5 cm
quality very good

Anal Plug Diogol Anni: Price Comparison

So that you can Buy your new Analdildos are not pulled over the table and can compare well, we list you here the current price at the best online shops at.

Including specification of the Shipping Costs & Delivery Times.

Two different sizes and shapes available

To start as small as possible, I ordered the 25 mm version (size S). This anal plug is also available in 30 mm. And it is available in some other shapes (e.g. heart) and colors: gold, silver, pink, red, etc.

Mine is in black. The thought behind it: If something gets stuck, it’s not so dramatic. You can’t see it anyway. 

In retrospect, I can calm you down: The anal plug is so small and the surface so smooth… there is no way that anything gets stuck.

The Sextoy produced in Paris by the company Diogol arrived in a nice transparent plastic packaging with hygiene seal. The one with the hygiene seal makes Amorelie with all toys and many accessories like this.

The hygiene seal must not be damaged if you want to claim the Toy.

They are really straight: If you send back a product with the hygiene seal damaged or removed, they usually do not take it back.

And that’s a good thing too. Or do you want a sextoy that someone else had in it before.

Small, handy, sturdy packaging. First impression: Smaller than expected

As you can see on this picture, the Anni is really beautiful small and sweet.

The small black butt plug with a beautiful Swarovski stone at the end of the toy lies safely and non-slip in a small foam recess.. So (in the truest sense of the word) nothing happens to him during transport.

At first I was surprised, because I imagined it to be a little bigger (it is really quite tiny), but then I thought to myself: “It’s better to start too small than too big. You can still get higher.”

But what I noticed directly: It is super high quality processed and looks really chic; no seams or the like.

I didn’t announce the first mission, because I like surprises. And my ex, too.

That’s how Anni got to me.

So while we landed in my bedroom one nice evening after an intense kissing and fiddling, I asked her for a moment of patience, grabbed the (previously cleaned) butplug and a splash of lubricant and slowly and gently introduced her to the chic little thing.

In the back door, of course.

By the way: It’s best not to use too much lubricant, as this increases the probability that it will float out when it gets too much to get it excited.

I was surprised at how quickly and how easily he entered her. She seemed to relax and be willing.

As I’m writing these lines here, I get wistful and warm around my heart, and even at my crotch, if I’m completely honest.

Isn’t it beautiful?! I love the look of the Anni Analplugs simply!

I immediately noticed how much she enjoyed it. She threw her head into her neck, sighed once briefly and stretched out her beautiful bottom towards me. I felt her body scream literally: “Yay. Give me more! Now. Now!”

A great feeling!

And also optically the thing really does something here. Because if you take it from behind, the Svarowski stone of the Toys glitters to you and that is a really nice sight. 

Analplug Anni is very smooth, easy to insert and because of its size ideal for beginners

Super-smooth aluminum ensures Anni is easy and quick to insert.

The beauty of this little inconspicuous piece of jewellery: It is very smooth (aluminium) and therefore very easy to a certain point it is absorbed by the anus and slides on all by itself. Due to its rounded ergonomic shape and the very wide base it stays where it should and does not slide further into the anus.

Perfect for absolutely untrained anal beginners.

If at all, then it slips out when your partner gets hornier and wetter and wetter and more relaxed. Has also happened to us a few times, but not further tragic.

For starters, I also recommend that you leave the butplug in place so she can get used to the new feeling and enjoy it.. Depending on their anatomy, you will feel the plug quite clearly when you push it with your own limb, which will also give you an extra kick.

You will notice this most strongly in the riding position, because of the angles your penis and butplug are taking at that moment.

Anyway, it always turned me on. Just the thought that she has something in her buttocks, and what else could go in there. 

Then only later you can put a little more pressure on the toy from the outside from time to time or pull it out a little bit with your fingers and put it back in again to penetrate it even more. Experiment a little bit, but please always pay attention to how she reacts and if she distorts her face.

If it is, it’s your sign to stop.

Talk to each other! There is far too little communication in German beds. Honest communication is one of the keys to an exciting and satisfying sex life.

This anal plug can and should also be used by men. It is also the ideal anal sex preparation

As the dimensions of this anal plug are very small, it can also be used by (male) anal beginners.

Before it goes down: Of course you can also use the anal plug as a man and take masturbation or sex to the next level.. Also with men the anal area is highly sensitive and the Anni Plug will give you absolute high-altitude flights.

Due to its small dimensions it is absolutely perfect for anal beginners.

Of course… I admit… it’s not for everyone, since you should be at peace with yourself and your sexuality. Very few men ask their wives to push an anal plug in before sex.

But those who do won’t regret it. I promise you!

Every time you tighten the corresponding muscles (sphincter, PC muscle, etc.) down there, it’s a great feeling. Just try it out!

Unfortunately, it is not long enough for prostate stimulation, but this is not necessary because the anal entrance is already equipped with sufficiently sensitive nerve endings.

However, I recommend every man to remove the hair around the butt hole beforehand or at least to trim it a lot, because this anal plug is so small that you pull your hair when pulling it out, which can be quite unpleasant.

As mentioned before, you can also use the Anni Anal Plug as a preparation for anal sex.

You can also use this toy perfectly as a preparation for anal sex.

But I have to say: Anni alone won’t be enough for you, and not really in the 30 mm version either. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have different sizes or even complete sets at home.

In the next weeks I will introduce you to a glass plug, which is a little bigger, but incredibly chic and also glides.

The used aluminium is skin-friendly for me and my ex and caused absolutely no problems or pain.

We have always worn the plug only during sex or for masturbation, but it is absolutely problem-free to wear it before or even several hours a day to train the sphincter muscle in the long term.

Conclusion: Analplug Anni – High quality & super chic toy for beginners and lovers

The Anni Anal Plug from Diogol was actually the perfect choice for entering the exciting world of (additional) anal penetration.

For less than 25 € you will really get an absolute small piece of jewellery that keeps exactly what it promises:

  • He’s stable and hyenic..
  • Absolutely harmless to health and kind to the skin.
  • It is super easy to insert and remove.
  • It is easy and quick to clean.
  • Super for the anal inexperienced.

This Butt Plug can be used with women as well as with men and I am sure it will enrich your love life and/or your masturbation massively.

After use you simply rinse it under running water, dry it with a cloth and stow it safely in the supplied cover. In contrast to silicone toys, the surface of this sextoy is not susceptible to fuzz either.

With a small financial investment and some sexual openness you will bring with the Anni anal plug a fat Boost in your sex life.

I guarantee you that.!

And if you plan to have anal sex with your girlfriend, this is a good way to slowly feel it together.

The Anni Anal Plug is by the way a Toy, that I bought from my own money, because I absolutely wanted to have it and try it out.

My opinion is however as always independent of external influences and MY own opinion.

Come on. What are you waiting for?!

And if you’re still unsure, read this Cosmopolitan article on anal plugs.

Thank you for your attention.


What about you? Do you already have experience with a butt plug during sex or masturbation? If so, do you like it?

Write me in the comments!

User reviews

Diogol Anni is a beautifully discreetly packed. Very well processed no burr or other and made of beautiful heavy stainless steel.

Daniel Sichau

Anni is not only great to look at, but also high quality workmanship, no sharp edges and the glass stones are also neatly inserted. Also the coordination of the individual sizes is perfectly chosen.

Ronny Lemke

Anni plug bought it for my girlfriend. One can train oneself well preliminary work and also something. I would buy again. Is a great toy for both.

Sam Tate

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