Lelo Loki: Review Stimulator

I admit it.

Writing this sextoy test, I had word games like “I’m not gonna do it.”The Lelo Loki – full of asses” in mind.

FAST… but it almost happened. But I will spare you today.

That’s why it’s all about eagerness and seriousness.

The toy that’s lying here on my coffee table right now is a Prostate Stimulator or Prostate Vibrator.

6 powerful settings for bigger, better orgasmsAccurately targets the prostate to induce more explosive climaxes USB-rechargeable, 100% waterproof for adventurous play

Meaning The thing was developed for those of my sexual comrades who feel the joy of their own anal penetration. Precise prostate stimulation.

There are countless ways to “milk” the prostate, simply with your fingers, with an ordinary vibrator, which you steal from your wife and slightly bent upwards, or with special prostate massagers, which have been developed solely for this purpose. Like the Lelo Loki for instance.

If you would like to learn more about the man’s G point and how to massage the prostate most easily, then first stop by here before we really get into the car.

Ready? Okay, let’s go.

I can still remember what it was like with me. It all started many years ago when my girlfriend at the time unexpectedly pushed a finger into my back without warning. I don’t know exactly which one it was anymore, but what I know: After a short shock moment and a little time to get used to it, I found it really horny. The orgasm wasn’t long in coming either.

My ex always used it as a little trick: If it took me a long time to get to the BJ and she didn’t feel like it any more, she just pulled out a finger and – 3 min. later the thing was done.

As so often, I became more and more greedy. From one finger became sometime 2. And from 2 the first small plug and mini vibrator and so it went on and on. Today I own a whole arsenal of toys for the back door. And now since short also the Loki.

You’ve already had the chance to gain some anal experience? “Finger in the Po – Mexico” is your motto in life, but you want more? Deeper, bigger, stronger? With vibration? Then watch out for the next few minutes, because the Prostate Vibrator in today’s test could fulfil all your wishes.

Spoiler: With a little luck, you can have a brand new Loki in black dust off. More information below!

Lelo Loki: overview

Name Lelo Loki
manner Prostate Vibrator
colors black, blue
material silicone
Size medium
Number of motors: 1
Programs/Intensities: 6
Volume: quiet
Length: 10 cm
Diameter: 3,5 cm
Weight: 340 g
term approx. 1-2 h
charging time approx. 3-4 h
quality very good

Quiet & waterproof silicone vibrator for men in 2 colors with internal battery and 6 vibration programs

The Loki is available in a beautiful blue and in a classic black, for currently about 130-150 €.

At first glance it is indistinguishable for the untrained eye from a normal vibrator for women. The Loki is available in black and blue.

However, it is clearly tailored to the male anatomy so that the P point – the prostate gland – can be stimulated precisely.

The Lelo Loki has an internal rechargeable battery that can be recharged using the supplied USB cable. It is waterproof, quiet in operation, has a total of six vibration programs and is largely made of skin-friendly & odourless silicone.. For the price class this is also to be expected in absolute terms.

A fixed cap protects the charging socket.

A clue for battery charging: If you charge the prostate stimulator for about 1 hour, you can then use it for about 2-3 hours. Definitely a good value.

I also think it looks a lot like the Lelo Billy, and I think it’s something like its successor, the Billy 2.0, so to speak.

All Marvel Comic fans can certainly start with the name.

Loki’s a demigod from Asgard and Thor’s half-brother. You know… the pretty blonde with the hammer.

The silicone is wonderfully smooth and therefore very slippery, even if this is not enough for anal penetration and prostate stimulation (in men). Lubricating gel” is the magic word here; preferably water-based, so that your anal vibrator lasts as long as possible.

In my opinion, silicone or oil-based lubricants are better for anal use because they don’t dry out in the long run and therefore lubricate longer and better, but unfortunately these two lubricants are not the biggest fans of silicone. And this is based on reciprocity.

The white, quite small handle of the Toys is by the way made of plastic.

Stylish packaging, extensive accessories and unique warranty options

The stylish black packaging with viewing window.

The Loki comes, as expected by the noble brand Lelo, in a really chic, noble, black packaging with viewing window; this in turn is in a slightly transparent black fabric cover. So you can already marvel at the Prostata Vibrator in its full splendour without removing the hygiene seal.

On the back you will find some facts about the Swedish manufacturer’s toy, such as that it is produced in China. Surpriiise Surprise.

Let us open the practical and minimalistic cardboard packaging, so that we find next to the foam embedded prostate vibrator a beautiful black satin storage bag and a white USB charger cable. (For example for the PC or the laptop).

Somewhat hidden under the foam, you will find a small manual and warranty information, a sample Lelo lubricant and finally the product card with which you can register the Loki on the Lelo website. This is decisive for the choice of the 2-year or 10-year warranty.

Meaning You get a warranty for 1 year and a “10 year satisfaction guarantee”: So if your toy gives up after 2 to 10 years, you get 50% discount on your next purchase in the Lelo online shop.


in the user manual you will find very general instructions that apply to all Lelo products, such as that your new toy should be fully charged before first use. You can then download the complete user manual for YOUR Lelo product from the Lelo website after activating the warranty.

The Prostate Vibrator and its Accessories at a Glance.

In addition to the instructions for operating the vibrator for men, there are also instructions for cleaning and storage; additionally some safety instructions.

Prostate vibrator not quite as susceptible to lint with intuitive operating concept and beginner-friendly size

The silicone used is as usual quite susceptible to fuzz, which is especially apparent with the black Loki, although I have the impression that it is not quite as bad as with other silicone vibrators, which fell into my fingers up to now.

Have YOU been able to gain further experience here?

The control panel of the Prostate Massager appears to be quite self-explanatory at first glance: There is a minus and a plus key to increase or decrease the vibration intensity. This can be done by simply pressing a short key or by holding down the respective key.

You can use the arrow keys to move forward and backward through the vibration programs. Of course, this only works if the Loki is running at least in the lowest vibration intensity.

Lelo is not too big and therefore also suitable for beginners.

The part to be introduced is by the way approx. 10 cm and the diameter at the thickest place approx. 3.5 cm. Both absolutely “humane” measurements, as I find and also quite feasible for the inexperienced user.

Despite only one motor very strong, varied & quiet vibration programs

Even if it may seem so at first glance, this anal vibrator is not flexible, quite hard and almost not flexible at all. Let’s see if this is a disadvantage in practice.

With regard to the vibration programs, it should be said that they could not be more different: from simple & light vibration to really strong, varied pulsing, there is something for every taste.. Depending on your mood and desire, you will surely find exactly what you need right now.

The whole thing, by the way, with only one engine. If you want the power and flexibility of 2 engines, you should have a look at the Bruno from Lelo.

By the way, Loki is still very quiet even at the highest vibration level.

I think it’s great.

And if you want to know exactly how the individual vibration programs work, you can read it here (in English).

On this page you can also find a direct comparison to Lelo Billy. Absolutely worth reading.

Prostate Stimulation: The Practical Test

The toy tip is not too big and therefore easy to insert.

Since I am not a complete anal novice and the toy, especially the tip, is not very thick, I had no problems or pain when inserting the prostate vibrator.

The very smooth silicone certainly contributes its part to it.

locomotive is a little bit thicker than the aforementioned anal vibrator “Billy”, but still easy to introduce.

Personally, I like to enjoy the feeling after the introduction for a few minutes. I then breathe in and out deeply several times and focus only on it. Only then do I switch on the device and start milking the prostate.

Once the Loki has been introduced, I personally find the operation of the keys a bit difficult to get used to. So the concept is great, no question, and the keys are smooth, but still quite small, so that I had a hard time with this prostate stimulator when I first tried to walk with it. But that got better from time to time.

By the wayIf you want a NOCH more intensive prostate stimulation, you can have a look at the successor, or big brother called Loki Wave: It performs a “come here” movement AND has an additional boom for simultaneous stimulation of the perineum.

I think THAT’s the highest of feelings.

If you already have it: I’m looking forward to hearing your testimonials in the comments!

Waterproof prostate massager with “plug function” and very easy cleaning

In the handling the Lelo vibrator is absolutely pointed: Loki’s grip lies well in the hand, even if it could be a little bigger for my taste. The keys are easy to reach after a little getting used to. And the vibrations are not only felt in the body but especially in the toystip, so exactly how it should be. Not every toy manufacturer will break that down.

The operation is also much easier than with the previously mentioned Billy, which has a rather unwieldy “control pad”.

The beautifulYou can decide for yourself how deep you want to insert it and how much pressure you want to put on your prostate. This is not the case with many other prostate stimulators, you just insert them and they stay there all the time, so you have to try to move so that it feels good.

Another advantage of the prostate massager: It’s waterproof.. Yehaaa.

That means: Countless games in the shower and in the bathtub. I love it.

I am a big fan of anal stimulation, which requires absolute cleanliness. The fact that the use of lubricants in this environment is rather difficult does not bother me any more.

At the shaft end it is shaped like a plug, so that it gives better grip.

What I really like about Loki, by the way, is his stock: In principle it is very similar to a plug, so it stays in place and there is no danger that it slips in further than it should.. With Billy, that could happen to you with a little bad luck.

Note: Even though the Loki is actually a pure vibrator for men, there is absolutely no reason why women should not use it. Unfortunately, I have no experience at all in this respect and am therefore grateful for every (female) hint in the comments.

The cleaning of the men’s vibrator is totally easy: Simply rub cleanly under running (warm) water and let it dry in the air to prevent it from being full of lint again.

A special Toycleaner is not necessary, but can be used with pleasure. Especially with anal stimulation one or the other likes to play it safe. Can I understand absolutely.

There is, however, a tiny gap in the transition from the silicone body to the plastic handle. Take care here that you don’t get lubricant in there, because it may be difficult to get it out there again.

Lelo Loki – Conclusion: First-class prostate vibrator for the demanding man

At locomotive it is, as one would expect from Lelo, an absolute High-Class Prostate Vibrator, who should satisfy even the most demanding man.

With a little practice in prostate stimulation and some experience, you should be able to achieve a “freehand orgasm” with Loki. By the way, an amazing feeling.

With this sextoy, Lelo again makes a major contribution to the removal of taboos from prostate stimulation in men.

The built-in engine is definitely strong enough for my taste.. I don’t need an additional second one, which is controlled separately.

Like almost all Lelo Toys, Loki is an absolute eye-catcher and has much more charm than the “classic design” of a common prostate vibrator.

The vibration programs are very varied and strong, it is easy to use, waterproof and comes with rechargeable battery.. All this justifies the admittedly quite high price at any rate.

I believe that Loki is ideal especially for newcomers to prostate stimulation who want to get a feel for it first.. If you want more afterwards, such as additional external stimulation, you can switch to Loki Wave or Bruno.

It’s not designed to insert it and then sit on it and move until the big Oooooh comes, it’s more designed to lie down, insert it until it sits right, turn it on and THEN wait until that… Well, you know.

Long story, short: Do you already have a little anal experience? Do you want to enter the world of prostate stimulation to broaden your sexual horizon and value design, high quality and long life?

Then you can’t go wrong with Loki’s Lelo.

Don’t let the price scare you!

I wish you a lot of fun and look forward to your testimonials in the comments.

LG, Henning.

P.S.: If you don’t like the Loki 100% and you’re looking for an alternative, then have a look here: Which prostates are there?

Lelo Loki: Our competition

As already announced: There is a prize to be won today. brand new Loki in black.

All you have to do is answer the following question:

Have you already gained experience with prostate stimulation? If so, with or without aids? How successful were you in doing so?

Start with your answer in the comments.

Please remember to have a correct email address (will not be published) so that we can contact you when you win!

Good luck!

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