Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2: Penis Vibrator For Mens

No more bucking around boring masturbation by hand?

Rather Desire for variety and a completely new elation when masturbating? It’s almost like it’s gonna get you pretty neighbour tidy up?

Well then… welcome to the club! 

The Cobra Libre, I present to you here is a classic Sex toys for the demanding man. One high-quality masturbator made of soft silicone for intensive Stimulation of your best piece! Find out here if this Sextoy keeps what it promises and if the purchase will be worth it for you!

Note 09/2017The review was one of my first, so I apologize for the unnecessarily excessive writing style and especially for the poor image quality.

Envelops the head of the penis in rumbling vibrationExperience more powerful orgasms A state-of-the-art toy has two powerful motors

Cobra Libre 2: My rating

Masturbator Cobra Libre 2: An overview

Name Cobra Libre
manner acorn vibrator
vibration programs 11
volume quiet
material medical silicone + ABS
Size medium
length 14,8 cm
diameter 4,2 cm
term approx. 1 h
charging time approx. 12 – 16 hours
colors black/black & black/red
quality very good

Masturbator Cobra Libre 2: Price comparison

So that you can Buy your new Sextoys are not pulled over the table and can compare well, we list you here the current price of the Fun Factory Cobra Libre at the best online shops at.

Including specification of the Shipping Costs & Delivery Times.

Introduction & General (optics, material, dimensions, price)

As you can see, today we leave the female gender almost completely out of the picture and concentrate exclusively on you, dear male reader! 

Admittedly, my expectations of the almost 100€ expensive sextoy for men were from the front purely relatively high.

Whether the expectations were fulfilled and the masturbator creates a blowjob-like feeling (see product description), you can find out here in the Cobra Libre test and experience report. You can also get some insider tips for using the Cobra Libre to really get the most out of it.

Attention: As usual, a very long text awaits you here, so take some time to read it in peace. A cup of coffee wouldn’t hurt either. I’d take one then, too!

referenceAlthough I am writing the Cobra Libre here for the sake of simplicity, I always mean the newer model, the Cobra Libre 2.

Here we go!

Well, I have to be honest.

The first time I tried the CobraLibre, I thought to myself, “Ohjee, this is now the first toy of the Fun Factory, with which I can absolutely NOT start… a grip in the toilet!” Now, after the fifth round, I have to say, “I think I’ve lost my job. new favorite masturbator found!”

The Cobra Libre comes in the well-known golden cardboard boxes of the Fun Factory.

Why, you ask?

Well, it’s just a whole different kind of masturbation.

If you’re a male and demanding reader, which I’ve been going on about all this time, you know it too well: The constant “one-armed bandit” gets boring and dull sometime… I hope you know what I’m talking about!

Each of us longs for variety. Even the trick with the “strange hand” doesn’t help… You know… bet on the left hand until it goes deaf… and such games. With the CobraLibre you basically have to do GAR NOTHING more. Put the thing over your best piece, turn it on, choose your favorite vibro program, lean back and enjoy!

The perfect sextoy for lazybones!

The Cobra Libre is mainly made of ABS plastic. The front part, into which the link is inserted, is made of medical silicone. The device is approx. 14.8 cm long, has a diameter of approx. 4.2 cm and is currently available on the market for approx. 100€. It is available in black as well as in black/red, as shown here.

By the way: If your first thought at the sight of the Cobra Libre “BUZZ BUZZ”or something similar, this is not surprising, because the masturbator of the Fun Factory was modeled after an English racing car from the 1960s.

That’s also how it sounds when you start the two integrated motors.

The Cobra Libre had a little booklet with a couple of Instructions for use and cleaning I don’t want to call this the service management.

If you are interested, you can also download this little booklet digitally as PDF here.

By the wayThe complete Fun Factory product catalogue is also available as PDF on the manufacturer’s page.

Handling (preparatory measures, etc.)

The Cobra Libre comes with user manual and USB charging cable.

But let’s take another step back.

The whole thing started with the fact that I first had animal problems to switch the thing on at all and the way I noticed it, I’m not the only one there.

So, how did I solve the problem?

It’s simple: When you first use the Cobra Libre, you activate it by pressing and holding the red FUN button and the Plus button simultaneously until the motors start and the thing starts purring. Because a key lock is active at the factory (good if you’re traveling with the thing, for example), you remove it with the above key combination.

You activate it by simultaneously pressing the FUN and Minus keys. The whole thing is also written on a small enclosed slip of paper, which I stupidly found afterwards.

You have to come to it first… in the enclosed booklet there was nothing to read about it… I thought at first already “Shit, already putt the fucking thing”! As I read in this booklet, I first charged it 12h on my laptop with the enclosed Click ‘n Charge-Adapter before using it for the first time.

The Cobra Libre also has a charge indicator, the function of which is unfortunately not really clear from the booklet, but I found out that the number of illuminated buttons indicates the charge level. If only one button lights up, they should all light up soon, nothing stands in the way of a new session.

With the code “550007” you get a 10% discount on your purchase in the Fun Factory online shop.

Note: As far as I have understood this, this adapter is not yet included in the predecessor model, so if you don’t want to order the Cobra Libra 2 but the Cobra Libre (1), please remember to order it along with the Cobra Libra 2, or simply check in the shop whether it is included or not before ordering!

By the way, the battery of the Cobra Libre should last about one hour on the strongest vibro stage. I have used it 5 times for about 5 minutes so far and it still purrs like it did at the beginning.

In general, the Cobra Libre should ALWAYS be used with a lubricant, otherwise it could be really painful for you! It is also best to use a water-based lubricant, otherwise the silicone of the masturbator could be damaged.

tipI have had very good experiences with the Toy Fluid, also from Fun Factory and use it in all my reviews.

Practical use (vibrations, stimulation, etc.)

Here you can see the total length of the masturbator.

Okay, let’s move on.

When I finally got it to work at some point, I was totally disappointed and really puzzled whether it was me or the product.

A brief explanation: Only the tip of the penis is inserted, i.e. only the glans, therefore the device is in principle a pure glans stimulator or a glans flatterer.

My suggestion to the Fun Factory: How about a new, longer version, in which you can introduce the TOTAL link?

The Cobra Libre is also only available in one (standard) size, which brings us to the next problem: What to do if your penis is much thicker and does not fit into the Cobra Libre?

Well, I’d say bad luck! 

But THESE happy gentlemen have completely different advantages, don’t they? For my part, I am quite satisfied with my equipment.

My colleague down there measures pretty much 15cm length and 14cm circumference. The length is pretty much the German average… only (fortunately) it’s a little wider, hehe.

For your information: I was completely circumcised in my early youth due to medical necessity. By the way, I can only recommend it to everyone. It’s very hygienic, just prettier and the girls are on it. Most of them at least. In addition, you usually have much more stamina during sex. Which of course is not to be despised!

But I’m digressing again. Back to the subject!

So I inserted my circumcised limb into the thing, tried different vibration rhythms and intensities and what do I feel?? NOTHING!

So I was pretty sure that I couldn’t do anything with the vibrations of such a male sex toy, but I haven’t been able to test a lot of masturbators yet and could only gain experience with the classic Fleshlight and the Tenga Eggs.

At the second attempt I simply misused the Cobra Libre as a fleshlight and catapulted myself to orgasm with a good amount of lubricant and classic up and down movements.

Only after the third attempt I slowly got warm with the masturbator and finally started to find joy in it too. I started the fourth and fifth attempt with a nice porn (I can recommend “Pornhub” to you, if you don’t know it yet) and since I already had some practice, it was really a chic (but short) pleasure with a quivering finish.

If you’d rather be in bed with some nice erotic thoughts about your girlfriend – she’ll be happy – I would like to make it comfortable, that is completely okay for me.

So the Cobra Libre has fortunately in a short period of timeHuh? What kind of nonsense is that?” to “Yeah, it really makes me want to do this thing.” moused.

And I’m sure you’ll enjoy the thing as well, as long as you’re willing to spend the money on it, which is a long-term investment. You won’t stop masturbating overnight, will you? 

So far my test & experience report to this part; now it goes on with a small summary, a price comparison and the most important questions, which I would like to answer to you with pleasure.

Masturbator Cobra Libre 2: My Summary

I’ll say it like this. Cobra Libre does exactly what he is supposed to do, namely to bring the user to orgasm in an easy and fast way! What more could you want?

What I find really cool about the Cobra Libre is the aspect of “hygiene” and that in really all concerns.

On the one hand the thing is 100% waterproof and therefore mega easy to clean.Simple under fOn the other hand, you don’t spill the known body fluid (an unavoidable anatomical process *g*) somewhere, where it sticks everything, but in the middle of the masturbator, which you simply rinse out afterwards as I said.

So, by and large, it’s a really clean business!

Alternatively you can also save the lubricant and use a moistened condom. It couldn’t be simpler and cleaner!

The masturbator is, as usual from the Fun Factory, super processed and has no smell of its own, as you often know from cheap sex toys.

As always, you will find general care tips here: Sextoy Operation & Care.

Conclusion – with maximum speed to orgasm!

If you are expecting a classic masturbator, in which you can reinf****, as you know it from Fleshlights or “lifelike” Cyberskin masturbators, you will be disappointed. But if you are open for new experiences and new stimulation by vibrations and have nothing against “static masturbation”, you will be surprised. Cobra Libre enthral.

You should have the change you need.

But I would like to warn you: An addiction and a certain dependency can occur very quickly.

So, what exactly are you waiting for now? You are now best equipped with our information, so that nothing stands in the way of a sexual horizon widening anymore, or?

Don’t worry: If the Cobra Libre turns out to be unsuitable for you, you can still sell it, but there are a few places to go on the Internet. If you want to know more about it, just write us a comment or an email!

Otherwise just look here for an alternative: Which masturbators are there?

There’s one of us here. clear buy recommendation (see rating) and until the next Masturbator Test is the Cobra Libre even for the time being our test winner in this division.

This is how the opening of the Cobra Libre looks from the front.

By the way, from a purely moral point of view, I personally have absolutely no problem owning a kind of pocket pussy. I mean… Why are women allowed to have bedside cabinets full of vibrators and when we men get ourselves something to “Wich***”, we are smiled at?

Apropo women… dear women: Maybe a nice Christmas present for your loved one if you are not in the country?!

Besides, the Cobra Libre looks pretty good, I’d rather have it lying here than such a Po replica from Cyberskin. You can put the thing in the glass showcase in the living room and see how your visit reacts!

By the wayIf you are still not convinced, there are many good and helpful customer reviews on Amazon. You might want to read them through.

Ask the men: How do you like to masturbate? In front of the PC? In front of the TV? In bed with hot thoughts?

I can’t imagine that without pornos from the Internet, which run alongside, eigtl. almost at all any more. Too bad somehow.

Further questions about the Cobra Libre 2

Is the orgasm the same as the classic one-handed masturbation? Or is an orgasm even possible at all?

So at least for me it’s a little different, which is simply because the stimulation is a completely different one. I just call it “floating vibration stimulation” (interference effect and so on).

In classical masturbation (mostly with pornos) I “work” with my hand towards the orgasm and adjust speed and intensity accordingly.

Masturbating with the Cobra Libre creates a feeling similar to that of sex. If you don’t adjust the vibration intensity too intensely, you will experience the feeling as if you were always close to orgasm for a longer period of time.. A very nice thing, if you ask me. And a good opportunity for a woman to torture her partner a little.

With it you can (if wanted) lengthen the whole thing a little and enjoy it. I always find it more exciting than classic masturbating. I always remember: “Well, somehow I’ve seen this coming!”

Of course you can, if it should go faster, put the thing on strong vibration and explode within shortest time.

Anyway, I had an orgasm with all runs so far and can only say (hopefully generally): orgasm guarantee given!

Okay, let’s go into detail: How exactly does this thing work technically?

You have a total of three buttons on this sex toy only for men: a red FUN button, a minus button and a plus button.

The buttons are fortunately placed so that you can operate the masturbator with only one hand, so you have the other one free… whatever you want to do with it! The buttons are also illuminated and therefore easy to find in the dark.

As soon as you press the Fun button once and keep it pressed for about half a second, the two integrated motors accelerate, but the motors do not start if you press the button only once briefly. With the Plus and Minus buttons you then move through a total of 11 vibration intensities and rhythms.

It took me a long time to understand the system behind it.

The available modes are also relatively difficult to explain, so I suggest you just have a look at the user manual and make your own picture!

At the highest level with the fitting name “Rock ‘n Roll” the thing really accelerates brutally, by the way. Accordingly loud it gets.

By the way, I have the feeling that the Cobra Libre pulls a little vacuum during use, which is also confirmed by a smacking sound when the device is pulled off again.

By holding down the FUN key you switch off the men’s sex toy again.

How does the Cobra Libre 2 differ from the Cobra Libre 1?

As far as I have understood, the predecessor model lacks the Click ‘n Charge adapter for charging the masturbator, and the charging system is new and better than the original charger.

In addition, the first issue seems to have had some teething troubles. For example, the touchpads sometimes reacted sluggishly or even not at all. They caused particular problems when you wanted to operate them with your gliding fingers.

That’s why the Cobra Libre has 2 new reliable tip buttons, which makes it possible to operate the masturbator under water. BADEWANNENSPAß!

The two integrated motors have also been revised and improved.

The Cobra Libre 1 has probably after 10 min. always “downregulated”; a kind of protection mechanism. The way I see it, the new model doesn’t do that anymore.

Or has anyone had any other experience?

How loud is the Cobra Libre? Can you hear me in the house with it?

Well, that’s a bit hard to describe. The best thing is to watch (and listen to) the video we made especially for this purpose for you, so you can judge it quite well.

I’d say it’s not necessarily suitable for a secret masturbation session in a shared room, unless you have a thick and soundproof duvet that you can put on!

But by and large, I’d call him “mittelleise.”

Is the Cobra Libre also suitable for uncircumcised men?

Well logo it is! Anything else wouldn’t make any sense either.

I would also be very interested to know what feeling it evokes in uncircumcised men.

So please write me a comment about it!

I have unfortunately become quite insensitive through circumcision and could imagine that uncircumcised men have NO MORE fun with this part.

Are the 2 motors really separately controllable?

No, they’re not.

I don’t know why it’s being propagandized like this. I think it’s a little misleading.

You can select the vibration intensity and the vibration rhythm (11 different stored patterns) with the above mentioned toggle keys. This is probably what we mean when we are talking about “2 motors can be operated independently of each other“.

Or did I misunderstand that and need to be clarified? 

Nevertheless, quite intensive vibrations are generated, which can really stimulate your glans properly and bring you to orgasm. At the highest level possibly even in less than a minute.

By the way: If you speak English and have an Eastern European accent, you can read/see another detailed test report including a video here. But here you can see the first version of the Cobra Libre with the (problematic) touchpads. In addition, the video also contains a lot of scolding about the included user booklet.

The message from this test report is: It gets really horny when you relax your pelvic floor while masturbating, so try it out and let me know!

User reviews

This device has so much power and different modes that you can always come. The best purchase for a long time in this field. I can only recommend the Cobra Libre ll to any man. Clear purchase recommendation. The battery runs for over 1 hour when fully charged. TOP!
I bought Cobra Libre II for myself and my friend and we’ve never had so much fun! Operation and material are best.
I’ve thought long and hard about getting this toy, never regretted a minute! The highlights are much more intense than with the normal manual work. Only after a short time I reached the absolute climax. Especially under the shower it is a successful change.
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