4 Best Male Prostate Massager For Orgasm

In the previous article you learned what prostate stimulation is, how and with what you can do it and what you have to consider.

Today we are going to be a little more concrete and look at what tools there are to bring a little light into the big world of prostate stimulators. So you are looking for an exciting thrill in a particularly delicate place? No problem, because the current market offers you a lot of sex toys that can really get you going.
The anal massager is a good way to get more stimulationThe more often the prostate massagers are used, the easier be to insertion The prostate massager brings variety into the bedroom

The selection of suitable prostate stimulators is huge. Almost every animal has the right pleasantry.

What prostate stimulators are there?

Although anal eroticism is still a taboo for the most part, it is currently enjoying ever greater popularity, because it undoubtedly opens new horizons. A prostate vibrator, quasi THE sex article for men, you can treat yourself in various designs, entirely according to your special preferences.

Maybe you have already gained some experience with your fingers, but you can control and intensify the whole thing properly only by using special toys. With these you may even have multiple orgasms possible.

As already mentioned, it takes a little practice and patience and patience, but once you get used to the thing, you can ideally even become addicted to it, even if a much more positive addiction. Like the ones for music, sex or the gym.

But don’t worry: With a little financial effort you can order the prostate stimulator that suits you, e.g. on the Internet.

Provided you know what you are looking for and have informed yourself extensively in advance; e.g. from us.

1. Lelo Billy: classic

Unusual design paired with excellent material… may be that a prostate stimulator, like the LELO Billy shown here made of skin-friendly silicone, takes a little getting used to optically. This vibrator for men is available in noble black or cheerful bright colors; discreet, often made of silicone and above all waterproof.

This is how most pleasure sticks present themselves, which can give your P point or prostate a comforting shiver.

Anatomically shaped sex toys are especially in demand, which offer almost all plus points in terms of material, shape and handling.

A corrugated or nubbed shaft ensures a special sense of pleasure as well as several stimulation rhythms, which contribute to the increase.

Anti-allergenic silicone scores with these sex toys due to its velvety soft surface and hygienic handling.

Properties ‘LELO Billy’:

  • silent anal silicone vibrator for men.
  • ergonomic shape.
  • rechargeable and with lock function.
  • 5 different stimulation modes.
  • stimulates the male G-spot (prostate vibrator).
  • ergonomic shape adapts perfectly to the male anatomy.
  • stimulates prostate and perineum intensively.
  • thereby stronger and longer orgasms guaranteed.
  • mostly several vibration intensities & programs possible.

2. Nexus G-Play: into pleasure with a special prostate stimulator

How about a prostate stimulator in dildo form that tickles your pleasure button?

Because there are also dildos, such as the Nexus G-Play, which are ergonomically designed not only to pamper your prostate, but also to irritate the perineum and/or perineum at the same time.

Also here most sextoys are kept in the trend color “black”, made of silicone and manufactured without plasticizer.

The latter is especially important for your health; take care and keep away from anal dildo with dangerous ingredients.

By the way, there are also variants, such as high-tech prostate dildos, which can be connected to irritant devices and give you tingling electrical effects.

If you don’t like silicone, just try it with glass or with a shiny stainless steel prostate stimulator. Stainless steel in particular can easily be heated or cooled down under water, in the fridge or in the oven before use. Depending on your mood and mood.

The specially shaped prostate stimulators also include the Xpander from Joydivision, the Fun Factory Duke and the Nexus Vibro.

All 3 can be identified as such by the experienced Toy fan at first go; with the exception of the Xpander possibly.

Properties ‘Nexus G-Play’:

  • vibrating prostate stimulator.
  • five vibration levels.
  • ergonomically shaped shaft.
  • suitable for prostate and G-spot stimulation.
  • pleasantly soft surface.
  • easy to clean.

3. Louviva Rosebud: geile butt plugs for tingling moments

Here you also have several variants to choose from: for example inflatable plugs that fill you anal, stimulate the prostate through pressure and can open new horizons for you during sex.

Again different material scores, which can be selected according to individual preferences.

Made of silicone, glass, metal, with or without vibration programs, many of these sex articles are equipped with handles that allow individual adjustment.

By the way, those P-point stimulators of the British label Nexus are particularly popular, which not only cause a sensation with their unusual design, but also with their tingling inner life.

We have put the well-known Nexus Vibro through its paces here: Prostate Vibrator Nexus Vibro.

Not necessarily every man’s thing; but here, too, applies: The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

On the picture you can see the Rosebud Anal Plug, which is very popular on Amazon.

Properties ‘Rosebud Anal Plug’:

  • Permanent pleasurable anal stimulation.
  • erotic piece of jewellery for the lustful anal pleasure.
  • made of high-quality stainless steel.

4. Fun Factory Bendybeads: sex toys for men?

Why not? Also with this toy you have the possibility to massage your prostate specifically.

Especially if you are a newcomer in the area of anal sex, the anal chain offers you special stimuli.

Simple construction with spherical elements, but especially gliding, the anal chain can give you a super beautiful feeling during sex in twos.

Anal chains are also made of different materials, preferably skin-friendly silicone or stainless steel.

Properties anal chain ‘Bendybeads’:

  • Anal chain with elliptically shaped elements.
  • “Royal Curl” handle for easy pulling out.

Conclusion – It’s worth a try

If you are flirting with one or the other sex toy for prostate stimulation, you should not under any circumstances go into the lower price segment, because this also and especially applies to your prostate: only the best is good enough.

So if you would like to order a new sex toy, find out more about the material and handling in the erotic trade or from us. Let yourself be inspired by the wide range and consider which sex toy is best for your personal needs.

But so that your newly acquired toy can be used perfectly, sufficient lubricant and above all a lot of patience is necessary. Then you can experiment with it full of relish, alone or in pairs, just as you like. As always, the specialized erotic trade offers a huge selection; there is certainly the right sextoy for your taste.

Prostate vibrators are like all other sex articles ingenious aids for your Solosex or the sex with your partner.

No matter which prostate toy you use, the care and cleaning is especially important for these sex toys. Detailed information and tips for the care of your prostate toy can be found in our section Operation & Care.

As you can see, the market is full to the brim with countless different models; there’s something for every taste. That’s why we’ve made it our business to enlighten you about this and to provide you with our test reports.

Do you still have suggestions, suggestions or criticism? Always use it in the comment field or write us a mail!

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