How To Use a Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) – Review

Almost every man knows her. In the world of masturbators she is the absolute star. And together with the Toys of Tenga an absolute bestseller.

For as everyone knows, not every man has beautiful, soft and warm, feminine flesh at his disposal. Many men do not want a girlfriend, do not dare to approach women, simply have no luck in love or a disability that restricts them accordingly.

The manufacturer of Fleshlights Interactive Life Forms (ILF) recognized quite early (at the end of the 90s) that manual operation would become monotonous and boring in the long run and decided to remedy the situation with its products.

Like almost no other, they have succeeded in developing rubber shells that are almost as good as the real ones in colour, shape and feel.. The main reason for this is the specially developed material called “Super Skin”, the exact composition of which is unknown. It is soft, elastic, realistic and very similar to human skin.

Since the end of the 90’s a lot of time has passed, so that there are now a lot of different models of this manufacturer, which we will come to later. Today we mainly take care of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit.

Because there’s no really good, honest and authentic Fleshlight Test’s in German yet, so I’m taking over this job now!

STU looks unopened like an oversized flashlight made of plasticThe inner channel has a diameter of approx. 12 - 15 mm Has an insertion depth of approx. 23 cm and perfectly suitable

The Fleshlight has, as the attentive man has certainly already noticed, its name from its resemblance to a flashlight (engl. “Flashlight”).

This mastubator has won several AVN Awards, which is the Oscar for the adult industry, and has sold tens of millions of copies worldwide.

That alone speaks for itself.

There are currently more than 40 different models on the market., which differ both in the shape of their opening (mouth, vagina, anus and others), and in their inner life, the so-called pleasure channel. There are even some models whose opening and inner life is a detailed replica of the intimate area of known porn stars. For the die-hard fan virtually.

Just to name a few of the hottest Flashlight Girls: Tera Patrick, Jenna Jameson, Asa Akira, Jenna Haze, Riley Reid, Tori Black, Christiy Mack.

In this Fleshlight test we reveal whether the STU actually contributes to the improvement of your sexual abilities, whether the hyped “flashlights” really have it and whether they can assert themselves against the strong competition.

How the hell am I supposed to write this article if I just get really hot looking at these girls?

Fleshlight Test STU: My evaluation

Fleshlight Test STU: Overview

Name Fleshlight STU
manner masturbator
material Super Skin (Insert), Plastic (Case)
Size large-scale
Length (insertion depth) 23 cm
Diameter Insert 12 – 15 mm
colour gold
weight 650 g
quality well

Fleshlight STU: Price comparison

So that you can Purchase of your new Mastrubator are not pulled over the table and can compare well, we list you here the current price of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit at the best online shops at.

Including specification of the Shipping Costs & Delivery Times.

Video summary of the masturbator test

For all of you who don’t feel like reading the whole review, here are the most important points as a video summary.

Ideal to get an even better picture of the STU and see it in action.

Online there are countless Fleshlight masturbators

So that you already get a small overview, here is a list of some Flashlight Toys available.

The toy that I’m relying on in today’s Fleshlight Test is a very special one and bears the name of Fleshlight STU. That stands for Stamina Training Unit. And translated that means something like “potency training unit”.

Training unit? What exactly does that mean?

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is – as the name suggests – equipped with the Stamina texture in the internal pleasure channel. This texture is strongly corrugated and therefore exerts an intensive stimulation on your best piece. Most men usually come to orgasm quickly.

That means with this mastrubator you can train your sexual endurance.. With regular exercise, you will also be able to hold on longer during sex.

Externally the Fleshlight resembles an oversized flashlight.

Should be suitable for all men who have problems with premature ejaculation.

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty and the practical test, here are a few facts about the Toy:

  • The inner channel has a diameter of approx. 12 – 15 mm.
  • The STU is only available in combination with the Stamina Pink Lady (vagina) or Fleshlight Endurance Jack Ass (bottom) openings.
  • The artificial pussy from America looks unopened like an oversized flashlight made of plastic and could – at least theoretically – also be stored inconspicuously in the glass showcase in the living room.
  • It has an insertion depth of approx. 23 cm and is therefore also perfectly suitable for well stocked men.

Material of all Flashlight mastubators is SuperSkin. SuperSkin is a material invented and manufactured in America that is protected by a number of U.S. patents and is found time and again in sextoys – primarily for men.

The unmistakable logo of Fleshlight.

The exact composition is a company secret.

But it is clearly very soft, stretchy, realistic and in my eyes resembles the properties of silicone, which is also used very often, quite strongly.. It feels similar to the real human skin, but is at least as sensitive and needs to be cared for regularly (powder); which I didn’t do with my Fleshlight STU by the way (you’ll see later).

Fleschlights may only be used with water-based lubricants, otherwise the sensitive material can quickly be damaged.

Depending on the model and shop, these mastubators are priced between approx. 30 and 60 €.

At the end of the toy there is a screw cap, which decides how intense the vacuum of the toy should be, depending on the opening. This way you can increase the stimulation even more.

On the website of the manufacturer there is an official product video of the STU, which is somehow quite stupid, but also a little bit funny.

According to the manufacturer, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is the world’s bestseller No. 1 among Fleshlight products.

A Stamina Shower Pack (Fleshlight Shower Mount) is available online for every Fleshlight Masturbator.. This consists of Fleshlube lubricant and a holder for the shower. The suction cup is simply pressed to the wall at the right height and you can screw your Flashlight into the other side and that’s it. you can buy it at Amazon or directly in the online shop of the manufacturer.

In principle you can attach your masturbator to any smooth and clean surface with the suction cup, but if you don’t want to spend money on it, but still want to masturbate freehand, the Fleshlight simply clamps between 2 mattresses or into the gaps between 2 couch cushions.

Furthermore there is a Vstroker attachment for the STU (and almost all other Fleshlights except the transparent one). This attachment measures the speed of your shocks and sends them wirelessly directly to your PC or Mac and synchronizes itself with corresponding videos.

The Vstroker attachment measures the speed and number of your jolts.

I have to say: I don’t know this technology and so I can’t judge if and how it works, but it seems to be like the Teledonics from KIIROO (in cooperation with Fleshlight), where every push into the masturbator is also synchronized with porn movies played on the PC to make the pleasure as realistic as possible. The same is possible for Livecam Girls, who are available for you around the clock.

The Vstroker Pack includes the Fleshlight STU, the Vstroker, 3 interactive VStroker videos, 5 interactive Stamina training videos and 7 days access to the Vstroker member area; whatever you can discover there.

Relatively new on the market is the Fleshlight Launch, which was also developed in cooperation with KIIROO from Holland.. Launch is an adapter for your Flashlight masturbator, which does the manual work for you and gives you a fully automatic pleasure.and up to 180 shocks per minute, i.e. 3 per second.

The Fleshlight Launch turns a normal masturbator into a fully automatic masturbation machine!

In addition, Launch can also be synchronized with special Virtual Reality Adult content for even more masturbation pleasure.

Another thing I don’t want to embezzle: If you want, you can create your very own Fleshlight Masturbator online with the Product Builder and have it sent to you.

Works quite simply:

  • Select color.
  • Select opening.
  • Selecting the structure of the pleasure channel.
  • Choose accessories (shower holder, sleeve warmer, etc.).
  • Order finished toy and enjoy.

Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

The delivery via the Fleshlight-EU site comes from Spain (Sevilla) and in addition to the toy for 50 € there is another 12 € for the shipping; what I still think is okay.

For all those who find the standard Fleshhlights too expensive, there are now also Fleshskins, which currently cost about 30 €. They look a little bit like brass knuckles; only made of very soft material. And they make sure that the man who breaks them feels good and not bad. 

Fleshskins are like fluffy brass knuckles for your best piece.

You or your partner simply put your fingers through the openings provided, then insert your penis into the sleeve and move the Fleshskin – as usual – up and down. Similar to the classic masturbation, but feels completely different.

By the way: All blowjob and deepthroat fans should definitely take a look at the Fleshlight Turbo. A wacky thing with a pretty wacky inner workings.

In addition, the manufacturer also offers complete transparent pleasure pussies (Fleshlight Ice), totally wacky and scary (freaks), canned (Sex in a Can), which for free ejaculation (Quick Shot), for travel (Flight & Go) and special anal and coupletoys known manufacturer like Nexus in his shop.

There is even an iPad adapter. The Fleshlight is attached at the bottom and inserted into the top of your iPad case, so you can masturbate and watch your favorite porn on the tablet or video chat at the same time. This is really innovative and wicked.

And for all those who like to watch their porn on their mobile phone but want to have both hands free, there is even a mobile phone holder to buy that can be easily attached to your thigh.

So you see: The company from the USA doesn’t rest on its laurels, but develops itself further every day and regularly brings out new technical innovations to make masturbation for men as realistic, intense and horny as possible.

With Fleshjack the manufacturer serves the market for homosexuals. It’s not so interesting for me, because I’m hetero, but if you want, you can have a look around and click through here.

Why should I buy a Fleshlight when I can do it by hand for free?

Anyone who’s wondering should take a look at this.

In a nutshell for you:

  • The feeling is much more realistic.
  • You bring in more variety.
  • You can train your sexual stamina and try out new techniques.
  • If you can’t find a sex partner or wait for the right one, you can let off steam for as long as you want and get satisfaction.
  • If you take good care of the toy and keep it safe, you will have a lifetime of fun with it.

My opinion: Even if a Fleschlight feels very realistic and is more fun than your own hand, this Toy can’t replace any woman in the world. So there’s no reason to worry about the female part in a relationship if the man enjoys a sextoy from time to time.

By the way: Fleshlight is even very active on Facebook and Instagram. I especially like the Instagram channel because there are always hot photos of the Flashlight girls and insights behind the scenes of photo and video productions.

There is even a (English-speaking) forum.

I love it!

That was already a lot of background information about the company and its products. If you want to know more, just enter “Fleshlight” in the Youtube search and you will be killed by videos about it.

The Fleshlight has the following components

The Fleshlight is as already mentioned very simple and not equipped with high tech, which makes it less susceptible to any problems or even technical malfunctions.

The Fleshlight consists of just 4 parts.

The Insert

The insert, sleeve or pleasure channel is the actual heart of the toy.. As already mentioned, it is made of Super Skin and therefore quite skin-like and realistic. It is simply inserted into the case (Hard Case) and holds quite firmly by corresponding grooves.

In the end, only the front part, i.e. the opening for insertion, looks out of the case. This opening (Orifice) is available in many different designs, some of which differ greatly in appearance and stimulation. The most common are vagina, anus and mouth.

The housing

The housing of the Fleshlight (Case) is made of hard plastic, holds the sleeve in place and exerts corresponding counterpressure from the outside.

Without the housing, the wobbly channel would be very difficult to use or hardly useable at all.

The case is open on both sides and has a thread at the front and at the back for the corresponding lids. In the grip area there are grooves on the outside of the case for more grip during use, which by the way helps a lot.

Front and rear closing caps

The large, front cover protects the opening of the insert from external influences and must be removed before use. The rear, small lid regulates the vacuum in the internal channel.

If it is firmly closed, the effect is strongest. The more I open it, the lower the negative pressure and the more the suction effect of the masturbator decreases.

Toy arrived via Amazon in record time neutrally packed at my place

When delivered, a hard plastic rod is felt inside the sleeve, a so-called stabilising rod.. You have to remove it in any case, before you use the Mastrubator for the first time, otherwise you can injure yourself.

The rod prevents the sensitive material from sticking during storage and transport of the toy.

The manufacturer could have printed this information on the outer packaging somewhere so that it could easily be seen.

The stabilization rod must be removed before first use.

I got my mastrubator from Amazon in record time (Prime) and neutrally packed. Of course, I also got it in its original packaging and with a hygiene seal. I would take care of that to avoid you getting returned goods (IIIIH) or any plagiarism from Eastern Europe or China.

Geiles Gimmik: When I open the brown outer packaging, I find the product in an opaque black plastic film. This has the background that employees at Amazon or family members who accidentally open the package are not immediately confronted with explicit images. Someone has really thought about that.


Let’s look at the optics.

Nuja… the thing doesn’t win a beauty award. Of course it looks a bit like a flashlight from its shape, but it looks quite globular and doesn’t look that good on the bedside cabinet. You could still do some improvements here.

Technically this mastubator is no miracle: A little golden plastic with grooves and 2 lids, which are fastened by a simple screw cap. The front one to open the toy and uncover the pleasure channel and the rear one to adjust the vacuum strength.

And inside, the somewhat sticky pleasure channel made of realistic, wobbly and extremely stretchy Superskin. All in all, no overly high production costs. But the manufacturer has to earn something. By the way, the stickiness can be avoided with a little care powder. More on this later.

By the way, this care powder is also generously applied on delivery of the product. Theoretically the powder can stay on for the time being, but I advise you to clean it before using it for the first time.

No matter how realistic: It’s and remains an artificial pussy

The Fleshlight STU model has the entrance of a real vagina and comes across realistically, but it is and still will be an artificial pussy.

Of course, the internal channel, the so-called sleeve, has no lubrication of its own, so that it feels without lubricant as if you put your dry finger in your girlfriend’s butt.

This is how the channel of the Fleshlight STU looks inside.

If I turn the sleeve completely to the left – which by the way is easy to do and recommended for thorough cleaning – you can also see the strong corrugation or knob structure for the intensive stimulation of your best piece.

Although I have had the Stamina Training Unit for several months now, unfortunately the material still smells a bit unpleasant, penetrating or annoying, but definitely perceptible.

And now to the most important: How does our Flashlight Masturbator feel in practice?

Well… what can I say… good! Really good!

In my test I used the gliding time lubricant.

Anyone who has ever used a masturbator knows that enough lubricant should be introduced to the penis, the opening of the toy and if possible IN the toy.

Of course, only water-based lubricant, as most materials react quite insulted with oil or silicone containing lubricants. You can use the specially made Fleshlube Water or just have a look around in our lubricant test category.

If you like it even more realistic, you can use lubricants that are based on the natural “pussy juice”; thicker, stickier and thread-pulling, such as Onatsuyu Pussy Love.

The amount of lubricant required depends on the internal structure of the Fleshlight, because less structured internal channels simply require less.. If you fill in too much here, the structure is less perceptible and that’s exactly what we don’t want. I would take a small amount of lubricant for now and slowly get a bit of a creep.

I can understand why fleshlights are the best lust pussies for many men. Even with the lid open on the back, the STU still feels great.

This is what it looks like when a fancy glass dildo has been inserted.

My penis glides in without any problems despite its imposing circumference and is nicely enclosed and penetrated by the pleasure channel. From the first impression, however, the stimulation is not quite as intense as that of my big competitor, the Tenga Flip Zero.

Whereby this is also newer and has a super ingenious inner life that for my taste almost ZU strongly stimulates.

The inner pimples of the Fleshlight are rather soft and large and therefore do not stimulate as strongly as expected.. Might as well be more intense.

I drive best, in which the rear lid is almost completely closed, since I need more and more intensive stimulation than many other men due to my circumcision. By the way, this is one reason why I like anal sex so much.

For an even more realistic pleasure, the Fleshlight can be placed in warm water beforehand.

Small tip from a professional: If you place the sleeve in warm water before use, the pleasure will be even more realistic.Ideally the temperature should be the same as the human body (37 degrees) and not much higher, so that the material doesn’t get damaged. Of course you can also put on the heater or buy the specially made warmer from Fleshlight professionally. I don’t think I have to explain why, but the material also takes on your body temperature quite quickly, which has a similar effect.

Can you really use this thing as a training device

Pretty real, isn’t it??

My answer is quite clear: YES!

Since the stimulation is actually quite intensive, you can train your sexual endurance quite well with it. I personally like to use the start/stop technique – but generally when masturbating – i.e. I stop shortly before each orgasm and then continue again. I do that 3.4 times and only then do I let the climax come.

This has several advantages:

  • The Orgamsus finally becomes extremely strong and long-lasting. Almost like with women.
  • You learn to take control of your body and your orgasm.
  • If you always masturbate in record time, you condition your body accordingly and this is exactly what it will do during sex. In other words, premature ejaculation is already pre-programmed.

What also helps is if you always briefly hold the jet while peeing and let it run again. With this you train the so-called PC muscle, which will also give you better control during sex.

By the way, the Fleshlight can also be used by couples and integrated into the love play, e.g. as a supplement in or to the foreplay.

On the long-term test: I have been using the Fleshlight STU countless times for many months now and the thing still looks like new and also works 1A.. And that despite the lack of powder treatment.

Depending on the horniness and emotional state, I would sometimes wish that you could manually exert your own pressure on the toy with your hands from the outside, as you can do with the Tenga Flip 0, for example, but is not possible due to the hard plastic case.

Possibly an idea for a future upgrade of the product?!

The cleaning is uncomplicated, but there are a few things to keep in mind

The cleaning is, as already mentioned, really easy and uncomplicated.: Remove the sleeve from the plastic housing, rinse it intensively with warm water or some Toycleaner and remove all lubricants and sperm mares. Then turn the sleeve completely to the left and clean with your fingers the installed grooves (only necessary with a strong inner structure) and leave both sides dry in the air.

The sleeve should be removed and rinsed thoroughly.

And please do not use soap, because this can damage the material, as it usually contains perfume, oil or other chemical stuff. Please do not leave your flashlight turned to the left for too long to avoid changes in shape or cracks in the sleeve.

The case is rather insensitive and can be cleaned thoroughly with simple water or soap, if necessary.

Important: Please do not store the masturbator again until it is completely clean and dry, otherwise bacteria or even mould can form quickly, which will not do you any good.

Drying can take quite a long time depending on the apartment and temperature/humidity, but it does not necessarily have to be dried in the air, as a towel can also be used. In contrast to silicone, Super Skin is not as susceptible to linting.

And yes, if it has to go fast, a hairdryer can also be used; but please only with cold air.

Ideally, let the mastubator dry in the air on a towel.

You can also put the sleeve into the housing, but then leave the lid half open to dry so that the air can circulate. Ideally, you should powder the sleeve after each application, because this ensures that the surface remains soft and does not become sticky, as with me. Could someone have told me earlier.

Talcum powder or baby powder is not recommended as it may contain substances (e.g. perfume) that can attack the material of the insert.. Ideally you should use the original product from the manufacturer, the Renewing Poweder.

Tip: You can also use corn starch as a powder substitute. Cheap next door for Turks.

If you want to save yourself all the effort, you can also simply use a condom, pull it off after use, throw it away and you’re done. Also very pleasant, but not so authentic and good.

Conclusion: Cheap & high-quality masturbator to strengthen potency

That’s it “already” with our Fleshlight Test for today. 

Whoever has enough of eternal 5 against Willy, is with a masturbator, like the Fleshlight STU well advised.

This great invention offers every man a realistic pleasure and intense stimulation.. The internal pleasure channel is narrow and strongly corrugated, so that sufficient, but very pleasant pressure is exerted on your best piece.

With the lid on the back you can control the stimulation intensity even more precisely by changing the vacuum intensity and the suction effect.

For just 42 € you get a high-quality mastubator, produced by people who have known exactly what they are doing for many years.

The STU is a beautiful sextoy for men who are struggling with premature ejaculation and want to improve their sexual endurance.. With regular (!) training, this mastubator achieves an effect that will make every woman happy.

I’m sure you are!

Whether absolute beginner and beginner or thoroughbred professional: Everyone will find a Fleshlight from the many different models, which meets his requirements.

The thing is not suitable for the short masturbation quickie between times, since the whole thing is connected with a certain cleaning expenditure each time; even if this is not particularly big.

The inner dense knob structure provides intensive stimulation both on glans and penis shaft. The penis shaft is firmly enclosed by the sips and therefore every millimetre you penetrate to the front is a small step more in the direction of orgasm. The whole in combination with the individually adjustable suction effect rounds off the package perfectly.

Adriana is looking forward to seeing you! 

In order to take 100% advantage of the training effect, it is advisable to take short pauses and keep them inside for a while, but also to vary the impact speed. Sensitive men don’t get around it anyway, if they don’t want to be ready in 2 minutes. And exactly THIS is the potency training effect from which this toy also gets its name.

Rightly so, in my opinion.

Which I must mention positively: The manufacturer’s customer service. Fleshlight tries to find a solution for every dissatisfied customer and responds to every single negative rating on Amazon..

Absolutely great and exemplary!

By the way, you can buy your pocket pussy in super many (online) shops, since the Fleshlight is now very popular.

Even directly with the manufacturer.

Here you even have the advantage that you can really get all the models that are available and most of the time the products are in stock. Furthermore there are always nice discount promotions; so it’s worth to check them out. Furthermore – as already mentioned – you can even put together and buy your very own personal Fleshlight there.

In addition, you can only order new sleeves if you already have a Fleshlight case at home.. Of course, you can also buy a new case only.

The company is still based in the USA, but since a few years there is an own factory in Sevilla (Spain), so that you avoid very high shipping costs, long delivery times and long shipping time..

The majority of the shop is even in German language.

For an order over 80 €, the shipping costs are completely eliminated. Shipping is done with UPS and can be paid with the most common methods, such as Paypal, credit card, Sofortüberweisung, etc. In the payment process, you also have the opportunity to enter a valid discount code.

New discount codes come e.g. via newsletter, so it’s definitely worth registering (quite far down on the page).

What is also interesting are the different combination packages, which combine the most popular Fleshlight products and are available as packages at a reduced price.

The easiest thing for me is and still remains Amazon, especially since I am a Prime customer and the most common sextoys are also available there.

Now you know everything you need to know about this topic and you can choose your new favorite masturbator without hesitation.

Do you still have questions? Then simply off into the comments with it! Do you have a Fleshlight? If yes, which ones?

The Fleshlight STU is not for you? Then I’ll have a look around: Which masturbators are there?

A direct alternative would be the Flip Zero or the Flip Hole, both from Tenga in Japan.

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