How To Use A Penis Pump

Using a penis pump is a delicate aspect of a man’s life.

The pump is necessary for the penis to become:

  • longer
  • thicker
  • harder
  • straightened

How to use a penis pump?

The pump creates a low-pressure area around the penis. There is a force of blood pressure on the penis from inside the body. Blood fills the empty spaces inside the penis.

They’re straightened out and filled with blood. It washes all the cavities and its vessels inside the penis. The pressure stretches and straightens the tissues of the penis.

There is a noticeable but temporary increase in the penis in all respects, namely in length, volume and thicknessThere is improving the quality and duration of erection, especially by men who have undergone removal of the prostate gland Is extremely positive for the woman’s moral and sexual pleasure at the time of sexual intercourse

There are hydraulic and vacuum pumps. We will try to figure out which ones are better. Let’s compare two popular devices. They are hydraulic pump HydroXtreme7 and air pump FleshPump.

1. HydroXtreme7

This hydraulic pump makes by the company Bathmate from England.

This company makes pumps since 2006. The company clinically tests all its products. Products have gained recognition and reputation everywhere in the world.

They won the exhibitions:

  • LTASEX 2010 year
  • Storerotica 2014 year
  • SIGN 2014 year
  • Venus 2010 year
  • XBIZ 2014 year.

Briefly describe the benefits:

  • Increase of the trunk of the penis
  • Cumulative effect with the result forever
  • Comfortable use, absolutely painless
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Suitable for men with foreskin and without
  • Maximum result

A series of hydraulic pumps HydroXtreme were made to make life easier for men.

This device is suitable for most men.

For men with different penis size, there are other articles:

  • HydroXtreme5 for men with penis from 3 to 5 inches
  • HydroXtreme9 for men with penis from 7 to 9 inches
  • HydroXtreme11 for men with penis from 9 to 11 inches

If a man has a penis longer than 11 inches, he has to be more modestly.

Innovations in pumps

The company has made several innovations to raise the reliability and efficiency of pumps. The pump uses a new method of pressure control. It is usually essential to press the pump against the body to make pressure. It may be hard or bumpy.

The pump HydroXtreme set includes a handball block. It connects to the pump valve or bendable tube.

The pressure change occurs simply by the compression of the pump.

The pump has a comfortable gasket. It ensures a tighter fit of the device to the penis.
By changing the scheme of the valve, the pump has occupied with water with one hand. The package includes a special strap that allows you to keep your hands free.

How it works

Fill the pump with water, place the penis in it, and press it against the pubis. Nothing to pump up. Cuddle the handball to remove the water. The pressure will quickly reach the desired level, and you will get the desired result.

Free bonuses come with the device:

  • Hydro pump
  • Handball unit
  • Belt for shower
  • Ruler

  • Brush for cleaning the pump
  • Lock for cover
  • Towel
  • Ring insert
  • Large case.

Free Return within 60 days

It’s hard enough to figure out what to believe from what they say about hydraulic pumps.

The best way to figure this out is to try everything yourself. We have a free return policy for 60 days. If the work of the hydraulic pump does not satisfy you, you can return it and get your money back.

Usually, the result is visible after a month of consistent use. It means that we give enough time to make a choice.

Company statement Bathmate

The protection of our customers is imperative to us. All of our hydraulic pumps made of medical materials that are safe for health and do not contain phthalates. Each of our hydraulic pumps dermatologically tests at Aspen Clinical Research. Thanks to this research, you have to be sure that our pumps are completely safe. All accessories have test individually for safety. Safe materials use to protect the skin of the penis.

User Reviews

There was a slight curvature of the penis. Hoping for the best, I purchased the Hydromax pump. It was possible to correct this a little by stretching the short side of the penis for 7 months. Say that pump right at the expense of microcirculation.

The valve latch on top has three positions. You have to move it to the center to open the valve. Most often, I train my body in the shower, so I use a short insert in the hydro pump. By the way, before the procedure, I always take a relaxing shower, turn on warm water, wool with a washcloth, so that the blood begins to circulate better. I do procedures almost every day for 15 minutes. My penis increased by 2 cm in 6 months.

The hydro pump works silently. A prerequisite for the procedure is the presence of water. There is a special line on the pump so that you can control how much a member has grown.

I have used the hydro pump for 3 weeks, 1 or 2 times a day. According to my feelings, the penis increased in size by 30%. My pump is considered the most powerful in its class. The span of the penis added 2 cm. The span of the penis was 15 cm and became 17.

I use the hydro pump in the bath. I bought it to increase the size of my penis. The penis increased by 1 cm, after 2 applications. It pleased me. Probably, it is the limit. During the next week, I have to escalation the span of the penis by only 0.5 cm.

Opinions counter

Some users believe that the price of the device is too high. It is three times higher than the price of an air pump.

Many users are not ready to part with the amount of 300 $.

As to use the hydraulic pump HydroXtreme, you need warm water. There are often situations when hot water is not available. It happens in travel, business trips, trips to nature. Users are forced to purchase a second hiking device.

2. FleshPump by Fleshlight International SL

There are manual and electric pneumatic pumps for the penis.

Mechanical vacuum pumps for the penis have been used for a long time already.

The founder of Fleshlight International SL, Steve Shubin, got acquainted with this device in 1998 at the age of 59 years.

Steve began to create sexual devices for himself. Among others, an electric pump has made.

Steve was so good at designing sex products that he started selling them. Website of company Fleshlight International SL had created in 2001.

The main production of Fleshlight International SL is in Spain. The company is struggling with cheap Chinese fakes.

How to use a penis pump the FleshPump?

You need to charge the battery of the device through the USB connector for 2 hours.

Package Included:

  • Electric pump with high-speed safety valve
  • Charging cable
  • Two packs of special grease.

The user has to shave his hair in the public and groin area. The device has to treat with antiseptic before use.

The aqueous solution of chlorhexidine has suitable. The user has to apply grease on a non-erect penis. It is best to use the original water-based lubricant that came with the device. Do not apply lubricant to the scrotum area. So as not to suck the eggs in the flask.

The user has to dock the pump module to the transparent flask. The penis has an insert into the flexible cuff. The cuff has to attach to the flask.

Two buttons located on the device casing control the pump. To reduce the pressure to gradually. The duration of the session is 2 minutes. Over time, it has to increase to 10 minutes. The pressure in the flask has to smoothly reduced by the end of the session. After that, release the penis.

Low blood pressure causes it to fill the cavities inside the penis. An erection occurs, tissues stretch, the penis becomes longer, firmer and thicker. The user has to put a special elastic ring on the root of the penis to preserve the erection. An erection persists while there is a ring. It is not recommended to use the ring for more for erection than 30 minutes.

Contraindications to the use of the pump

  • pathologies of inflammatory and non-inflammatory genesis that affect the region of the foreskin
  • inflammation of the urethra (urethritis) in the acute stage
  • renal failure
  • liver failure
  • impaired blood clotting;
  • diabetes
  • hypovitaminosis, leading to increased vascular fragility.

Possible negative effects of the pump

  • There is stagnation of lymph in the zone of extreme flesh. A swollen ring forms around the head. If such a nuisance has arisen with the proper use of the device, for some time refuse to exercise
  • Observe the deterioration of erection.
  • Darkening of the tissues. The skin darkens due to stress.
  • Hemorrhage. The problem leads to excessive discharge. The effect may be irreversible.
  • Blood clots

Opinions of users about vacuum and hydro pumps

I have an electric vacuum pump, but I still cannot get used to it. Using it is a little painful and a little scary.

I use Water pumps, and I am not sorry. I did not notice any negative effects of using the device. I have got some effects:

  • The size of my penis became a bit larger
  • The sexual act became long
  • The erection as well.

I have a vacuum pump. I have been using it for more than a year. Of course, it was not possible to increase the trunk several times, but still, it became thicker and bigger (it was 16 cm, now 20 cm in the state of erection). Feelings during class are slightly painful but generally pleasant. I play it twice a day.


It prevents the development of vascular diseases of the penis, leading to a significant reduction in the risk of fibrosis formation in the cavernous bodies.

There is a marked increase in the pleasure of sexual contact by increasing the sensitivity in the head and trunk of the penis.

Its use of the pump the systematical has got corrects the male’s genital curvature in almost 100% of cases. It is extending the time of the normal functioning of the penis and erection.
Unacceptable use. It is the sensitivity of the skin of the penis that may decrease, which will manifest itself in dryness, numbness, and severe discomfort. The device locally reduces muscle strength, pushing semen out, which significantly reduces the chances of conception.

As a result of the application of the pump, sometimes pain in the penis of varying severity occurs. Excessive frequent use of the device reduces the strength and duration of an erection.

Violet-red spots appear on the skin of the penis as a result of injury to small vessels.

For some, the disadvantage is the simple requirement of smooth skin in the groin area.

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