Erotic Games: Ideas for hot game night

If you're not freshly involved with your partner, you know you should make sure your love life doesn't get boring. But it's not so easy to come up with new shenanigans all the time. So why don't you get some support? Don't worry, we don't mean a couple therapist – but a package full of suggestions. Here come the best party games for adults that turn the bedroom into a sexy playground.

What does erotic games mean?

An erotic game is always from 18 years of age. Means: it's all about fun – read: intimacy and sex – for adults.

What are the benefits of erotic games?

In an erotic game, the partners playfully deal with their desire. This leads to the fact that they speak more openly about desires and fantasies. The partners have the opportunity to learn even more about the needs of the partner and the basis of trust is strengthened. In addition, erotic games also give inspiration for new types of games and fire the desire.

What are the erotic games?

Erotic games are available for every taste, from board games to card games and dice games. Most of the games are of course super combinable with other types of sexual play, such as BDMS or role-playing.

Can erotic games also be played in groups?

Most games work for 2 people or more, but of course any number of people can have fun with them.

Sharp inspirations for the game night

Enough theory, here are a few suggestions for playful hours full of adventure and fun for two or in the group

Truth or dare times

It is a classic like Spin the Bottle. Surely you know the game from parties in your youth under the name "Truth or Dare". Either an embarrassing question had to be answered or a task had to be fulfilled. But the game is also suitable in an aggravated version for frivolous private parties. In the parlor game "Truth or Dare" 69 piquant questions and provocative tasks each await the players. The rules of the game are simple: a coin decides which card the player draws. With a truth card, he can only earn points if he answers the question truthfully. In case of a dare card, only the player who fulfills the given task gets points. Play for points and determine beforehand what awaits winners and losers.

Coquettish card games

Most men love card games. How about strip poker? Or were you already into quartets as a little boy? Then we have a hot variant for you, with which you can refresh your love life properly. The "Kamasutra Quartet" will inspire you and your partner with 40 hot positions from the Kamasutra – it's best to include playtime breaks to try them out!

Frivolous dice fun for him and her

Chance often brings about the most surprising things and also provides variety in sex. Why not roll the dice for two?. In the dice game "Lucky Love Dice" are 3 dice included, which you can stick individually with stickers, on each of which an action (for example: bite, kiss or lick), a body part and a place (for example: kitchen floor, shower, park) is shown. Let the games begin!

Spicy board game pleases?

You love game nights and are looking for a sexual change that can keep up with a classic board game? There are erotic games that include game board and pieces, dice and action cards. The game "True love" is one of the most popular games of this kind. Before starting, the partners think about which erotic desire will be played for. The winner's wish is fulfilled. The aim of the game is to discover your own erotic desires and those of your partner. With the help of questions and tasks, the partners playfully get closer to each other. The cards are differently oriented, offer tender, romantic or very intimate experiences.

Lustful role plays for sensual evenings

If you are not into card or board games, prefer to draw lots and would like to combine that with suggestions for your sex life, you will have fun with this simple game. "Sensual Summer Evenings" is suitable for romantic hours in nature – at a picnic, around a campfire or on the beach. It also makes a good visual gift. Included are 21 lots with tingling challenges. If you are creative, you can make the game yourself with your partner.

Action and activity in a special way

You don't feel like throwing dice, playing cards or drawing lots? You want to get right to the point? Then try an erotic action game. This game here works like the good old classic Activity, where you have to write, draw or represent terms that your counterpart guesses. The only difference: In the Club Edition, it's not a game for the young at heart…

Tower building with climax

If you want even more action, you can try the erotic version of the game "Jenga". The same rules apply in tower building as in the classic game. With one exception: on the building blocks the players are given erotic tasks that they have to fulfill before they are allowed to continue playing.  For sensual hours with fun, excitement and eroticism, whether as a couple or in a group.

Conclusion: For more playful sex!

Most of the games are of course to be considered with a wink of the eye. You should not take it so seriously – and the same goes for your sex life. If you stress yourself out, you lose the fun of sex. On the other hand, if you engage in lust in a playful way, you still learn a lot about your partner's sex fantasies in the process. Plus: you get to know new types of play. What are you waiting for? Let the games begin!

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