Tongue games: How to seduce your beloved

Could you imagine a life without tongue? Certainly not. Not surprising, after all, the tongue is one of the most important parts of our body – eating, tasting and speaking would be impossible without it. We use them even more often than our hands in everyday life. But because it hides so well, it quickly falls behind when it comes to using it consciously and creatively.

Ingenious sex toy – warm, soft, wet and flexible

There are 9 muscles involved in the movement of the tongue alone. She is extremely flexible, well supplied with blood and has a large number of nerves. She is warm, soft and always well moistened. She can lick, tickle, suck, slurp, suck, poke and spit. You see, your tongue is virtually predestined as an aid during sex – and not just for cunnilingus. We show you the 6 hottest uses of your tongue before and during lovemaking.

1. The tongue as a flirt accelerator: Lick your way into her heart

Clearly, if you don't say anything when flirting, you can't count on great successes. For this reason alone, the tongue is your capital when flirting. But also on a nonverbal level it can help with subtle seduction. Anyone who licks their lips fleetingly during eye contact unconsciously suggests to their counterpart that they are interested. Moistening your lips can also calm you down when you're excited.

By the way: Not only on a date can the tongue help you to succeed with women. Even before you even meet the lady of your heart, the tongue can do good things! How to do it? By using it in messages. Read correctly: Women are into text messages that often include emojis showing the tongue. This was the result of a Study of the dating app "Clover. For this purpose, the researchers studied over 90 million messages from about 3 million users and found the messages with emojis that most often generated a response.

2. Kisses and lip service: How to arouse her with French kissing

There are women who care more about hot kisses than sex. A man who is good at kissing is therefore very highly rated. It is not only important that he has full and soft lips, but also how he uses his tongue. This brought a Study the University of Oxford . The kiss serves especially attractive people in the choice of a potential partner. French kissing teaches us to smell and taste our counterpart. By means of pheromones and other scents we (especially women) unconsciously perceive whether the counterpart is fertile and healthy. 

In addition, a French kiss is the best way to get a woman going. An intense French kiss (especially when you are about to get to know each other) can last for hours or even a whole night. The secret recipe for a successful kiss: You need to change the rhythm. Tongueing may be slower at times, more demanding at others – don't tense up, make your tongue too pointy, or move it frantically in your partner's mouth while doing so. Also, don't push your tongue too deep into her mouth and don't suck her tongue too hard. Many women find it particularly seductive when the man gently embraces her face during the kiss – just like in the movies.

3. Wet forays: How to moisten erogenous zones

When you're caressing a woman's body, no part of your body should go to waste. You will excite your beloved more intensively if you do not limit yourself only to her breasts and genitals. The skin is the largest sexual organ, it is particularly sensitive and significantly responsible for the arousal. The tongue is a helpful tool when getting hot. They are softer and more flexible than our fingertips. But the map of erogenous zones of every woman is different. For example, while one loves it when he runs his tongue in her ear, the other finds it repulsive. It is important that you are careful when exploring the hotspot.

Tongue the neck: Start with kisses and tongue play on the neck, nape and shoulders. Touching these places gives most women a pleasant shiver.

Tongue play on arms and legs:  On the wrists and ankles and on the inside of arms and legs women are particularly sensitive. Gentle kisses are also well received under the armpits. Caution is advised on the soles of the feet. Women who like foot massages are far from being fans of playing with their tongues under their feet. However, there are also those who find a gentle licking very arousing. Make the effort to find out what your partner likes.

The tongue at the navel of pleasure:  Kisses and gentle tonguing on the cleavage and belly is high on the list for many women. Also gentle licking over and around the pelvic bones often find the ladies very exciting. Slowly feel your way to her navel, circling it. If she allows it, make her tingle by sipping drinks like champagne or sparkling wine from her navel.

Moist kisses on the female backside:  Women are particularly sensitive to kisses or tongue games on the back above their buttocks. Many women also love gentle kisses, tickling treats or gentle biting on the buttocks. But beware: there are also ladies who don't like it when you approach your backdoor. Take away her fear, feel yourself slowly. Whether you can get close to her anal area with your tongue has a lot to do with preferences and trust. There are women who give the rimjob a chance, others who rigorously reject it (although it doesn't have to be dirty). If you want to gently introduce your beloved to intimate caressing and get to know her attitude towards it, you should first limit yourself to kisses and touches on the buttocks and ask her in a quiet minute after sex if she enjoys these kisses.

3. Circumcised nipples: How to lick nipples

We lick our way slowly to the hotter areas. The nipples, their atria and the curves of the breast are virtually predestined to be explored with the tongue. The most important rule you should follow when caressing the breasts: Don't start at the tip of the iceberg right away. By leaving her nipples out first, the woman can slowly prepare herself for the coming playfulness. Draw big and small circles around her buds and then gently poke the nipples. Suck on it gently (not too hard!). Some women like gentle (!) Nibbling – but the teeth play only a minor role compared to the tongue. You can give your partner erotic goosebumps by moistening her nipples and blowing lightly on them.  

4. Dirty tongue lashing: This is how hot dirty talk goes

The tongue is a real all-rounder during sex. She can just not only suck and lick, but also bring out erotic words. Use this potential not only for the angel tongue tone, but also for a bit of hot dirty talk. While you lick or kiss your sweetheart on the neck or earlobe, you can whisper dirty words to her. The warmth of your tongue against her ear is an additional accelerator of pleasure.

6. Licking the vagina: this is how you lick her down there 

Do you know how to best bring women to orgasm? By mastering the fine art of oral caressing. In fact, more women reach orgasm during cunnilingus than during the actual sexual act. The advantages compared to manual stimulation or penetration are obvious: the tongue is softer than fingers, it is moist and warm. By devoting himself extensively to her vagina, a man not only arouses her immensely, he also proves that he has no fear of contact. Many women are afraid that men consider their vagina dirty and that's why they pamper her orally so rarely. In reality, however, male laziness is often behind it or the man simply does not know exactly how to use his tongue.

What is important in the oral pampering program? Much like French kissing, the trick is to change up the rhythm and not get too frantic and tense about it. Involve the entire vagina in the love play. Do not immediately rush to the clitoris. Caress the vulva – the mons veneris, the outer and inner labia. Only later you advance to the clitoris. Gently approach it by first gently circling it, then boldly nudging it and carefully pushing up the cap covering it with your tongue. Circle the vaginal entrance (many nerve endings are located here) and gently penetrate with the tip of your tongue. Never stay in one place for too long, but perform a kind of passionate dance with your tongue. 

Practice makes perfect: To improve your oral sex skills, there are training methods and hacks to follow. For example, you can suck a candy with pleasure more often (not just let it melt), lick ice cream out of a cup (without a spoon), or even practice with an app that simulates oral sex. Granted, the cunnilingus app "Lickster" isn't really serious, but it proves that you should at least give some thought to your tongue-licking skills. The most important cunnilingus techniques you can read here. The best training ever: Lick your sweetheart more often – she will be thrilled.

Conclusion: Don't hold your tongue in check!

Your tongue is a real multitool in bed – use its potential. Many women are totally into the wet touches all over the body. With your tongue you can touch intimate areas much more sensitive and sensual than with your fingers. A good lover knows how to use his tongue – and not only to wrap the lady of his heart around his finger with words.

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