These hot sex games will make boredom go away in bed

In any good relationship, boredom creeps in when sex always follows the same routine. For comparison: Imagine you get served the same dinner every other day. This makes you full, but this meal is less pleasurable – even if the ingredients are of high quality and the dish was your absolute favorite at some point. What you can do about it? Try new recipes! And that's exactly what you should do in bed, too, so that your sex life doesn't sink into the second league – so from now on, it's: playground instead of sex desert!

Not just to pass the time: What are the benefits of sex games?

A good question! Under a "game" we usually understand something that we do only for pleasure and pastime, but which has no benefit beyond that. With sex games, things are a little different. Because sex games do serve a purpose. Which? Let us tell you!

Sex games break established patterns

Why we love exciting series, thrilling computer games or outdoor adventures? Sure, because they make you forget the daily grind and crises for a few hours. Even good sex can do that. Provided that it is exciting enough. That means, you can't let yourself be distracted, but you have to be active. It's worth it: if you dare to experiment in bed, you'll get to know your own pleasure in a completely new way. You have it in your own hands whether your sex is exciting or damn dull. 

Sex games make you a good lover

The best compliment you can get from a woman: "It's never boring with him". The worst thing that can happen is that your partner doesn't feel like having sex with you anymore because she knows exactly what's coming – a total turn-off. Women like men who like to experiment. You love it when your partner encourages you to try new things or surprises you. 

Sex games intensify pleasure

Have you ever experienced real ecstasy? Have you ever been blindfolded or had your hands tied during orgasm? If not, you can't know if this kind of pleasure might not be much more intense than the one you are currently experiencing. Means: If you always try only the missionary position, instead of playing through the Kamasutra, you will never discover new perspectives. You also give your partner a gift when you give her the opportunity for new sexual pleasures.

Sex games satisfy female cravings

Surveys showed that women like it when their partner is intensively occupied with their body, can always get a lot out of it, dares to experiment. Why do you think "50 Shades of Grey" was such a box office hit – it certainly wasn't because of romance.

Sex games improve the relationship

Creative sex games are the best way to avoid routine during sex. Role-playing requires a high level of trust and compromise. If you dare to try new things together and have fun, you strengthen your relationship permanently. Even psychologists know this.

Let's play: These 11 sex games bring life into the box

Enough theory, now comes the hot practice. The 11 best ideas for breathtaking sex games. The best thing about it: You can change, add and combine them as you like.

Sex game idea #1: A new partner every night

One woman, 365 times different sex – that's how a lustful year with your partner can look too. Couples who celebrate a varied sex life come up with something new every day to seduce their partner. The most important thing: creativity. By the power of imagination alone, savvy sex players always generate different scenarios. You also want to try out? Then you should discuss the idea with your partner. Propose to her the refreshment cure for your sex life as a kind of challenge – which, of course, is not meant to be taken too seriously. Both partners are allowed to give free rein to their ingenuity. For example, you can heat each other up with hot sex messages during the day, your sweetheart can surprise you in the evening in new lingerie or you can provide champagne and strawberries by the bubble bath. You don't know how many ideas will come if you don't set yourself any more limits. But don't get bogged down in having to come up with a new crackerjack idea every time. Just one game a month is enough to give your love life a boost! 

Sex game idea #2: Tie up and be tied up

It's the allure of submission and dominance that makes bondage or soft S&M play so appealing. For beginners: You don't have to use a hard rope, you can also join hands with a soft silk cloth. A popular type of play is the so-called St. Andrew's cross. Here the submissive partner is tied up with spread legs and outstretched arms, for example to the bedposts.

Sex game idea #3: Virgin pleasure

Do you still remember how exciting your first time was? Now imagine the same approaching caution, the excitement, the thrill – how you almost burst with anticipation. What makes the second first time better: you now know the tricks to not climax too quickly and to make your partner feel even better. What are you waiting for? Repeat your first time. Touch each other as if you were doing it for the first time, penetrate her as gently as you did the first time, and pay close attention to your lover's reactions. She will love it!

Sex game idea #4: What do you wear underneath?

Seduction begins long before the threshold of the bedroom. Heat up the mood between you and your partner by teasing each other. Your sweetheart can whisper in your ear while you're at the movies that she's not wearing any underwear, or give you a massage in a restaurant with her foot under the table. For example, you could chill a bottle of champagne and stick a Post-it on it saying, "I look forward to sipping this out of your belly button later.". Even if the banter is meant to come across as humorous, it still ensures that the underlying mood between you is more heated.

Sex game idea #5: Forbidden pleasures

What turns us on the most? Sure, the forbidden. But this doesn't just mean the law. There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to playing with the forbidden: For example, you could pretend that you are not using contraception, that you don't have time, or that the in-laws are sitting in the next room. Of course, you can indulge in fantasies you'd never tell anyone about – a bath in banknotes, food play, or reenacting sex as boss and secretary.

Sex game idea #6: Frivolous carnival fantasies

Nurse, nun, cowboy or policeman – you love disguises? But you find sex in a costume a little strange? But then you might be depriving yourself of hot hours. Think about the outfits strippers wear to make women lose their minds. If you still have inhibitions about appearing in full costume, you can approach it slowly by wearing only a chef's apron or the tie around your neck during sex, for example. The beloved can wear high heels or the veil (if you are married: Her wedding dress doesn't have to be gathering dust in the closet) of a saint. Such accessories are the first step to sex in costume.

Sex game idea #6: Sweet hide and seek game

Sweet foods like cream, chocolate, honey or grapes have been part of lovemaking for centuries. Food and sex are close – both are about pleasure. For example, try the following game: your partner blindfolds you and hides little chocolate lentils on her body that you have to look for. In the navel, between the toes, under the breasts, in the back of the knee – of course you have to go deeper for the successful solution of this criminalistic task.

Sex game idea #8: Watching desired

Have you ever watched your sweetheart masturbate? Should you! In one of the most popular sex games, partners watch each other masturbate. You can also indulge in voyeurism by watching porn together and reenacting your favorite parts. Or: you make your own porn and run it during sex.

Sex game idea #9: Sex without everything

Sex without touching, without words or in the dark. If you have to do without one of your senses during sex, you'll focus all the more on the others. Get blindfolded during sex and cover your ears with earplugs. Now concentrate only on your physical sensations – smell, taste, feel. These sex games sharpen the senses and strengthen the trust between you and your partner. No street noise, no phone ringing, no neighbor distracting you from your lover's hot body.

Sex game idea #10: Sex with upgrades

Sex toys are not called that for nothing. Vibrators, penis rings or anal chains bring proper fun into the box. By the way, the simplest, but very effective, utensil is a massage or lubricant gel. Lubricant stimulates the imagination and makes sex more passionate. But also sex dice games (for example, sex roulette or "truth or dare"), sex furniture (for example, a love swing) or super soft pillows (or super hard whips) can make the sex life more refined. The first step: look around together in the (online) sex toy store and get inspired.

Sex game idea #11: Set a cliffhanger

If we are so hot after an episode of our favorite series that we immediately want to continue watching, the filmmakers have done everything right. You can incorporate this addictive effect into your sex life too. How to do it? Well, just like in the show: by stopping when it's hottest. Means: Don't always end sex with orgasm, but stop just before it. Whether you last a few minutes, hours, or even days afterward is up to you – but we can promise one thing: The postponed climax is twice as good!

How to invite your sweetheart to play with you

Maybe you already have an idea what kind of game your partner might enjoy. But it would be even better if you knew. We'll tell you if women have sex game fantasies, why they don't come clean about it, and how you can get your sweetheart to play with you.

Do women also have fantasies about sex games?

Oh yes. Women are true masters of fantasizing. They imagine things you don't even suspect. However, living it up is one of those things. Out of shame or because of role models that describe how a woman should be, they often do not dare to express the dirty thoughts. By the way, men often do the same. A survey by condom manufacturer Durex found that 85 percent of all Germans have fantasies and would like to try something new, but 53 percent of them never or rarely feel safe telling their partner about them. 

This is how you get her to talk about her fantasies

For the partner to open up, one thing above all is important: Trust. You make it easier for your sweetheart to talk about her secret fantasies by taking the first step and telling her about your own mental cinema. If your partner tells you about her fantasies in return, you should never give her the impression that you are laughing at her or that you think her fantasies are abnormal. Be sensitive to her signs at all times and never push her in a direction she is not suggesting herself.

Don't bump your sweetheart in the head

When you tell about your fantasies, you should not start with the dirtiest one. Go gently. If you tell her you'd like to have sex with her in the locker room, she'll be able to handle it better than if you say you want a threesome. Explain to her that these are only fantasies and that she should not feel forced to act on them – otherwise the game might end before it has really begun.

Here's how to start the sex play session: the games before the sex games

Sometimes it is difficult to be so open about your most secret desires. Then it can help to tell each other erotic stories. Or you can try the game "truth or dare", where each partner can decide for himself how honest he is. From the "beginner" games it is only a small step to the more exciting sex games.

The 6 biggest no-go's in sex play

Sex games open a new dimension of sex, nevertheless or just because of that you should make sure that the gambling addiction does not run away with you. If you stick to the following rules, there is no danger of the game getting out of hand.

  1. Do not work off a to-do list
    You have already played the secretary-boss game. The doctor game too? Then on to the riding instructor scenario! Just don't! You cannot and should not work through sex games like a to-do list. This seems unnatural and can destroy the desire. The fantasy and the types of play should be allowed to develop – that's what's so exciting about it.
  2. Do not keep the partner on a short leash 
    BDSM games are very popular. However, make sure that not only one partner is in control, otherwise it will become monotonous. Also, one of the partners may feel unfairly treated.
  3. Do not persuade your partner
    If your partner doesn't agree to sex play, you should always accept it. Suggest her a possible approach or put this fantasy aside for now. After all, there are enough other types of games.
  4. Never forget the foreplay
    It goes without saying that sex play should include foreplay. In the heat of the moment, however, your desire can run away with you because of your excitement about the nurse costume. Make sure that your sweetheart always gets to enjoy the pre-game play as well.
  5. Do not renounce the feedback
    During sex play you should not pretend to be dead fish, after all it's about both of you having fun! Talk to your partner during and after the sex game and ask if she likes it. Of course, this also works with other acoustic feedbacks.

Conclusion: Let the games begin

Original sex games can really spice up your love life. They not only intensify and revive desire and passion, but also improve the relationship. Sex games require a high level of trust between partners. Women often shy away from revealing their fantasies. Help her by telling her about your own mind games. Don't worry: your sweetheart won't laugh at you for it. For so much openness and generosity, there's an extremely appropriate reward: freaky sex that you've never had like this before – but always want to again!

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