Erotic massage: what you need to know

Just put oil on it and start kneading? Unfortunately, sex massage is not that simple. You need to know where and how to touch to activate the right feelings. A relaxing neck massage can be done by anyone – but an erotic partner massage is a great art and has to be learned! We reveal what is important in sexy kneading games. How to bring women to nipple orgasm.

How to prepare for a sex massage?

Before you get started, you need to think about a few basic things. No worry! All you have to do before the first massage. Next time you can start faster.

Important before the first erotic massage are:

The atmosphere must be right
So that your lover and you can really let yourself go during the massage, you should provide the right ambience. Ideally, it should be quiet in the room (construction noise rarely creates erotic feelings, but birdsong does). Dip the room in a pleasant light, lay out the blankets and have towels at the ready. A bath together before the massage can also be very relaxing.

The right lubricant
With the scent of the massage oil the eroticism can stand and fall. Ideally, let your partner choose the scent of the oil. You can also use a massage candle. When these are lit, they do not develop hot and hardening wax, but warm, fragrant oil.

How to start the erotic massage?

Warming up: If you use oil from a bottle, you should first rub it between your palms and apply it this way so that your beloved does not get frightened.

Touch: Feel your way to the intensity of pressure. Depending on the massaged part of the body you should vary the pressure. Ask your beloved what pressure is comfortable for her. Even if it turns you on when you elicit her screams – it does not make her hot.

Turn-ons: Don't start right at the bottom, rather start at the typical tense places, like the neck and knead the beloved so loosely. Only then can you slowly move on to other regions. The first commandment: give yourself (and her) time! Imagine you are arming a bomb. Experts do not screw around frantically, but handle the situation gently. All the greater is the (ecstatic) boom afterwards.

Stimulate: Body contact is the basis of every massage. It triggers pleasant shivers on both sides. To keep the hot feelings going, make sure you never lose contact: When you move to the next page, never take both hands off the skin of the massaged, but always leave one hand on the skin. Here's how to keep the contact going the whole time.

Do you know the hotspots of your loved ones?

It is an advantage if you know exactly where your wife is particularly sensitive and what makes her really hot. Of course, every lady has her own preferences, but there are a few hotspots they all love: You should know these erogenous zones in women.

This is how the erotic massage from head to toe works

The erotic massage is classically a full body massage, from head to toe. Of course, you can also focus on her favorite regions only. Perform each of the following massage techniques 8 to 10 times before moving on to the next one. Allow about 15 minutes for the massage in total.

The head: Here you should proceed extremely gently. The head and face massage is very intimate for many people and is therefore very suitable as part of the erotic partner massage. Massage the scalp with spread fingers. Let your partner determine how firmly you may proceed. Now gently stroke your partner's forehead and temples. The ears are riddled with a lot of nerves. Massage the shells with light pressure of thumb and forefinger. If you press in the slight depression behind the ear, headaches can be reduced. Of course, you can nibble on the ears or whisper nice things into them.

Neck and back: This massage can cause pleasant shivers in the partner. Massage the neck and back with both hands. Feel tensions with your fingers and loosen them up. To do this, gently slide your fingers down the grooves along the spine to the tailbone. Then, vertebra by vertebra, move back up to the nape of the neck. Vary pressure and movements. For example, move along the back with spread fingers or knuckles or massage in gentle waves. Put your body gently on your partner to create as large a contact surface as possible.

Hands: Even if it doesn't seem erotic at first sight, the hand massage is very relaxing and therefore prepares you for the later types of play. First spread out the hands. To do this, enclose the hand to be massaged at the side with both hands and slide downwards. You then do the same with each individual finger. Massage the inner surface and the ball with circular movements or a light pressure massage.

Thighs and buttocks: Just like on the back, you can also massage the buttocks a little more vigorously. An interplay of gentle stroking and firm kneading pleases most women. You may also include kisses or touches with other parts of the body. From the buttocks, you can also gently feel the perineum and work it with light pressure – if your partner likes it. From the buttocks, glide over the thigh muscles and the sensitive inner thighs down to the calves.

The feet: From the calves, gently glide to the feet. You should not underestimate the pleasure gain here, because you can stimulate almost every part of the body by means of the foot reflex zones. A lot of nerves end in the soles of the feet – no wonder you are so ticklish here. Pay attention to the partner's signals during the first foot massage: at which points does the person being massaged react in particular?. Feel your way slowly and grip a little tighter at first, so that the massaged person does not react ticklishly. One of the sensitive acupressure points is located on the ball of the foot below the point of the big toe and second toe. Even slight pressure here provides erotic feelings that arrive in the genital area. It can also be exciting if you place your thumbs at the heel end on the sole of your partner's foot and move forward from there in light tapping movements. Pay attention to a rhythm of about one pressure movement per second and an even treatment of the entire sole of the foot. Of course, you may also kiss the sole of the foot and suck on the big toe – foot massage knows no limits.

What other hot massage techniques are there?

The massage techniques that deal with the genitals, so to speak, go below the belt, have their origin in the Tantra teachings.

Breast massage: Of course, here the name says it all. Breast massage can be very stimulating for both partners. Stroking the breast in slow movements. Either gently stroke from the inside out or move the breast in slow circular motions. Adjust the pressure to the lady's liking. This is how women want to be touched on the nipples.

The Yoni Massage: With the Yoni massage the vagina is in the center and exactly for it the term "Yoni" stands. This massage begins like any other erotic massage, but then devotes itself intensively to the female pubic area. This is how you rob her senses with a yoni massage.

The Lingam Massage: In lingam massage penis and testicles are the stars of the action. Massage is not just about giving the man an orgasm with your hand, but about experiencing every single touch intensely. Lingam massage can be a good exercise to delay orgasm.

Tantra massage: How to become a professional of erotic massage

You want to know all the secrets of partner massage? Then you should attend a Tantra seminar. About the Tantra Massage Association find a masseuse near you. "In Tantra, you and your partner learn to rediscover your own sensuality through special forms of massage. You will improve the quality of your touch and expand your touch repertoire," says Tantra seminar leader Regula Schenkel from Zurich. Who expects sex orgies at the Tantra course, is on the wrong track. "It's about finding yourself through meditation, sensory and physical experiences. Sex can also be a part", says Regula Schenkel. This is how it works: With a tantra massage to an unforgettable orgasm.

A weekend seminar for beginners costs from 180 euros, depending on the organizer. Unfortunately, there is no generally valid seal of approval for the providers. When choosing an institute, make sure that the course instructors have a psychological or pedagogical education. Because the stroking course requires knowledge of human nature.

All about the Tantra massage

At Professional Association for Tantra Massage (TMV), renowned tantric massage practices and training institutes are organized. In a video the association explains the professional field of the Tantra masseur.

Important for an erotic massage is the right atmosphere. Massage the whole body and take your time. Of course you can also focus only on the favorite regions of your lady. With our massage techniques, every woman will quickly become wax in your hands – we promise!

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