Female orgasm: How to bring her to climax

Bringing your partner to orgasm is not always easy. Only about one third of all women reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone (vaginal orgasm). But what should man do so that she can also come?

Why do women not always come to orgasm?

Most men hopefully know: a woman should be able to relax during sex and wants to trust her partner. But not only the external circumstances decide about coming or not coming. Foreplay, the stimulation of the vagina, but also the right technique play a role. With our tips you will learn what helps a woman during sex to arrive at the peak of pleasure.

1. Seduce begins with a laugh

Many women like to be entertained before going to bed. So convince with humor and let your charm play. This does not mean that you should make a fool of yourself or tell crude jokes. Subtle, intelligent humor definitely impresses most women more than push-button laughs. If you get it right and hit the right nerve, you create the perfect basis for sensitive climaxes.

2. Heat her up all day long

Means concretely: Your sweetheart should permanently think about sex with you from the moment she gets up until the hot number in the evening. The best way to do this is to send her messages with explicit content throughout the day. And no, it should not necessarily be nude pictures. Try to put into words what you want to do with her after work. You can bet that it makes her extremely hot to read in the office already how you wanted to slowly wander up the insides of her thighs in the evening with your fingers, in order to…

3. Make sure she relaxes

Relaxation is the most important factor for the female orgasm. So just don't spread any hustle and bustle and make your sweetheart feel like she has the whole night to do so. Light some candles and put on some quiet music. The more you make it clear that you are patient, the easier it is for her to let herself go – and eventually explode.

4. Kiss with passion

This will make her want to be pampered somewhere else, like her belly or between her thighs. Then lick your way into the pleasure center with a gentle tongue, over the outer labia to the inner ones. Put your hand on her belly: if you feel a twitch, she's almost ready.

5. Make her feel safe

Some women definitely worry too much about their appearance and feel insecure naked. Take away her fear by complimenting her. It's best to do this before she lets her guard down, and even more so then. You won't believe what a simple "wow" does when she's naked in front of you.

6. Put your hand on

Run your fingers only lightly over her soft skin at first. Delicately and slowly graze along the outer labia. Increase the pressure only when your partner's arousal is rising. Then you can also massage the clitoris with your fingers, preferably in a steady rhythm and at best not too long. Otherwise it can quickly become uncomfortable for her. If it is wet enough, you can slowly penetrate it with your index finger. Just pay attention to her reaction; in case of doubt, the woman will signal you with her body language (or even clear words) what is good for her now.

7. Ladies first!

Be a gentleman and satisfy your beloved's lust first, however she likes it. And then you get your money's worth. Unlike a man, a woman can very well still take a penis inside her after she comes. Ergo: use the moment of her orgasm to heat yourself up at this incredibly satisfying moment and come after her.

8. The subtle difference: stay on the home stretch

While men don't know how to turn back from a certain point and just come, women can suddenly slow down from 200 to 0 – for example, if you deviate just a little bit from what you're doing right now. If you pause for just a moment, that can sometimes be it. Of course, quite a few women like it when you vary the techniques in between. But once you've found the winning path, stay on it until you reach your goal.

How does a woman reach orgasm the fastest or guaranteed?

Since every woman is different, has different preferences and prefers different hotspots, there is no universally valid answer to this question. What is certain, however, is that the more you indulge a woman in her hotspots, cater to her desires and needs, and put your own pleasure second (at least temporarily), the more likely she is to orgasm. According to one study, women almost always climax when they get into the act of doing the following 3 things: 1. Passionate kisses, 2. manual stimulation of the vagina, 3. Oral sex.

9. The right movements

Slow movements stimulate many women more than fast ones. If she wants to go higher, you'll notice or she'll tell you. Penetrate the first third of the vagina shallowly. That's where most of the nerve endings are – especially when it's swollen with arousal.

10. Provide variety

Try role-playing games – they promise sizzling eroticism. Make a date with your flame for the evening. Meet at a bar, carnival, or movie theater, but act like two strangers just getting to know each other. Never go too fast when flirting – delay increases tension, thus ensures a memorable finale.

Conclusion: more climaxes for her bring you more sex

If you follow our tips, you will not only do something for your beloved, but also a lot for yourself. Because when your partner orgasms more often, she develops a more positive attitude towards sex. She becomes more open-minded, probably desires more sex with you, and is also likely to be more satisfied in the relationship.

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