Outdoor sex: the best 10 places to have sex outdoors

Open-air sex isn't for everyone: some are afraid of getting caught, others have doubts about how to convince their partner. Pity! Because nature offers so many places where a (spontaneous) lovemaking session becomes a highlight you won't soon forget: experiencing sex with all your senses in nature for once is exciting and literally brings a breath of fresh air into your relationship.

7 reasons why you should make love outdoors this summer

  1. You awaken childhood memories. Do you still remember the balmy summer evenings when you played with your friends in the field? So why not – as in the past – play outdoors with your partner?
  2. You get out of the 4 walls for a change. Sex outside the bed provides variety and prevents boredom in your love life.
  3. In the soft lawn you listen to birdsong – instead of the squeaky slatted frame!
  4. You feel (depending on the time of day) the warming sun on your naked skin – this provides additional well-being.
  5. If you leave a mess, you don't have to worry about anything.
  6. The thrill of getting caught makes you feel like a newly in love teenager and makes the orgasm even more intense.
  7. This makes every outing a highlight that you're guaranteed to remember forever.

Is sex in public punishable by law?

Making love in public falls legally under "excitation of public nuisance". According to penal code §183a you could face a prison sentence of up to one year or a fine, provided that a sex crime is excluded (in that case a punishment according to the §183). Means: If you and your sweetheart get caught and someone complains, in the worst case you can end up in jail. So you should choose the place for your outdoor pleasure wisely!

This is how you approach it

Speak openly about your desire to do it outdoors. What do you have to lose? After all, she can't say more than "no". Why don't you try asking her where she would like to have sex and fulfill her wish?. If this is too uncomfortable for you, just talk about yourself by telling her about your fantasies or about a buddy telling you about his incredible experience in the forest the other day. If you're not a fan of big words, just seduce her slowly on your next outing. You will then notice quite quickly whether she wants to do it or not.

1. Sex on the balcony

To have fun outdoors, you don't have to go to the nearest forest or wait for the next excursion: just do it on the balcony!

This is what you should Sex on the balcony pay attention to:

The fact that a neighbor might be watching you do it can be delightful – but it could also be embarrassing. You should be aware that you may attract nosy neighbors to your window with your noises. Plus, the floor might be a little uncomfortable – using an air mattress or on lawn chair cushions will save bruises. It's also dangerous if the railing is not as stable as your erection.

The perfect position:

Everything that takes place "on the ground" minimizes the risk of being seen: Missionary position, 69, spooning. On the other hand, the balcony railing is also a great place for her to hold on to while you take her from behind.

2. Sex on the beach

The classic. For many, sex on the beach sounds like pure romance: listening to the sound of the sea, feeling the warm sand on your body, experiencing picturesque sunsets, getting cozy around a campfire at a late hour – this is what a vacation feels like.

This is what you should do when Sex on the beach dunes:

Sand is not to be underestimated. He makes his way into all body orifices. On stone beaches it is advisable to move the number to a lounger – otherwise it's sure to get uncomfortable. With both applies: If you enjoy yourselves during the day, you should think of sun protection – because it should be hot, but burned would be unsightly. Take a blanket as a base. A damp towel can also help rid your body of sand. A beach shell can protect you from wind and the gazes of others – or the dunes. In addition, tiny pebbles can cause injuries to the genitals. If it's too cold, there's a risk of bladder infection.

The perfect position:

On the sandy beach, you should prefer the "doggy style" to keep sensitive areas away from sand and pebbles. On a lounger on a stone beach, the missionary position is a good choice.

3. Sex in the meadow

Picnic in the park and the lust will grab you? Another classic: bedded on soft grass, you'll make love among the poppies while birds chirp and become one with nature.

That's what you should do Sex in the meadow take note:

Thistles and thorns can provide a painful surprise and spoil the pleasure. Therefore a blanket would not be bad. Allergy sufferers should watch out: even in September, numerous pollens still fly through the air (such as those of the ragweed plant). The later you do it, the less danger there is of having unwanted onlookers around you. Alternatively, you can hide behind a bush.

The perfect position:

If you love each other in a "spoon", you can camouflage each other better from afar. If you let yourself ride, you will enjoy not only the view of the clouds, but also of her breasts.

4. Sex in the forest

Sex between the trees has something fairytale-like and is the epitome of romance for many women.


This is what you should keep in mind Sex in the forest pay attention to:

A forest offers various secluded spots: Mossy areas, high seats or trees – birch trees are pleasant because their bark is not rough. Bugs, mosquitoes and ants could be your undoing here. It's best to avoid twilight, because at this time most animals are active – even dangerous ones! An anti-mosquito spray is also helpful.  

The perfect position:

While she is standing with both hands on the tree, you take your beloved from behind.

5. Sex at the lake

Enjoying a warm summer evening at the lake, cuddling, making out, getting in the mood – if you want to make love at the lake, the same applies as for sex on the meadow or sex on the beach.

This is what you should Sex at the lake note

On top of the risks like unwanted bystanders, prickly thistles or sandy ground, mosquitoes might plague you. Because especially at waters the annoying critters romp around. Therefore a mosquito spray as well as a blanket as a base are recommended.

The perfect position:

Here you can choose your favorite position – because theoretically everything is possible.

6. Sex in the outdoor pool

While you watch the one or other hot woman while sunbathing, the fantasy goes crazy with you? Dreams could come true during your next visit to the outdoor pool with your sweetheart – you just need to know how to.

This is what you should do when Sex in the outdoor pool take note:

It could be so warm that the sunscreen drips out of all your pores. This could be rather unpleasant for both of you. Therefore, you should always have your towel with you, don't forget the deodorant and look for a shady spot for the open-air act. Because the risk of getting caught is particularly high here, you should hide behind a bush and do it as quickly and quietly as possible. Sunscreen is of course a must anyway. Ice-cold showering can be helpful afterwards, so that your swimsuit fits again as quickly as possible. If you want to move the whole thing into the water, the risk that someone sees you is even higher.

The perfect position:

In the open-air swimming pool the motto is: don't get caught! Therefore, the act should take place on the ground if possible: How about she rides you sitting behind a bush?

7. Sex in the field

You probably won't find a bed in the cornfield, but you could try to make yourself as comfortable as possible among the ears of corn.

Here's what you should do when Sex in the field note:

In a field with tall canola or corn plants, you should be well protected from curious guests. But if a farmer catches you flattening his crop, you're in trouble! Also, you should put your feet up when you hear a combine, because they race across the field at up to 40 mph! Because it could get prickly, you should also think here of a pad or choose the position accordingly wisely.

The perfect position:

Doggy style is the ultimate way to avoid contact with the bottom as much as possible. Alternatively, you can try it standing up.

8. Sex in water

Making love to your partner in the water sounds adventurously beautiful to many, but it's not really comfortable!

This is what you should do when Sex in the water note

Sea salt and chlorine can irritate mucous membranes. If the water is too cold, you risk low tide in your swimsuit. Therefore, it is advisable to plan the pleasure preferably for an afternoon when the water is nice and warm. In addition, your penis can penetrate in the water only with difficulty – the natural lubricating fluid of the woman is washed away. Bacteria in the water can also be dangerous. You should therefore empty yourself in the bushes after the act to flush your urinary tract and thus protect yourself from possible infections (your partner, too, of course). And speaking of infections: If you use condoms for contraception, you should be aware that salt or chlorine in the water can damage the latex and thus minimize safety.

The perfect position

Shiva's dance: While she holds on to the edge of the pool with her back turned, he stands on the edge and takes her head-on. She encloses his back with her legs.

9. Sex in the convertible

Sex in the car is at the top of many people's sex bucket list. In summer, a convertible can be particularly appealing.

What you should know Sex in the convertible note:

Whether back seat, passenger seat or hood, there are no limits to your imagination in the convertible. You should push the front seats as far forward as possible, so you enjoy more freedom of movement. However, you have to put up with fallen asleep and jammed limbs.

The perfect position:

Your co-driver sitting in the middle of the back seat slightly downwards and spreads her stretched legs there. Here's how you enjoy plenty of freedom of movement. 

10. Sex in the Ferris wheel

While she licks the love apple with pleasure, you think about having fun in the Ferris wheel? With an incredible view, this promises to be probably the climax of your life.

This is what you should sex in the Ferris wheel note:

Since the ride is relatively fast, a quickie is in order. So you should start making out and groping as soon as the gondola starts moving. The real action starts at the highest point of the trip. Use your jacket or handbag as a screen and from another gondola it will look as if your sweetheart is sitting on your lap. But no one will look closely anyway, because usually everyone enjoys the view. If you don't finish in time, you risk to be at the low point before the peak – there are spectators waiting there!

Perfect position:

You bare only the most necessary and she takes a seat on your lap. Then you should move slowly and carefully so that the gondola doesn't start rocking!

Have you figured out where you want to try it first? The important thing is not to get caught – so it's best to start in a deserted forest before venturing to the outdoor pool. And dare to ask your lover about it – why don't you tell her tonight about this article you've read and tell her some of the reasons for outdoor sex?. Maybe you'll find yourselves outdoors together sooner than you think!

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