The sex bucket list for men

Do you have a penchant for lists? Workout and meal plans, wish and shopping lists, to-do sheets and friend lists on Facebook? Then you are exactly right here! Even if you live and love without a plan, you surely have a "I-want-to-experience-this-someday" list in the back of your mind. One thing is for sure: Sex fantasies deserve to be recorded on a bucket list for life. If you don't already have enough items on your list, here's some hot inspiration for you. These sexual bangers belong on your sex wish list.

Sex bucket list item #1: party at a sex party

If you like to party, dance and flirt passionately, you know that sex is not far away. Finally, it's official: at the hot "sexpositive" parties, you can get down and dirty – from naked dancing to close body contact to quickies, it's all in the mix. Guests hand in as many clothes as they like at the entrance and then throw themselves into the party-ready fray.

At sex parties free love is the order of the day, audiences from all walks of life pop the corks – average man meets eccentric woman. According to the organizers, aggressive gangbangs are not to be expected at the parties, but an atmosphere that invites sex, but does not put it in the foreground. In other words: a crazy fun event for all those who find a visit to a swingers club too old-fashioned and those who find baskets on pick-up attempts in the club stupid.

Sex bucket list #2: order a call girl

You want to have sex, where you can just enjoy it selfishly? You want to live out a secret fetish? You want to be introduced to the most secret manipulations by an experienced woman without prejudice and without comment? All these wishes can be fulfilled by a lady who earns her money with the fantasies of a man.

For almost every preference there is a suitable place for a man to go to. Sex with a whore is for many men a fantasy that they carry around since puberty – and never live out. Others appreciate sex meetings regularly and make them cost something – just like a visit to the sauna or a massage. You are in a relationship and do not want to cheat? Role play with your partner kicks at least as much!

Bullet point #3: sex in threesomes, foursomes, or…

Come on: a threesome, a foursome, wild group sex – it's up and down in your favorite porn movies? If so, you're not alone as a man with this fantasy. A study by condom manufacturer Durex brought to light that one in three women also want a threesome. By the way, this is the colloquial term for the triplet and is even celebrated in the Kama Sutra. Where to find partners for the ménage à trois? In a circle of acquaintances, in a club or via a dating app that specializes in triangle relationships, such as "Feeld" (for iOS, free).

Wish list #4: Try anal play

Have you already done? So right? However, if you've always wanted to try butt play, don't wait any longer. Talk to your partner in a quiet moment about whether she would also like to experiment. And then: Go!

Sex bucket list #5: sleep with an older woman 

Women over 40 have more desire for sex than their younger sex counterparts. This was the result of a study conducted by the erotic portal. 78 percent of all ladies surveyed said they had more desire for lovemaking than in their younger years. Reason: they feel more comfortable in their bodies, know what they want, and don't have to prove themselves anymore. More than half of all women in the survey also said they are more open to unusual sex practices than when they were younger. If you get into bed with a cougar, as mature women are called, you can probably expect uninhibited sex. And: You can still learn something. 

Sex bucket list #6: watching others have sex

The secret look into another bedroom probably leaves no man cold – not for nothing porn is so in demand. If you want to enjoy a live "sex performance" in real life, you should keep your hands off the binoculars or the cell phone camera, because that is punishable by law. However, in nightclubs and swingers clubs, in the context of private dates or at sex parties, you may stretch as you please. And hey, the good stuff is so close: Why not watch your own partner masturbate?

Bucket list #7: Sex in public

Sex in the sauna, in the Jacuzzi, in the changing room or in the cinema – how far would you go? What imagination takes your breath away at the mere thought of it? Whatever you like to try, do it! Just make sure you don't get caught. Either way, it will be a memory that no one will take away from you anytime soon.

Sex wish list #8: sleep with an ex-girlfriend

That one ex-girlfriend: it just didn't work out anymore, but the sex was always fantastic! In most cases it is not a good idea to jump into bed with your ex again (too many feelings)!). In special constellations, however, it can be tempting to throw yourself into the familiar field.

Namely, if you still have casual contact after the (rather superficial) partnership and you also send each other flirtatious messages every now and then. The advantage of sex with the ex: You both know what you are getting into and in the best case even what the other is into. The thrill: intimate sex, no strings attached.

Sex bucket list #9: experiment with sex toys

Your kitchen is full of ingenious kitchen gadgets, the workshop is equipped with everything a man needs and in the bathroom the innovative toothbrush is waiting next to the high-end razor for you to take it in your hands.

And how does it look in your bedroom? Many men (you may not!) are still afraid of sex toys, but they can take your sex to a whole new level. Allow us to make the following comparison: washing dirty clothes by hand is passable, but washing them with a washing machine is even more effective. Think about it, get inspired in the sex store – best oldschool in the store instead of online – after all it's important to know how a part feels in your hand.

Bullet-Point #10: celebrate a Tantra-Massage

A red hot topic: Tantra sex means ecstasy, means devotion, means the pure pleasure of physicality. If you thought you knew your body and its reactions to touch, you'll be proven wrong during a Tantra massage. a real tantric massage lasts at least 1.5 hours and the penis (lingam) is not left out either. The treatment is supposed to improve sex, relationship and self-confidence – well, if that's not enough reasons.

Sex-Todo #11: Try spanking and bondage

Flower sex? Already done a thousand times! Time to try your hand at something a little harder. S&M games can literally put the spurs to your love life. Don't misunderstand, it's not about brute force, it's about playing with submission and dominance. How to do it? Read here:

Sex bucket list #12: have a vacation affair

Beach, sand, sun – sex. A love affair on vacation can turn some economy trips into all-inclusive vacations. On vacation we can finally put aside everyday worries and also be "unserious" sometimes.

Non-bondage sex in the most beautiful places in the world can make you damn happy. Precondition: You don't break a heart (of the woman at home or the one at the pool) and you don't lose your own either. Where do the most beautiful women in the world live – Italy, Sweden, Israel? Figure it out!

Sex-List-Todo #13: hard Dirtytalken

Pulling out all the linguistic stops and getting your dirty tongue out during sex is part of the fun for some men in bed. Nevertheless, when talking dirty, you should not forget that your words always reach someone.

Not every dirty talk will get your sweetheart going. But if you stick to a few simple rules and also get your sweetheart excited about dirty talk, it's going to be a lot of fun!

Sex bucket list #14: watch porn with your partner

Watching porn is fun – at least alone it goes as well. But as a couple, the sex movie session can even be twice as much fun. For many men, there's hardly anything more arousing than watching a woman get really hot during a porn movie. In addition, watching movies together provides hot information about what your sweetheart is into during sex.

Does she get totally off on bondage scenes or does she get all jittery when she sees lesbians in action? You think your sweetheart is too shy for hardcore movies? Then start carefully by watching a movie that contains soft sex scenes. If you notice that she likes it, you can gently ask if she would also like to watch an erotic movie with you – just for fun (of course!).

Sex list #15: Sex with "the-one-I've-always-wanted."

Almost every man carries her in his heart and admits it at most to his best buddy: that one lady you've been eyeing for years, the one you wouldn't push off the edge of the bed if she strayed there – the colleague, the boss, the neighbor, or even the best friend. Because she seems unattainable like a movie star, she remains a template for sex fantasies.

But how do you know that the beauty is really so unapproachable? Have you ever tried? Are you really going to blame yourself for never trying? Okay, if the crush is your partner's best friend, you should probably hold back, but otherwise: fire away. When then, if not now!

Conclusion: Wishes are there to be fulfilled

Don't wait until you're retired to act out your secret fantasies. Then there might be other problems that will spoil your desire to do so. Don't delay any longer, fulfill your dreams – before it's too late. The best thing about a bucket list: You can extend it as much as you want. So the fun never ends.

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