11 crazy sex preferences of men

No matter how good you think you are in bed, you've probably already managed to make your partner roll her eyes. And not because she was so ecstatically aroused. Maybe it was your favorite pick-up line that you just can't get out of the habit of, or maybe you tried something new or kinky that didn't go over so well.

Weird sex preferences and sex practices

Clearly, something like this isn't 100% your fault (unless you've never dealt with what women – and especially your partner – are really into in bed). But it certainly doesn't hurt to know what bedtime quirks make women run away. So we women asked: "What is the weirdest thing a man has done in bed?" And indeed some answers were – very weird. Our top 11:

1. The milkman

"My boyfriend suddenly started milking my breasts in the middle of sex. He used to work on a farm. And then suddenly he made these strange milking movements and noises and started laughing. I just thought 'What the hell is happening here. I'm not a cow!" Kati, 22

2. The Elbow Checker

"A guy once rammed his elbow into my face during sex – unintentionally, but my nose started bleeding afterwards. He just said 'you're fine' and just kept going." Emily, 22

3. The urologist

"I was once with a man who, when we were in bed, reached for the nightstand. I thought he'd just take out a condom. But it was such a catheter tube. Apparently something like this turned him on. Not me, I got up and left immediately." Lea, 27 

4. The cartoon fan

"One time a guy whispered in my ear in bed 'Feel it Mr. Krabs?'. Apparently a quote from the Spongbob cartoon series. Incredible, isn't it?" Anna-Lisa, 22

5. The nipple fan

"I once had very uncomfortable sex with a guy like this who seriously told me 'FEEL MY NIPPES ON!' shouted in the ear. I don't think he meant to yell, but I was almost numb. So I did it. And then he complained that I was doing it wrong, "flicking" his nipples rather than rubbing them. I seriously tried that because it was apparently the only thing that got him going. And sure enough, it lasted less than 30 seconds." Lily, 25

6. The grooming freak

"A man I used to be with wanted to shower with me after every time we had sex. Which is not really a problem, but I was not allowed to touch him while doing it. He just wanted to wash me, seriously. Totally freaky." Natasha, 22

7. The unbeliever

"I don't really believe in the G-spot, it doesn't work for me somehow. I know exactly what turns me on and get at least 2 orgasms when I have sex. The craziest thing that happened to me is not so much what the guy did, but what he said. He had been working on my G-spot for about 10 minutes when I politely pointed out that it wouldn't do much for me and what he should try instead. He took his hand away, threw himself on his back and said really desperately 'THIS SHOULD feel really good though!'" Jana, 28

8. The Gourmet

"A guy made out with me downstairs, apparently after eating some super hot wings beforehand. And didn't wash his hands. My vagina was still burning like fire for at least an hour – even after the shower." Lisa, 22

9. The dog shocker

"He had one of those modified shock collars for dogs that he put underneath his testicles. And I should press this during sex. Of course I said no, but then in bed he suddenly became quite furious. He had already put on the part and tortured himself virtually." Alicia, 28

10. The sensitive

"The only time I've had bizarre sex was during my first blowjob. I spit the stuff out when he came and the guy suddenly got all serious and pissed off. He really said: 'Don't do it again'." Franzi, 23

11. The eagle eye

"One guy used to roll his eyes backwards during sex so you could see the whites of them. Really weird and creepy. So I always kept my eyes closed. Because the sex itself was great." Caroline, 29

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