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Today again something for the men.

In my current article about the Tenga Flip Zero, I have already introduced you to the Japanese company that has been specializing in the production of masturbators for many years.

I have also given you my view on the subject of “Tabooing sex toys for men”. I plead with my blog for more openness and education. I want that men no longer have to be ashamed for their sex toys. No matter whether masturbator, prostate vibrator, dildo, or anything else.

Because the numbers speak for themselves: According to the Tenga Handspielreport 86% of German men masturbate regularly, and some of them with special sex toys, which they unfortunately usually hide from others.

Tenga is slowly but surely conquering the European market with its toys and is on the same mission as me.

Tenga Eggs made of extremely stretchable elastomerEggs with approx. 55 g they are very light Optically indistinguishable from each other after removal of the outer shell

In the article I also explain very well which Tenga Masturbator is suitable for which purpose.

One of the most famous masturbators ever and perfectly suited for beginners is the Tenga Egg.

And it’s this very toy I’m devoting my full attention to today.

Tenga Egg: Overview

Name Tenga Egg
manner masturbator
material elastomer
Size petite
length 5,3 cm
colors White
weight 55 g
quality well

17 different variations, which do not differ optically

The Tenga Egg is available today (January 2018) in 17 different versions. The eggs differ only by their cover, the material and the structure of their inner life.

The Tenga Eggs currently cost around 8 € and can only be used once according to the manufacturer.

But since this can quickly become expensive fun, a little tip from me: If you use a thin condom, you can also use the things several times without any problems. Alternatively, you can turn them to the left after use, clean them intensively and then use them even more times.

However, at some point it may happen that they tear and/or the stimulation is less intense.

For all those who want to get a taste of the world of mastrubators, one of the two Tenga Egg Variety Sets perfect: for about 40 € you get 6 different Eggs in one package to masturbate through the different structures.

The Tenga Egg is made of a very elastic elastomer, which makes sure that almost every penis size fits here. Depending on the model, the elastomer is rather soft or rather hard.

Together with the Tenga 3D series, this product is in my opinion the ideal entry point.

The following Eggs are available:

  • 6 Eggs made of soft elastomer.
  • 6 Eggs made of harder elastomer.
  • The Tenga Egg Lovers with heart structure.
  • The Tenga Egg Cool with cooling lubricating gel.
  • 3 Tenga Keith Haring Eggs.

The next step would then be the Tenga Cups: Rhein theoretically these are also meant for one-time use, but here there is a much greater variety of stimulation. For example, there are cups with which you can simulate a deepthroat or even the circular movements of a female pelvis. Here Tenga’s engineers have given free rein to their imagination. In addition, the cups have an air hole that creates a vacuum by holding shut and thus intensifies the stimulation.

The pros use Tenga Air Tech or Flip Hole or Flip Zero.

Tenga Egg is an ideal beginner toy with a very creative inner life

The Tenga Egg, on the other hand, is the simplest version of an artificial pussy and is often added by the manufacturer or online shops as a small gimmick or promotional gift to larger and more expensive products.

The following 4 variants are available for this test:

  1. Egg Clicker – nap-like structure.
  2. Egg Twister – undulating structure.
  3. Egg Stepper – hemispherical structure.
  4. Egg Wavy – waveform stimulation grooves.

This is how the Wavy looks turned to the left. I hope you can see the wave structure a little bit.

Tenga distinguishes between hard elastomers (Crater, Thunder, Misty) and soft ones (Silky, Twister, Spider, Wavy, Clicker, Stepper) and can vary between soft and powerful stimulation.

In addition, there are currently the following structures, among others:

  • Misty: small pyramids that provide intense tingling sensations.
  • silky: intertwined rib structure stimulates in a gentle way.
  • spider: Net structure for lively stimulation.
  • ThunderVertical & flashing edges.
  • surfer: Pearl and irritant groove structure.
  • Cool Edition: Wavy pampers with stimulating grooves in wave form. The accompanying lubricating gel is enriched with menthol and thus cools intensively.

All Tenga Eggs have the following in common:

  • They are made of extremely stretchable elastomer or TPE.
  • They are white and optically indistinguishable from each other after removal of the outer shell.
  • With approx. 55 g they are very light.
  • they have the same dimensions of 5,3 × 5,3 × 7,0 cm.

The application is very simple:

  1. Remove the foil and remove the wobbly egg from its protective cover.
  2. Remove the lubricant from the insert and apply it to the penis as well as to and into the egg.
  3. Egg over the penis and enjoy. Due to its elasticity you can pull it either only over the tip or also over the entire limb.

This is how the egg looks without foil, but still in the packaging.

The white egg was taken out of its plastic wrapper.

The Tenga Egg is so stretchable that even a complete 500 ml bottle fits into it.

The enclosed lubricant smells pretty tasty, by the way, I think.

Practical use: Surprise egg for adults brings variety to masturbation

Opening the ice feels pretty much like opening a surprise egg. I get a little excited and a certain anticipation spreads.

Personally, I am not a big fan of these enclosed lubricating gel samples, as they are difficult to dose from the small sachets. I recommend that you take a little bit of money in your hand and buy a bottle with a pumping mechanism. E.g. what from Durex.

The Tenga Egg comes with a small manual and a sample lubricant, which is sufficient for two applications.

To the feeling is to say: Naaaaja.

The problem is quite simple: I have been running this blog for several years and have already tried many different – partly fully automated and electronically operated – pocket pussies. That is, I’m used to a lot of things and have very high expectations.

The feeling to masturbate with the help of a Tenga Eggs is nice and also sometimes something different than just with my hand, but the stimulation by devices such as the Tenga Flip Zero is simply not possible.

By the way, I don’t feel any big differences between the different egg variants either. This is simply due to my radical circumcision, which goes hand in hand with a lower sensitivity of my best piece.

However, this masturbator feels best when I concentrate on the tip of the penis, because this is also where the stimulation is most intense. If I pull the egg up to the penis shaft, the material becomes much thinner and the internal grooves are no longer so effective.

This is what it looks like when the egg is pulled over the top of my Lumunu Dildos.

And the whole thing again standing.

If I had to decide, I liked the Egg Clicker the best of all 4 variants so far. Sometimes because it belongs to the harder variants, which also intensifies the stimulation. And this is exactly what I urgently need.

However, manual stimulation is still necessary, but has the advantage that you can decide for yourself how fast and intensive you want it to be.

By the way, I did the Egg Clicker in a hardcore endurance test: It held pretty much exactly 3 runs and then it cracked. But I must also say that I am quite well built.

Tenga Egg: Price comparison

So that you can Purchase of your new Mastrubator are not pulled over the table and can compare well, we list you here the current price of the Tenga Egg at the best online shops at.

Including specification of the Shipping Costs & Delivery Times.

Conclusion Tenga Egg – good for beginners, sobering for advanced players

For the first time, the Tenga Egg The low purchase price and the fact that it can also be used several times with a condom do the rest.

After use (as soon as it is completely dry) you can also store it wonderfully again in the existing plastic cover.

Advanced players with higher demands will very quickly reach the limits of the toy and look for something bigger and more intense.

I find the product also well suitable as a small birthday present with high fun but also useful factor.

It is also easy to handle, making it ideal for travelling, especially as every egg has its own lubricant.

As I said: To get a taste of the topic quite nice, but not suitable in the long run. Then I recommend “more professional” masturbators.

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