Spanking – this is how it works!

When your sweetheart shows off her tight ass, it can make your fingertips tingle. So that it also tickles erotically with her, such a butt presentation would be the best opportunity to try out soft spanking. How to do it? Let us tell you.

What does spanking mean? 

The word "to spank" means "to spank". In lovemaking it means blows to the buttocks, the back thighs and outer genitals to increase arousal. Many women and men enjoy the increased blood flow, the tingling sensation and the slight pain afterwards.

How does spanking?

The most original form of spanking works with the flat of the hand. Newcomers should slowly increase the intensity and massage the beaten area after the blow to relieve the pain and turn it into exciting heat. Those who are advanced can use sex toys.

Everyday objects such as carpet beaters, cooking spoons and fly swatters are also used. By the way, it's always a good idea to try an object on yourself first before you spank someone else with it.

Is spanking humiliating?

No, because spanking has nothing to do with classic butt spanking or even spanking at all. On the contrary, it is a kind of worship of the buttocks. The erotic slaps are allowed at any time with mutual consent and only up to a certain pain limit. So that neither of the partners feels bad about it, you should absolutely stick to the rules.

Why are pats on the buttocks arousing?

Strokes on the increase the blood flow in the buttocks and thus increase the already existing arousal. In addition, they sensitize the body to other external stimuli, which is why every touch is perceived more intensively. Stimulating hormones such as oxytocin and adrenaline are released. In addition to the physical aspects, there is the stimulus of the forbidden. Spanking is a popular sex fantasy. And the spanker? He will be happy about a red glowing butt quivering with pleasure.

The best spanking tips

In spanking there is always a submissive (spankee) and a dominant (spanker) part. By the way, the submissive part does not necessarily have to be the woman. Try also times a role reversal out.

1. Get in the mood

Before you put your beloved over your knee, you have to heat up her lust properly. Because if she is in the mood, she can enjoy pain stimuli rather. Massage her intensively with oil all over her body beforehand, for example, and devote yourself extensively to her bottom. Also during spanking you should always make sure to stimulate you in other hotspots as well. For example, you can use a vibrator or let your free hand slide into the intimate zone. The more aroused the woman, the sharper she finds the pain.

2. Make sure you have a good mix

Spanking is not about giving out properly. Change the intensity and type of strokes (sometimes with spread fingers, sometimes with closed fingers, in wave motion) and gently caress your beloved in between. Give out 8 to 20 strokes and then switch to kissing and caressing before giving out the next strokes. The mix of hard and soft touch is what makes it so appealing – sometimes hard, sometimes soft! Massage and knead the buttocks to intensify blood circulation. This way you also give your sweetheart the feeling that you appreciate her backside very much.

3. Aim for the "sweet spot"

If you hit the right spot with the spank, the so-called "sweet spot," you may cause a spontaneous release of hormones in your beloved. The pleasure point is at the bottom of the butt above her thighs. Blows on this point stimulate nerve endings, which otherwise only on the vagina provide for pleasurable flights of fancy. There are said to be women who can orgasm from pats on the sweet spot. The secret tip: place one hand flat on her vulva while the other hand gently delivers strokes.

4. Listen to her body language

They slap and slap until the butt glows, but do not see that the beloved has long since distorted her face with pain. This must not happen! When spanking, it is very important to pay attention at all times to how your partner is reacting to the spanks. The game type should cause slight pain, but not hurt anyone or bring them to tears. Pay attention to the breath of your beloved: if she holds her breath, something is wrong. If she stretches her bottom towards you, she wants more. If she pulls it back, she feels uncomfortable. Ideally, you should also agree on a code word beforehand that will stop the game immediately.

5. Provide hot background music

Who does something forbidden, may also talk forbidden. Heat up the spanking session even more with some sharp dirty talk: "Well, have you been my naughty girl?" Encourage your beloved to give you instructions as well.

6. Look outside the box

Other regions of the body also respond to gentle strokes. For example, strokes on the soles of the feet are considered highly arousing by many women. Some women are also into teasing the nipples. Talk to your partner about what she would like to try.

7. Let a follow-up follow

Spanking is not only physically but also emotionally upsetting. That's why you shouldn't turn away right after having fun. Indulge not only the buttocks of the beloved with tender caresses. Talk about how both felt about the game and what should go differently next time.

The best positions for spanking

Spanking position #1: Over the knee

It is the classic for spanking. The dominant partner sits on a chair or the edge of the bed, the submissive partner lies down on his thighs with his naked butt facing downwards. In this position, the partners have a lot of body contact and the spankee can distribute controlled pats at a natural angle. It works best in this position with the flat of the hand. Between the strokes he can knead the buttocks properly. Some women also use this position to rub against their partner's leg while he provides blood flow to their butt. Instead of over the knee, the spankee can also lie on a tabletop or over a chair. 

Spanking position #2: Standing

The submissive part leans relaxed against a wall and presents the exposed buttocks to the partner. In this position it is also possible to give long and strong strokes, for example strap whips are suitable here.

Spanking position #3: In doggystyle

The doggystyle is just predestined to devote to the buttocks. Here you should be careful not to hit any sensitive areas. A paddle is suitable for targeted blows to the buttocks. Even while you are having sex in the doggy position, the position allows you to give exciting slaps on the buttocks meanwhile.

Spanking position #4: In the candle position

This position requires some acrobatics and is only something for lightweights. The spankee lies on his back, then lifts his legs and supports them with his arms. The body weight is now on the shoulders. However, the position does not allow too firm strokes, so that the spankee does not get off balance.

These toys make spanking even hotter

The bare hand is your most valuable tool. With toys made especially for spanking, you can vary and intensify the game. You can use either everyday objects, such as a ping pong paddle, a flyswatter, a wooden spoon, an empty PET bottle, a belt (caution!) a wet towel, or a book, or check out an erotic specialty store.

There are a large number of toys there, for example, paddles (some variants are studded), crops (with springs if needed) and strap whips made of leather or satin. Those who prefer hand-clapping can also try different gloves, thin cloth, tight latex or firm leather gloves.

Conclusion: Spanking enlivens the love life

Erotic pats on the butt can enrich your sex life – provided you follow the rules. The spankee retains control at all times. Do not slap the cheeks without sense and reason, but make a tender drum game out of the strokes.

Press, knead, pinch and test so how far your partner wants to go. Slowly increase the intensity of the spanking and also use toys like feathers or strap whips from time to time. The point is always to increase the blood flow in your lover's butt and thus fuel her desire. Whether you're a spanker or a spankee, spanking is a great way to rediscover each other.

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